I'm Midge.  Well, Melissa when I'm in trouble.  I'm a 38 year old Queensland born, Melbourne living Mum to four children and one husband.  I work as a disability carer, as I have done for 17 years.  I also work as a Mum, as I have for 15 years.  I work at my marriage.....cos I didn't with my first one.  It's working wonderfully second time round.

I also sew.  I learnt to sew around 6/7 years of age.  With my Mum.  I did so right up until the end of my schooling, where I managed to pull a fabulous VCE score due to my A+'s in textiles!  Lost interest, right up until about four years ago, when I dusted off my sewing machines and jumped in.  Turns out I CAN actually sew.  Turns out I enjoy it!  So I've turned my hobby in to a very small business, and I am loving creating for others.

A strange turn of events happened in 2012, when I discovered, after many years of saying I would NEVER quilt, because it's too fiddly - that I DO in fact quilt!  And I have very quickly become addicted, bordering on obsessed.

I also babble.  Can you tell?  This blog is my place.  Somewhere I can come and write about whatever I want.  Without judgement.  Well, judgement that I care about......

Thank you for joining me! xxx


  1. I like your honesty. Very refreshing indeed.

  2. Hiya, it's lovely to learn more about you and it's so great that you got into quilting - no looking back now!

  3. Lovely! Being a new quilter myself at the ripe old age of 53 (been quilting for 3 weeks!) hooked already, and I wonder at why I waited so long!


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