Saturday, September 3, 2011

What I LOVE about Melbourne

Amongst millions of other things, what I LOVE about Melbourne is the visual changing of seasons.  I can still vividly remember the long drive from the Gold Coast to Melbourne just a little over 21 years ago, when my Mum and Step-Dad decided a move was in store.  I was 15, and we piled all we owned in to a moving van, and Mum's hilarious Blue Datsun and started on a journey that ended in rural-ish Woori-Yallock.  Yes, that is the name of a place!

The thing I remember most from that drive, apart from the many toilet stops - for our pet chihuaha - was the crossing of borders, from New South Wales to Victoria.  It was mid-year, and I don't think I had ever really seen a true Autumn tree!  The colours were brilliant - oranges, reds and all kinds of gold and browns!  I was mesmerised.

So the fact that my children came in a couple of weeks ago and pointed out to me that Spring must be close, was really lovely.  My youngest son dragged me to the back door so I too, could witness this:

Our divine Plum Tree!

This is an amazing and huge Plum tree.  It is the most spectacular sight this time of year, and as its leaves turn to a brilliant green, it fills our yard with amazing shade during the warmer months.  And just to add to its brilliance, a beautiful old Wysteria winds its way through to bring lovely hues of blue and purple.  But it also becomes the bain of my life during Summer, when it fruits.  I am officially the only one in our family of six who actually eats plums!  So our Summer is spent raking up half eaten - by the birds and our dogs - plums, which then rot in our bins.

But back to the good bit!  I love that my beautiful city of Melbourne brings us such obvious signs of the changing seasons.  Because quite frankly - the temperatures do not reflect the seasons at times.

Welcome Spring - you are a sight for sore, and cold, eyes!  What do you love about your City or Town?

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