Thursday, May 10, 2012

I Get Around

With all the talk, and action, being done about moving house, it has had me reflecting on how many bloody times I have actually moved.  I worked out last week that this house we are in now, is the house I have lived at the longest.  In my whole life.  Eight years.  It's a record for me.  So here's how the role-call of my habitats goes....

1.  Have no idea what the suburb was that I was brought home from hospital to.  But I know it was on the Gold Coast.

2.  Carrara - lived in a big house on the canal, right opposite the Flea Market.  This house will always be remembered as the place my sister was run over by my Dad.  Yep, unfortunately it runs in the family....  Lived here for around five years I think.  Started grade one, then moved a few months later.

3.  Coomera - Seven and a half acres of beautiful land with a ginormous house.  We had a bit of a hobby farm, and it wasn't until I was in my teens that I looked back at regret for all the horses we owned and I never really rode.  Geese remembered for their angry attack on my little brother's knackers.  The giant mulberry tree that grew in the chicken "pen" wasn't really a pen, more like a farm in itself.  The creek that ran through the property where we would have muddy swims and the big dam where I gained my first set of stitches.  Great memories.  We were here for about four years.  

4.  Oxenford - Smaller house, smaller property.  Probably the best years of my childhood.  Lived opposite two of the best friends a girl could ever (and still) have.  Back in the 80's, this little suburb was quaint.  Everyone knew everyone.  You could ride your bike around all day and return home at dusk without a worry in the world.  All you needed were a pair of swimmers and thongs, and you were set for a whole day's fun.  The only downside to this time was my parent's marriage falling apart.  We were here for about three years.

5.  Oxenford - The rental.  Family friend helps us out by renting us his house.  Because Dad has lost all control of his problem, and we now have no money!  This house saw a marriage break-up, a new man in my Mum's life and my sister move out...  Strange times.  Another few years here.

6.  Oxenford (again) - The Caravan Park.  Urghhh...... Take this as a warning.  Gambling = disaster.  For many years now I have looked back on the fact that we lived in a caravan park as pretty embarrassing.  Part of my marriage vows (well not really) were that we would NEVER stay in a caravan, let alone live in one.  But, in my older age, I can now understand that my Mum and Step Dad just did what they had to do in order for us to get by.  We lived in said caravan park for a few years.  I was in high school.  It was not ideal, but hey, it was ok.  And I certainly learnt quite a few life lessons whilst there!  The irony in this is that my Dad now lives in a caravan park....go figure.

7. Melbourne bound!  Stayed at my Aunty's house in Woori-yallock.  At 15, and straight from the beaches of Queensland, I thought this was surely the coldest place on earth!  It's not.  A month spent here discovering the beauty of Victoria and the "fashion" that was bomber jackets and desert boots.  I have still not recovered from these finds....

8.  Bayswater - Says it all really.  Good old Baysie.  The four years I lived there were super fabulous!  The walk to high school was always an adventure.  There was a flasher who loitered about the creek at the back of the school.  Never got to see him, shame.

9.  Ferntree Gully - My parents had decided they would move to Hong Kong.  So a house was bought, and my boyfriend at the time and I, along with my little brother, moved in.  Tumultuous times followed, with a brother who got involved in all sorts of trouble, and a boyfriend that would then become my husband.  This house saw my 21st and hens night amongst other celebrations.  I think all will still remember the big black man and his shlong.....  Lasted here a couple of years.

Stay with me here!!!

10. Boronia (aka Bosnia) - Bought my first house with the ex-husband.  Can you believe it only cost us $75k!!!!!!  Delightful little weatherboard that saw WAY too much.  The great memories are those of my beautiful first born being brought home and the fabulous parties we held there.  I lived there about 3 years, until I left my marriage.  Ex-husband still lives there....

11.  Moved in with Mum and Step Dad, with son.  Three months.

12.  Ringwood - found a cute little unit.  Just me and my boy.  Just six months.

13.  Ferntree Gully - Work friend offered her house for rent.  Lived with another friend, until she disappointed me and was sent packing.  Met Andrew whilst living here. We were married in the back yard and brought Chelsea home from hospital there.  Another few years passed...

14.  NOW.  Phew.  Eight years.  This suburb has been one of the most memorable.  Another two babies born and brought home.  I have met some amazing people, everyone knows everyone.  Mostly that is a good thing, but at times it has caused me a lot of grief.  A part of me is sad to be leaving......but there's another part of me that will be happily waving goodbye.  

So to all of you who declare "I hate moving!" - how many times have you actually moved?  Do I belong on a reality show?  Or perhaps in therapy?


  1. Oh Midge! I can't escape moving! When I was 3 or 4 we moved into what was my childhood home for the next 10+ years. Since then I think I have moved 31 times!!! You can read about that trauma here on my Noumea blog ;) My children are definitely nomads. I don't know how I feel about it. There are definitely negatives, it takes me about a year to get back on track (I'm talking moves post-kids) but there are huge positives that come with this monumental change. My advice is get organised and do it now :) Oh, and use the best removalists you can afford :)

  2. I seriously hate moving. I went home to a house in Taringa then moved to another house in Taringa when I was 8. I stayed there until I married and moved to Ashgrove for 6 months then back to Taringa in a rental unit. Then finally to the house I've lived in for 25 years, That's really only 4 moves in 49 years. And I don't intend going anywhere soon.

  3. Midgie, you missed a couple of things, you were born @ Pindarra Hospital, Benowa and came home to Moana Park, (where dad ran over Blossie) then moved to the house next door, then to Nerang Caravan Park, where Cory was born. Then to Carrara, Coomera, living in caravan again till house was built. Gee, we have packed up quite a lot haven't we. xx


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