Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The quote I've been searching for....

Since I really started to take my MsMidge venture a little more seriously, I've been searching for the words to explain a little somethin' somethin' I had been feeling! And tonight, whilst watching yesterday's episode of Oprah - of course - I found the quote I've been searching for!

"People who love you, want what's best for you - they want you to succeed"

I would like to think, and really do believe, that I am somewhat of a "cheerleader" for those around me. I've always supported friends and family who have gone out and taken on their dreams, have cheered them on, and been there whether they have succeeded or not. And generally speaking, I have been quite overwhelmed by the love, support and encouragement of my nearest and dearest - and even strangers, since Ms Midge took off. But there's always got to be someone, or a few someone's who you wonder about?

There's been a someone, who shall remain un-named, that I have wondered if they even know my little business exists? Well of course they do - I've spoken about it, posted multiple (ok, hundreds of) Facebook status's about it, and still no acknowledgement.......hmmmm......

So, it leads me back to that quote - perhaps they do not want me to succeed? What do you think? Have you come across someone in your "circle" you have felt doesn't want you to succeed? Food for thought.

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