Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sunday Stash - Tokyo Part Two

Now, where were we?  Oh, that's right - the fabric!


In total, I returned to Melbourne with 14 kilos of fabric.  Which is quite considerable!  But what I can tell you is this - I was actually very picky about my purchases!  I really thought about the fabric I chose, basically because I knew I'd have to get it home and also be able to fit it in my house.  I'm pleased to say I am very happy with each and every piece of fabric I chose....So, here goes.....


When Alyce and I walked in to Tomato, we stepped in to an alternate universe, where bolts of Melody Miller fabric were sitting patiently awaiting attention.  I knew there was plenty there, so whilst they continued waiting, I walked around the corner from the bolts and nearly fell over my jaw which was dragging on the ground.  Huge rolls of wide Melody Miller prints.  HUGE I tell you!  AND $4 A METRE!  Just let that sink in for a minute.  $4. A. METRE.  It took about 30 seconds for Alyce and I to crash tackle the rolls and join them to our hip.  I'm proud to report we emptied the roll of arrows between us.  I think we got four metres each.  There's about the same of the other two up there also.  Great quilt backings in my future.....


We returned to the smaller bolts a little later, and I happily got myself some telephones and roller skates.  What for?  Who knows!


I bought these gorgeous linen blends from Pandora House.  I think I have three metres of each, but once I was home, I wished I had more!  I've fallen in love with linen this year.


All of the little precuts on the bottom of this photo are from Tomato.  Some Sarah Jane, Kate Spain and Cotton + Steel to name a few......  The geometry print and Ghastlies Xmas were from the shop I can't remember the name of!


All of this deliciousness came from Pandora House also.  Love me some low vol prints.


Tomato's extensive range of American Designer prints was very satisfying.  I was able to get some Cotton + Steel prints I didn't have, as well as stock up on a couple I really love.  These were all around $10 a metre.


Now, if you ever head to Nippori, there's a little pre-cuts store down the street from Tomato.  The cuts are all in clear packaging and they are all DIRT CHEAP.  The pink C+S butterflies was a 2m cut for $12!!!!!!  AMH was from Tomato in the remnants and the pretty deer print was from Yuzawaya in Ginza.  I had a morning to kill time one day by myself, so printed off the address and hailed a cab.  I had been told great tales about the Yuzawaya stores (think Spotlight, but way better), but I have to say I was a little disappointed with the newly opened Ginza store.  I think it's quite small compared to others!  I still managed to find some goodies though....


These two double gauze prints were from the precut heaven.  Enchino on the left and Nani Iro on the right.  I bought both to make dresses/tops for my big girl.


And another win from precut heaven - Jolli Pomme.  I think these were about $6 per metre!!!!


Japan obviously has an amazing supply of Enchino!  I picked up various different prints from all of the stores I went to.  And they were all around $10 per metre.  A few were remnants and were even cheaper.


And a close up - because the colours of these fabrics are sublime....


I grabbed a few novelty prints!  Frozen fabric for my husband's cousin who wants me to make her nurse scrubs, as she works in a children's hospital.  And princesses and unicorns, because - why not?


One of the few things I specifically marked on my shopping list to purchase whilst in Tokyo was Liberty.  I am one of the few quilters who did not own any Liberty.  And basically only because of the cost factor.  Here in Australia, we pay around $60 per metre for Liberty, which is just so far out of my budget it's not even funny!  Given it was half that price in Japan, I selected a number of prints I REALLY liked (because it's still frigging expensive!) and got myself 30cm cuts of each of them.  I really adore the Hello Kitty range of Liberty, so made sure to get some (far left).  I also realised I really am more of a geometric girl when it comes to their prints.  But there are a few florals I threw in for good measure.

Oh and probably my favourite find..... My Enchino umbrella! 

But you know what I really got excited about??  I bought myself an Enchino umbrella!!!!!!!  I was bummed I couldn't get one of the long ones, but hey, who cares!

And this is my mum's fabric. #imustloveher

Last but not least - I also did some serious fabric shopping for my Mum.  She put in a special request for lots of indigo fabrics - which I had absolutely no problem finding!  I also got gorgeous precuts of Japanese fabrics and a few bright American designer prints.


I hope you're still with me!  That, my friends, is my fabric tale from Tokyo!  I did SOOO much more than fabric shopping whilst there, and have a million tales to tell.  But will save them for another day.  Tokyo is an amazing city, and the Japanese people are sooooo beautiful.  If you ever have the opportunity to travel there - GO!!!!


  1. Loved reading about your fabric expeditions! I think you did well to only get an extra 14 kgs haha

  2. Good lord woman!! Now I am disappointed I went to japan before I started sewing. I was so ignorant... Next trip there will surely be a family one and I can imagine my dear husband's response if I bought that much fabric! You did very well for yourself :)

  3. Whoa, what a haul! The Nani Iros will make beautiful dresses/tops - can't wait to see them pop up here. :)

  4. I'm salivating at some of your buys! And an echino umbrella to top it off!

  5. wow what a beautiful portion to your it enjoy using them all

  6. I adore Tokyo and the fabric district! I can't believe the price you pay for liberty in Australia!! We pay about 20 gps in uk, I adore that umbrella- want one!! He

  7. Wow - it's amazing how much the price of fabric can vary depending on where you're at in the world. You found some fabulous fabrics and I can't wait to see all the projects they're going to be popping up in! :)

  8. Love it all! Serious fabric envy happening over here... Wish I was heading to Japan!!

  9. I bought Liberty too. Hello Kitty Liberty?! How did I miss that?
    Glad you liked Tokyo. It is a place I lived in and love. I don't understand how anyone could not enjoy it!

  10. Yummiest.Have fun playing with them!!

  11. Our trip is booked for Dec22 . . so thanks for the heads up with some of this information (I've trawled Mollis page too!) Its Jolli Pomme I am after...seriously amazing designer.
    Your stash looks fabulous...I am a bit upset my bag will already be laden with winter clothes . . little room for fabric!
    Cant wait to see your creations with these goodie. Did you go to the Blue and White shop?

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