Wednesday, April 16, 2014

W.I.P. Wednesday - Something New

I started a new little project yesterday, which will be available in an upcoming showcase on Facebook.  It's a collaboration, and my partner in crime - Melisa Jane - will be making something gorgeous to co-ordinate beautifully with this little Wee Wander pram quilt!  The little quilt top was easy enough in itself.  Lots of fussy cutting to ensure all those beautiful features of the fabric shone through.  But this morning I sat and pondered how I would quilt it?  Just stick with straight lines around the blocks, or go to town with some FMQ?  I started some swirls, and then unpicked them.  Grabbed some calico and scrap batting and gave feathers a crack.  My first try was a little boring but on the second try I knew I could figure it out.

And I did.  Hey, they may not be as stunning as the professionals can mange, but I am so utterly proud of myself for A) Not chickening out and B) Persevering.

Wee Wander in progress 

Happy dance.  I tried adding swirls in and around them, but hated them!  So unpicker came out again! 

FMQ Feathers Debut

See - they're not bad!  Hoorah!

This little number will hopefully be bound tomorrow, or will have to wait until after the Easter long weekend, as we are heading down to the {cold} beach.  I'm still yet to figure out what I'm doing to use to bind it with, as I only have scraps of fat quarters left of this range!

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday Stash - The Birthday Week Edition

In the ten days since my last blog post, plenty has been a happenin'!  I shall once again blame school holidays for the lack of posts - and a very eventful week.  And because it is now almost 9pm on a Sunday night, and I have a glass of wine under my belt, this will be a fast and furious post!

This little bundle of happiness just arrived from #theozmaterialgirls If you haven't shopped with them, go to their fb page and check out their fabulousness! @artgalleryfabrics #weewander

These beauties arrived care of The Oz Material Girls.  I DIE over Art Gallery fabrics, and these Poetica prints were a bargain at $3 a fat quarter!  And the random Wee Wander was thrown in for good measure!  I happen to think the Poetica coordinates beautifully with those SJ prints!

Aurifil Designer Block of the month April

April is here - which means a new block for the Aurifil Designer of Month BOM.  I stalked Pat Sloan's blog for a couple of days, and when it was announced I was so excited - I'd never made a bear paw block before!  But now - yes indeedy.  I ADORE this block!

Aurifil Designer Block of the month Jan-April

And I happen to think this may very well be one of the prettiest and divine quilts I will ever make!  Now to show some patience until May.....


I managed to whip this baby up for a friend's little man's 1st birthday.  I'm loving these keepsake cushions for gifts!!!


The fire truck is one of Quiet Play's fab paper pieced patterns and was super easy to put together!


I whipped out the trusty Aurifil to do some meandering quilting and then free motioned his name and date of birth.  LOVE!

Now - what else happened this week?  Well, I turned 39!  Wha!??!?!!?!?  Still hard to believe I only have one more year in the dirty thirties.  But that also means I have almost a year to figure out the epic way I shall celebrate turning 40!

My 39th birthday started off a little shaky after Cadyn returned home from the zoo with a dodgy and irritated eye.  Turns out the giraffe that kicked up dust in his face really did a good job.  Birthday eve was spent at the GP and then local hospital, where we were sent home and instructed to take him to the Eye & Ear Hospital in the city the following morning.  So I was woken at 6.30am on my birthday and in the car 15 minutes later for the hour drive in peak hour traffic.  FUN!!!  Turns out the giraffe's dust only irritated what seems to have been metal in his eye - and it had formed rust on his cornea!  So my poor little nine year old sat for ages whilst an eye specialist literally drilled rust from his eye.  Made for interesting viewing!  I'm happy to say after another visit on Friday - he's been given the all clear.  No more zoo visits for the holidays.....


