Friday, October 14, 2011

Today's Post is brought to you by the letter B

B......for BORED!

I have forgotten what Friday nights should look like.  My usual routine on a Friday is to go to work from 1pm - 8pm.  Come home in time to say goodnight to the kidlets and then sit around watching a bit of tv or do a bit of sewing.  Tonight?  Husband is watching soccer on the tele, and I'm here browsing the web.  I tried to hint to him - well, it wasn't so much a hint, I walked in to the lounge room, proclaimed I was bored and waited for him to say "You can watch what you like" - but it didn't happen.  So now I am chomping on Snakata whilst tapping away, sharing my bullshit with you!

 My youngest son played his first game of cricket this evening........I honestly didn't know whether to be happy for him or cry for myself!  You see, I am a cricket widow - our Summer's are written off mostly, because of my husband's penchant for long Saturdays standing on an oval getting burnt to a crisp.  Which is fine.  Except it also means that my Saturdays are spent herding children to said oval, chasing them with sunscreen in an effort to not have them resemble their Father's crisp, red skin!  So, it seems the start of another cricket career, means I have at least another 20 years of watching the grass grow ahead of me.  Joy.....

The ONLY good thing that shall come out of this is the following:

That is, once I work out how to ditch working Friday nights!

A couple of friends, whose sons are playing also, cracked open a bottle of bubbles. But considering I was actually working whilst at the cricket, I passed.  Oh, to be a lady of leisure!

Anyway, I'm now getting bored of my own blog post on will leave it there for now!  What's everyone else up to?


  1. I am home with 2 sick kids...I stay home anyway, but my oldest is home from school because she now has what my middle daughter had.

    I read your blog through Google, so I don't comment a lot on blogs since I have to click through, but your post the other day about bfing struck a chord with me. I bf my oldest 2 daughters till they were 2, and I'm still bfing my youngest daughter who is 10 months. I will stop bfing her when she is 2, too. Anything past that is too long imo.

    And about your "bored" post...I feel for you being a cricket widow. My husband is a workaholic, which I don't mind so much. When we got married, we agreed "no horses, no boats"! Still keeping true to that mantra:)

  2. Ooh, thats a good one - no horses or boats! lol. Thanks for reading my blog Jamie Lee! xx


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