Monday, October 8, 2012

Another Manic Monday - with a Challenge

Good afternoon!  What a fantabulous day I've had so far - here's a run-through......

Woke up feeling like the massive gross knot that had been in my throat for a few days had finally left - hooray!

Found Chelsea and Cadyn were downstairs already in their school uniforms - hi-fived myself upon realisation that the two weeks of school holidays had ceased!!  Woohoo!

Rounded them up and took them to school very happily.  Not so happy to get to Cadyn's bag hook and find several piles of crap that had been left there for TWO WEEKS.  Including a bag of sopping wet swimming clothes from the last day of school (just savour the thought of that smell), a random pink jumper from their "pink day" AND the piece de resistance (said with French accent) - THIS:

Mmmmmm......nothing like cheese and crackers with a good dose of penicillin......this beats the wet clothes smell.

Dropped Chloe's kindergarten forms in and worded up the kinda teacher that I NEEDED the two longer sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays due to work - she seemed lovely enough, and will hopefully remember my cheerful disposition when allocating Chloe's kinda sessions next year!

Swimming - same, same.

Took seven of the ten smoke detectors I bought from Masters back for a refund.  Yep, I was kind of cajoled by a salesman that we NEEDED to have a smoke detector in every single room of our house.  Andrew did not concur.  Refund done.

Rang the concrete dude and confirmed we would be getting our new driveway ASAP! Yippee!  No more freakin mud being trawled through the house.

Remembered to email the basketball club about a uniform for Cadyn.  Figuring he can't really play naked next season?  Although it would be amusing....

Remembered to cut off the electricity at the old house.  Yep, it's been left on whilst they were selling it. But now it's SOLD.  Got grumpy at the guy on the other end of the phone who told me I would be charged $43 just for some sod to read the farking meter.  Greedy.  

And this was all done and dusted by midday!

Now I'm off to my sewing room.  FINALLY Cadyn has asked me to make him something.  Well, I lie, a year or so ago he asked me to make him some shorts, which I did. And he refused to wear them.  Couldn't give me a reason, just wouldn't.  So I sold them.  Win win.  This time round, he's claimed some Scooby Doo fabric I bought a shit load of, and wants pj's.  So, I'm joining in a bit of a challenge over at Elsie Marley - KIDS CLOTHES WEEK CHALLENGE.  Pj's today, who knows what else I'm going to get made over the coming week?

How's your day going?  Do you sew for your kids - and do they wear what you sew??


  1. Have you got a pyjamas pattern, if not, I do. Now you can understand the joy I used to feel when I made clothes for the 3 of you, even if you didn't fit into Kirstin's hand-me-downs hahaha xx

  2. Sounds like a busy day! I'm hoping to get cracking on some clothes tonight.

  3. Good luck with the challenge! Am feeling you on the lunchbox thing. I opened my son's bag yesterday and found a packet of chips he'd brought from the canteen, crumbled up all throughout his bag and all over his school hat. Grr


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