My birthday (week) got better!  I received some gorgeous handmade mail and was extremely excited!  The gorgeous Gina from Party of Eight made me this divine pot holder and tea towel!  I'm still yet to work out how I will ever use the tea towel for fear of it getting ruined!  It is quite literally one of the most exquisite hand sewn pieces ever!  Thank you Gina xxx


Another parcel arrived, this time from my beautiful friend Gemma (Pretty Bobbins).  You've heard me rave about Gemma a million times over, and will probably do so again in coming years!  Gem made me this UH-MAZING cushion cover!!!  Our Wombat Stew gals decided we would do a secret birthday present swap this year, and this is mine!  Hoorah!  That cover was cushioned within minutes and taken over by Bella the cat.  Thank you Gem xxxx


Then, two days after my birthday, my Mum and I ventured in to the city for the Australasian Quilt Convention.  It was again held at the Old Exhibition Buildings in Carlton Gardens.  One of THE most divine buildings I've seen.  It was a great week to have my birthday and the show collide, because my darling Mummy bought me my birthday gifts whilst there!  All the pretty fabrics are care of Mum.  I also bought myself a quick curves ruler (googling myself silly at present!), some new quilting gloves and rotary blades.  A slightly funny story - I asked the lady behind the stall if the black and white was Minimalista?  She tells me no.  I buy it anyway (cos I'm freakin in love with Quilt Jane's latest quilt - which I might add has been left to me in Jane's will!).  Get it home - and whaddayouknow?  It's Minimalista!  Don't tell me I don't know which fabric I'm stalking!


And I also found these dear little deer prints, amongst others.

I would like to give you a full blog post dedicated to AQC like I did LAST YEAR, however, my phone's camera is shite, and although I took photos on my Mum's phone - they won't transfer properly!  Soooo, unless some technological miracle happens, you will just have to believe me when I say it was FABULOUS!  So much talent and inspiration.

Birthday week has just ended this evening, celebrating with my in-laws.  So I shall end my post here by saying - I thank my lucky stars each and every day for the wonderful gift of friendship I have received through my love of quilting.  I am a part of many FB groups, Flickr, Instagram and the blogging world - and have "met" so many beautiful people!  And I feel like a whole other world opened up when I discovered quilting.  So thank you from the bottom of my heart for hanging around! xxxxx

Me - 39.  Chelsea - not quite 11.  Fair to say I'm going to be living up to my name in years to come -
the Midget of the family!

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Cushion Confession

If you've been around here a while, you would know I am somewhat a fan of the quilted cushion.  It is my "go to" gift for anyone and everyone.  Birthday?  Have a cushion!  Christmas?  Have a cushion!  Wedding?  Have a cushion!  They are a bright little spark of instant gratification.  Today was one of those days.  We have so many celebrations coming up, and amongst them are a couple of first birthdays.  So I decided I would make both these littlies a personalised cushion.  I popped over to Quiet Play and purchased a couple of gorgeous patterns, and jumped in to the first one today......

Amarli's Cushion

I absolutely ADORE this bunting and birdy pattern!  SOOOOOOO easy to put together!  Once I had the paper piecing done, I made the cushion front the right size, basted it and got my free motion quilting on.  Whilst swirling myself silly, I realised just how much I love the freedom you get with FMQ.  And I came to a little old conclusion - the last few quilts I've made, I've found it very difficult to free motion quilt them.  And by that, I mean I just can't FMQ a complete quilt top.  I start, and then unpick because it's just not how I want it to look.  And then I chicken out and just straight line the main part of it, and FMQ around the borders.  It's rather frustrating!  BUT - I find my body thanks me for it.  Regardless, I really, really want to get my FMQ mojo back!  I remember how accomplished I felt when I finished my Flying by the seat of my pants quilt.  I was so utterly impressed with myself!  I want to feel like that again.  And I realise now that the reason I haven't finished my Star-Crossed quilt, is because I know I want to free motion it, but am yet to find that mojo.......  Send me some mojo people!

Amarli's Cushion

Back to this cushion........  I used beautiful baby pink Aurifil #2410 to free motion all the swirls around the pieced sections.  And a little bit of Coral Aurifil to embellish this little birdy with some feathers!

Amarli's Cushion

For the name and date, I used a variegated pink Aurifil #3660, and just lightly wrote the name with a pink marker first, before free motion quilting it.

