Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sunday Stash #14 - The one where I bought more fabric. Just like the other one.....

Happy Mother's Day!  

I think we've established over the past 13 Sunday Stash posts that I do indeed have a slight problem addiction to purchasing fabric?  The shelves in my shoe box sewing room are literally heaving at the joins, I cannot see the small amount of floor that actually is in said room, and I've actually been sewing in the dining room, for I cannot create in said room due to claustrophobia!

So what did I do this week?  Well, I bought more fabric of course! 

Pretty fabric delivery on my doorstep
Who am I to ignore Craft Depot's ridonculous May Sale???  $7.95 p/m - ok then!  Yes, I'm happy to be called an enabler.  I bought a few metres of the pretty red on the right to hopefully use as part of the backing on a future quilt using Notting Hill fabric.  Yes, thinking ahead!  The other prints are all just to add to that stash....
Ooh look what's arrived @quietplay @prettybobbins !
When I received the wholesale cushion order, I went ahead and applied for an account with a distributor overseas.  This is my first order.  I finally got the Architextures bundle I'd been coveting for too long.  And those cute dots.  The blue stack is for a friend - as are a bunch of the other goodies in this box, which include but are not limited to - Aurifil thread, quilting needles, gloves, cutting mats, thimbles etc etc.  The exciting part about this is that it has egged me on to possibly do what I have been contemplating for a few years now - open up a little on line store selling notions.  Good idea?
A close up for your viewing pleasure.
Special purchase #collaborateforacause2013
These beauties arrived on Friday!  A week beforehand, I received my regular email from The Intrepid Thread, and before I knew it, I'd messaged my Collaborate For A Cause partner, emailed Julie at The Thread, and had this half yard bundle sorted!  The plan is to now divide it in to FQ bundles, send one half off to my partner and use the other half for my part in our collaboration!  If you haven't heard of Collaborate for A Cause - go and check it out HERE.
Just found these in the mailbox! Thanks @lueluebella
And I also bought these beauties off Lara from Luellabella.  When I saw these in her destash I nearly fainted.  I've been collecting Wrenly prints ever since I realised I should have kept the scraps from my first ever clothing collection.  I'm determined to one day make a quilt from them!

And that's it friends.  I'm so glad I have you all to confess to on a weekly basis.  I know you will all be here to support me when I go bankrupt - and will very helpfully buy all my fabric off me when I need to buy food for my family!

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  1. Wow we are like peas from the same pod. I bought wrenly too and the fat quarters if hipster from the intreoid thread.

  2. I've been trying - but - failing at not creating a Stash. I've just started quilting and am finding the fabric component more addictive than chocolate - eek!

  3. Lovely fabrics! The Parisville eye drops fabric is one of my most favourite fabrics ever!!

  4. oohhhh....aaahhhh...come to me my pretties! I love the Hipster line you picked out for your collaboration pursuits.

  5. holy crap, i hate you so much right now ;) i am addicted to fabrics and pretty pictures of nice fabrics. i think i have to buy some more now...

  6. lovely! I'm drooling over ... lol.

  7. That huge fabric order must have been one exciting box to open.

  8. OOH. I love ALL your choices. Esp Architextures. And the spotty dottys...


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