Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Direction...

Hello Lovelies! I have been very naughty and once again let life get in the way of my blog..... Given that my last post was in October (!) me thinks I have been busy! I could type and type until the cows come home, but will keep it simple with the catching up - Life is good. A recent visit to a foot reflexologist has seemingly lifted a fog hanging over me, and things just don't seem to get to me as much as they were. I know it sounds strange, but 45 minutes spent venting all the little things that were causing me so much stress, all the time having my feet "fixed" - seems to have given me perspective and the calmness I had been wanting. So all things are now less stressful, and I have chosen to be happy. For all the things this lovely man with the magic hands said, this was the most powerful - "you know Melissa, we can choose to be happy?" So I have, and it is so far working! So having said all of the above....I have ventured back in to Bloggersphere with the idea that I shall now share my latest "hobby". Back in November, I pulled out my sewing machines and began creating. It was more out of a need (for some extra cash before Christmas), but has now moved in to the want! For the first time since I was in my Textiles classes at High School, oh so many years ago, I am really enjoying letting the creative juices flow. I made a tonne of library bags and art smocks, and surprisingly sold so many it was almost ridiculous! But given that these items are a little on the seasonal side - parents ordering them when their children are starting back at school - I jumped in to a project that I offered to do for a lovely girl expecting her first baby. I answered her call for someone who could make Bunting for her nursery. I had never made them before, and admittedly, straight after I offered I wondered what I had got myself in to! But I absolutely, thoroughly enjoyed making them. And I was wrapt when upon delivery, this Mummy to be really loved the end result!

So I have decided I am going to take my new hobby, and run with it. I will make beautiful hand made goodies to order, and will learn along the way! Looking back at those high school years, there was a reason I got A+ results - I can actually sew! Hehehe.... I shall now endeavour to post more often. Happy days to you all!

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