Amarli's Cushion

And the backing has used up these two gorgeous prints that were originally bought and utilised for this same little girl's cot quilt I made for her when she was still in utero!  It feels like a lifetime ago, but I made this quilt only just over a year ago!

Kissing Fish
More photos of Kissing Fish Quilt HERE.

Soooooo........ That's another project to tick off my list.  Would you believe I have no power all day tomorrow?!?!?!!?  And it's not a work day.  Seriously bummed!  So it will be head down, sewing machine on this weekend.

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday Stash - Spotlight on Spotlight

I try very hard not to get sucked in to sales.  Ok, that's a stretch.  I try very hard not to get too much when I get sucked in to sales.

Exhibit A:    I saw in a Facebook sewing group early last week that Spotlight would be having a $1 Fat Flat (FQ) sale later in the week.  I stuck my fingers in my ears and sung "Lalalalalalalalla".  Two days later I found myself parked outside my local Spotlight and thought I best not waste the opportunity.  The picture below is what happened next.  I was a little disappointed in their lack of variety - both in the $1 FF's and the clearance quilting cotton that was all reduced to $4 a metre.  But I took home these pretties anyway......

Just made a little trip to spotlight.... $1 fat flats. And $4 clearance quilting fabric. Oh and trying a new different type of interfacing.....

Exhibit B:  I was pretty happy with Thursday's purchases.  But then I kept seeing everyone else's purchases on before mentioned FB group, and I started to question my happiness.  Why did my local Spotlight have such a shallow pool of FF's??  So like any other sane human being, I dropped the children to school Friday morning and drove half an hour to my favourite Spotlight in Fountain Gate (Yes, home to Kath & Kim).  I grabbed myself the biggest shopping basket I could find and wandered down to the quilting section, only to find there were no big yellow signs advertising the $1 specials.  Hmmmmmm.  After a few seconds of hyperventilation, I strolled almost jogged to the staff members and enquired where said signs were?  ****** crickets ******   Their blank expressions and looks of confusion told me they were unaware of the madness that had struck fabric hoarders nationally.  So I educated them.  I declared that what was shared in FB sewing groups was almost always correct, and they must scan a FF immediately to set the story straight.  So they did.  And their blank expressions were taken over by their very rapid steps to the quilting section, where they selected quite a number of items for themselves before they let the cat out of the bag to their customers.  Love. Their. Priorities.

I may or may not have just driven to a spotlight further away to see if they had a better $1 fat flat selection...... Ummmmm...... Yep! The staff were unaware of the special until I told them, and after scanning them went and stocked up for themselves! #w

And once I got them out of my way, I selected mine!  Aren't they boooootiful!?!?!?  I may or may not have a slight addiction to chevron.  Meh.

They had a better clearance section too...... $4 a metre!!!

I also made myself known to the clearance section, and lightened their load a little.  $4 a metre people!?!?!?  That divine British newspaper print is for a very special quilt back in my near future!

Now let it be known - I am not a bargain hog - whilst on hoarding duties shopping, I shared the not advertised in the store special with each and every person browsing in the quilting section.  And watched their elation whilst they filled up their own baskets.  Sharing is caring people.

And that my friends, is it.

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** Disclaimer - this is not a sponsored post - although I think Spotlight should swing me some more $1 Fat Flats for my efforts!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

T.G.I.F.F. - The Dream Weaver Quilt!

Good Saturday morning to you- or Friday somewhere else in the world!  I had every intention of posting this last night - however footy season is back in full swing, and I got a last minute seat at our first Melbourne game - Go Hawks!

Anyway, on to this week's big finish - my Economy Block Quilt - now to be known as the Dream Weaver Quilt!

Economy Block Quilt 

Isn't she pretty?  I had big dreams of photographing this at the local playground, however, Mother Nature intervened and threw some interesting weather at us!  Having said that - I love that these photos show the size of the quilt, and the little bit of sunlight shining through the windows plays on the amazing colours throughout it!

