Saturday, July 3, 2010

School Holidays....

It's school holidays here in Melbourne. Many of my friends on facebook share their glee at the approaching holidays, and I must say - I don't think I ever have! I don't tend to think of the bonuses that come with no school. That is - not having to get up by a certain time to get everyone dressed, fed, washed and organised before hurriedly running out the door and down the street before 9am! No school lunches to prepare the night before. No making sure Chloe has gone down early enough for her sleep to ensure she has had at least a little shut-eye before we run back out the door in the afternoon for school pick-up. No rushed bath time in the evening, because the kids are allowed to stay up a bit later. No fighting and arguing about where their readers and spelling words are. And last but certainly not arguments at bedtime, because they are all tired and ready for sleep.

As you may have guessed from the above....these school holidays have made me realise (finally) why so many parents look forward to them. I have tried really hard to look past the arguments over who is using the computer first, who is playing with who, why someone's sister won't play with them when she has a friend sleep over, why an 11 year old has to go to an indoor play centre, and why oh why can't Mummy please just have five minutes to herself to breath?! I have made peace with the fact that the benefits are finally outweighing the arguments!

To make these school holidays even more joyful is the fact that my eldest son had his first taste of independance and responsibility. He had asked me if he would be allowed to go to the cinemas with a mate, by themselves - unaccompanied by an adult. So after the inital shock and automatic response inside my head of "No way!", I told him I would think about it. I had to really put it in to perspective - he is starting secondary school next year (GASP), and will be catching public transport on a daily basis. So I guessed it was time to give him a little bit of trust and see how he coped.

One conversation with my dear husband, and the mother of his mate later, and I told him he could go. The next morning we all took him to the cinemas and met up with his mate and his Mum. And after being read the "riot act" they shuffled off to watch their film. Two hours later and this very proud Mum was happy to hear they had behaved wonderfully (we had worded up a lady in the theatre!) and had a great time.

As this year edges closer and closer to an end, I am getting just a tad nervous about my first born leaving my so-called nest and embarking on becoming a teenager. I keep joking about going on a holiday with him in a few weeks time - just the two of us - and how I am going to lap up the one on one time before he turns feral! But in my heart of hearts, I am just so proud of the boy he has grown in to, and hoping to be just as proud as he grows in to a man.

Soooooo......that's my enlightenment these school holidays! I am enjoying them, as are my kids! You will all be shocked to hear that I have not had time to watch any episodes of Oprah!

My quote for today: "If you want children to keep their feet on the ground, put some responsibility on their shoulders." ~Abigail Van Buren

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