Monday, September 26, 2011

Post Market Post

It is Monday....again.  Why oh why is this year going so fast?  I can't keep up with the rolling weeks and how quickly the Mondays seem to roll around!  Is it just me?  Or does everyone feel 2011 has been the fastest yet?  Is it something to do with getting older, or is it just because?

Yesterday was my second appearance at Mulgrave Makers Market.  The two weeks prior were filled with sewing, sewing and more sewing.  My Journey Collection of little girls clothing was finished in time and I was very excited to get out amongst the public and see how I went!  This is what it all looked like:

Another stunning Melbourne September day appeared, and my little stall was ready to rumble.  And I am pleased to say I had another pretty satisfying day!  There were probably three times as many stall holders with little girls clothing, so customers had plenty to choose from.....and luckily some of them chose mine!

I still have plenty of this collection remaining, so have opened up the Album to my faithful Facebook followers, and a few of them have already been snapped up!  So with any luck all the above beautiful dresses, skirts and tops will find lovely new homes.  If you are reading this and have not seen my Facebook page.....look me up!  MsMidgemadebyme  

Ok, off to rangle these children of mine - school holidays is another way to say CHAOS!

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