Economy Block Quilt 

My goodness it was a task to quilt!  So many seams!  I started and unpicked three times before finally deciding to just straight line less than 1/4" from the seams on the square.  I then ummed and ahhed about where to take it from there.......and decided to cross hatch.  It was a decision that almost undid me!  For as straight and well lined up the seams are across ways - the diagonal seams proved to be frustrating at times!  The main reason I persevered was due to the very pretty effect it gave the quilt back, which you can see further down in photos.

Economy Block Quilt 

I used Aurifil thread #2024 white for the main quilted area and on my trip to Aurifil Australia Thursday, I grabbed a new beautiful variegated pink thread #4660.  It's very difficult to photograph, but the shades of pink are just divine.  This basic meandering pattern does the white borders of the quilt a nice subtle justice I think.

Economy Block Quilt 

A few of my favourite blocks!  You can find my tutorial for these 9" blocks HERE.

Economy Block Quilt 

For the backing, I chose some vintage embroidered cotton, which feels like a poplin to me.  I was worried the embroidered flowers would give me trouble through the quilting process, but it was a breeze!  And it's like having two pretty quilts in one!

Economy Block Quilt

Sigh.  So pretty.

This one of a kind beauty will be up for sale later this afternoon and will be listed on my Facebook page.  I am more than happy to accept Lay-by terms for purchase upon enquiry.

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Boho Cat Bag - Yes, I said Boho Cat Bag!

No other name really fits.....

Boho Cat Bag

I have had this divine Jolie Pomme fabric sitting on my shelf for over a year.  It came straight from Tokyo in The Great Fabric Haul of 2013.  And today, it was plucked off said shelf for project "make a gift for my 16 year old God-daughter".  I used THIS tutorial by Thimble - it was very straight forward and dare I say - simple!

Boho Cat Bag

The quirky detail in the fabric is just amazing.  Dancing cats and bunnies wearing scarves - Love!

Boho Cat Bag

I popped in to Spotlight this morning and grabbed some of their $1 Fat Quarters - this bag used almost two FQ's of the green chevron for the handles and top part and about 2/3 yard of outer fabric and lining fabric.  The lining is a gorgeous stripe that was also at Spotlight in the $4 clearance quilting fabric pile!  I think it may even be a little on the "organic" side.  Winning.

Boho Cat Bag

I added a little zipper pocket on the inside using my tutorial HERE, instead of the pocket included in the Thimble tutorial.  The thread is a divine Aurifil Green #5017  I picked up last time I was there.  It was one of those "jump out and grab you" kind of colours, that I really had no plans for - but it was PERFECT for today!  Here's hoping the teenager loves this bag as much as I do!

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday Thanks

A very BIG thank you to everyone who has popped in over the past week and taken the time to leave me a comment and enter my 500 Giveaway!  I will never cease to be amazed at the beautiful feedback I receive and the smile it brings to my face!  The winners were drawn via Rafflecopter earlier today and they were:

International - Vera
Australian - Christine M.
Facebook - Merryn

I shall endeavour to get a little parcel in the mail for each of you during this coming week. 

I have had such a lovely weekend at home (No work!!!), catching up with the in-laws last night and friends today - and in between, managed to get the latest month's block whipped up from The Fat Quarter Shop's Mystery Block of The Month program.....

Loving this months @fatquartershop #bom block!

Such a happy little block!  I think I have mentioned in previous posts, I didn't really think the BOM was going to do much for me, in terms of style, but I'm really enjoying making up these little blocks.  Using fabric I would never normally choose, and blocks I would not think to make!  Only a couple more blocks to go and I will have another quilt top ready to rumble!

And on that note - I have a few days at home this week, and I am going to desperately try and get two quilts finished.  One that has been basted and rolled up ready to quilt for a few weeks now (economy block quilt) and the other that requires a backing to be finished so I can complete it (Waterfront Park quilt).  Life is just getting in the way these days!!!

That's it for this Sunday night.  Just a little thank you and a happy little block - that's all you need sometimes!  Ni-night! xxx
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