Friday, June 14, 2013

A Kate Spain Homage!

Today is the day of the Kate Spain Blog Hop - over at Blossom Heart Quilts - where everyone can link up their favourite kate Spain projects!  I have sat here looking through photos and really just could not choose one here is my homage of sorts to my love for Kate's fabrics, and how it sort of began......

When I started out sewing little one's clothing for my Ms Midge business, I soon realised there was a whole world of fabric out there that I just had no clue about.  It's probably a realisation that my husband wishes I had not found, however, it has lead me to the hobby he always said I needed (he may regret saying I needed a hobby too).

Anyway, I think the third delivery of fabric from overseas was the entire collection of Terrain.  From that I made a multitude of little outfits, and not long in to it was asked to provide some photos to an online magazine called "Tiny & Little".  I was absolutely freakin thrilled!! So I called on my friend Gina from Gina Ralli Photography, who very kindly popped over and took some amazing pictures for me.  THIS is where my Kate Spain love came to life.....

I continued on my merry way, making clothing, not realising that a year or two later, I would be completely obsessed and somewhat addicted to quilting.  Thankfully, I chose to bag up all the "scraps" of Terrain and put them aside.  When the quilting bug bit, I found out that you should NEVER throw out scraps, because one woman's scraps is another woman's - or man's - treasure!

Breaking open this "scrap" bag to make a special present!!

            So earlier this year, this bag of scrappage was cracked open for a number of projects.......


The first being this paper pieced cushion for my teenage god-daughter.  I LOVE the way the Terrain bounces off the black background!  She loves it too.  You can see my post about it HERE.

Done! Yeh!!

Next cab off the rank was this paper pieced cushion, which now belongs to my Mum.  I was so glad that I had about a yard or so of the green print amongst my scraps - it's gone a long way!  You can see my post about it HERE.

Terrain has also been used in some of my bee blocks for others, as well as the block I popped in my own month of being Queen Bee!  It's like the fabric that just keeps giving!  I have plans for the rest of my stash.....


When I went searching for fabric for my purple loving four year old, I fell in love with Good Fortune!  The colours are sublime, and whilst you wouldn't think some of the colours would naturally go together, they do!  You can read my post about this quilt HERE.

Lovely little bundle for a special project!

And finally - I have just finished making my project for this Blog Hop just last week!  I've used this gorgeous little bundle of Cuzco.  I'm not showing you the finished project - for obvious reasons!  You will have to come back here to my blog on the 19th of June - when it's my turn as host for the Hop!

Make sure you have all the dates for the blog hop in your calendar - you don't want to miss out!

I'm linking up with the Kate Spain Blog Hop - you can too!

Kate Spain blog hop


  1. You have made so many beautiful projects with Kate Spain fabrics! Both those pillows are just gorgeous! The piecing looks perfect and the quilting too!

  2. I want to make more clothes as it means I get to buy bigger yardage of my favourite prints ;) Our poor husbands... mine bought my sewing machine for me spontaneously one day whilst at Spotlight to get something else! Ha! Learnt his lesson for getting me hooked...

  3. So many Kate Spain makes :-) I love them all, but especially the Good Fortune quilt.

  4. i always admire the cute little jumper and cutie girl in your blog header. All of your projects are gorgeous!!

  5. I like your title. she makes really wonderful fabrics and you make wonderful things from it ;-)

  6. You are a Kate Spain fan! You've made so many wonderful things with her fabrics :)


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