Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sunday Stash - Secret Store Unveiled

I took a little trip to Spotlight early last week.  I needed to get some backing fabric for a customer's quilt order, and I miraculously came out with only that and a metre of shot cotton.  Shocking, I know!  On my drive home, I made a split decision to turn down a road I know leads me to a "little" habby store - because I needed to get a few zippers for cushion backs.  Now, I've been going to this store for a few years now.  My Mum directed me there and I can still remember my first venture - walking in and standing there like a stunned mullet.

Set in a smallish warehouse, amongst a small industrial area, this store stocks anything and everything you would EVER need to fulfill your crafting needs!  Rows and rows of crap amazing stuff, from diamontes to stickers and tulle to buttons.  It's friggin awesome!  Apart from the fact it gives me a minor anxiety attack every time I walk in, it's brilliant.

Anyway, I usually only pop in and head directly to their little packs of 60cm zippers, and sometimes venture over to their elastic spools.  This time, however, I decided to ask the lady counting diamontes whether they had any metal zips?  "I'm sure we do" she says, and I follow her to the far end of the store.  To this......

I'm in my secret little habby and craft shop.....40% off..... You'll find me in the zipper tubs!

Just a few of the random tubs of awesomeness to be found.  I spent the next 20 minutes fossicking through them all to find just a few I thought could be useful......

I only popped in there for a couple of zips...... 41 zips, 30m elastic, 10 magnetic snaps and 2 kids craft packs later. But all this cost only $28!!!! Theo's craft warehouse is in boronia, Melbourne and if you're prepared to fossick it will be worth a tri

Ahemmmmm.........  I may have just gotten a tad carried away?  This carrying away may have occurred when I realised they had a 40% off everything sale!  Cha-ching!  Soooo, for what it's worth, this is what I left with:

41 zips of all lengths - mostly metal.
30 metres of elastic
10 magnetic snaps (because now I know how to use them, every bag I ever make will have one)
2 kids craft packs

All for the bargain basement price of.........................  $28!  Cha-ching Cha-ching!!!

And you know what?  Even at full price, this would have been a super bargain!

So, do you want to know where my secret little store is?  Theo's Discount Craft Store is located in Macquarie Place, Boronia.  For those of you in Melbourne - head East of the city towards the Dandenongs.  It is just past the intersection of Dorset Road and Mountain Highway.  And it is well worth the trip!  I do believe they are having another sale in October.  Mark it in your diaries!

Ps.  This is not a sponsored post - I just wanted to share the habby love!


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  1. Oh I wish I had a place like that around here.

  2. great find! Wish I had one close by...

  3. Wow, you won't need to go out shopping for these supplies anytime soon. fun haul

  4. How fun! Sounds a bit like a local recycle store, Scrap ( ) where I go to browse (and buy). They also have a gallery or art made from 75% recycled items.

  5. Oh my, what a fantastic shopping trip! Those zips are perfect for lots and lots of projects.

  6. I wish we had something like that around where I live. You got tons of goodies so have fun with all of it.

  7. what a find! So frugal.... LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  8. I think I could fly down for a sale like that!! Metal zips are industrial sexy!

  9. Its a great place to go !! It's amazing what you can find !! The lace and brocades remind me if my grandmothers sewing room !! Great for Christmas decorations. Another great find is resource rescue near spotlight - great for kids craft - the kinders go there !!


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