Saturday, March 1, 2014

All In A Day's Work!

Today was much like every other Saturday - running around from one child's sporting or dancing event to another!  But once I had them all done and dusted, I got down to some sewing.  The first of the month brings the next Aurifil Designer of the Month block!  And this month Pat Sloan interviews Emily Herrick, and shows us the block - "Borders".

March Aurifil Designer of the month block

I pulled out my stashed bag of Terrain and dug through all the prints to figure out which ones to use.  I'm trying to be very mindful of the fact that I have absolutely no idea what all of the blocks will end up being, so need to spread around all the different colours of the fabric range I've chosen.  So this month, I've gone with the purples and green.  And it's just delicious!  I feel like I want to dive in to it?!!

Designer of the month blocks 

And this is how I'm travelling...... Three down, lots more to go!  If you want to get started on the BOM, head over to my Pinterest board with each month's post.

Once I had that sorted, I delved in to the shelf that houses all my WIP's.  And found all the envelopes with the Fat Quarter Shop Designer Mystery BOM patterns & fabric.  I have been very slack, and was quite behind.  Not anymore!

Fat Quarter Shop Mystery Bom 

I started off with this cute house designed by Polly Minick & Laurie Simpson.

Fat Quarter Shop Mystery Bom 

Then feeling like I achieved something fairly quickly, moved on to another little house, designed by Lisa Bongean.

Fat Quarter Shop Mystery Bom

And at around 5pm in the afternoon, decided to tackle another one - this gorgeous star designed by Vanessa Christenson.  That little star in the middle has four of the tiniest little geese I've ever made!  I love it.  I think I'm now only three blocks behind!!  Hoorah!

Needless to say, my children had Two Minute Noodles for dinner!

So today has been a good catch up day!  What did you get up to?


  1. The blocks look great Ms Midge. Now if you had the Thermomix they could have had risotto in no time. No stirring. And very tasty. ♡

  2. The blocks look great Ms Midge. Now if you had the Thermomix they could have had risotto in no time. No stirring. And very tasty. ♡

  3. I love that star block especially.

  4. Lol at the dinner. My husband can commiserate. I, however, congratulate you. That's an afternoon well spent. Love the borders and star blocks and am longing to make something similar now. After my holiday, obviously. ;)

  5. Great blocks, love all of them! Two minute noodles are good sometimes:)

  6. Since my favourite colours are green and purple - I love love love that block!!

  7. Loving these fabrics! Great job on the quilt blocks!

    I found your blog via Sew and Sow farm. :)


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