Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Just Because Post!

I am extremely pleased to say that I have had an influx of orders come in to Ms Midge, and I'm thrilled that so many people appreciate my work!  But this week has also brought a tonne of social events and work (you know, my "real job"), which has left not much time for this sewing gig!  And I have a feeling, in the lead up to Christmas, it's only going to get crazier!  It's making me wonder how on earth I am going to get everything done?  I have come up with a plan......I'm going to schedule "sew like a mad woman" days in to my diary, and I'm going to stick to it!

The latest addition to the Ms Midge range are these yummy Christmas frocks:

I wanted to give them a bit of a modern twist, so mixed the soft denim with the Holly Birds print!  Both of my girls squealed when they saw them - so I'm guessing they will be happy to wear them this festive season!  I also made up this yummy little skirt:

I love these little Paper Dolls prints....and it looks gorgeous with a plain top and matching headband/brooch!

Do the little ones in your life like to dress up in Christmas outfits?


  1. Not sure if they like it but they certainly get subjected to it!!!! Lol. Charlotte's first Christmas she was Santa Claus, she had a romper that said, dear Santa, the cookies are yours but the milk is mine! and she had an outfit her great grandma gave her. Last year she was a gorgeous sparkling christmas fairy. And this year we have an outfit coming from Bernii and I'm attempting to make her a massive red petti skirt. For isaac's first Christmas, he'll be a super cute elf, christmas boots and all. Some call it child abuse I call it fun!!!!!!

  2. Love it! Your kids are going to look gorgeous!


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