Monday, July 30, 2012

Sewing in a Shoebox

Today marks a momentous occasion!  The first time I have ever sewn in the new house......and the newly named - Shoebox.

Picture this - I want to set up my sewing machines.  But in order to do so, I have to take boxes of fabric out that I don't have enough shelving for.  I don't have enough shelving because I have a sewing cabinet in above mentioned shoebox.  I now need to sell the sewing cabinet in order to make room for new shelving, which will then be filled up with the fabric that is now living in the space under the staircase!  Phew.

So, I basically did all of the above before I could even contemplate printing out the new pattern I had downloaded the other day.  I had Chloe home sick with me today, and really wanted to make her something special to wear on her birthday - which is this coming Sunday!  After clearing all the crap out of the way, I discovered my overlocker needed re-threading.  FARK!!!  Those of you who have overlocker's will understand my frustration.  Got it done though......I was on a mission.  I asked Chloe which fabric she would like for her new dress and her response was "Surprise Me!"  So cute...

I sifted through the few organised collections of fabric already neatly popped into the shelves, and found some gorgeous prints!  Although, they weren't purple - and I wasn't sure if it would pass her approval.

Needless to say, I cut out the fabric (on the dining table, because I have no room in the shoebox) and read through the instructions on the iPad (because I have no room for the computer in the shoebox).  And start sewing!  Only had a few hiccups - iPad was quickly running out of charge, and I had to set it up with the charger dodgy brothers style to keep up!  Chloe kept coming in to try and play whilst I was sewing - which used to be ok - but not in the shoebox!!

Anyway - a few hours later - this is the result!

I am extremely pleased with myself!  I have never used a pattern with a placket before (didn't even know what one was actually - it's the part at the back that forms the opening!).  I've also never done such detailed pleating......


My cheeky little monkey was very pleased indeed with her new party dress!  Although not so pleased she has to wait until Sunday to wear it!

Conclusion to the story - You CAN sew in a shoebox!  If you want to give this pattern a go - head over to PATTERNS ONLY and let the girls there know I sent you!  They are lovely!

Do you sew?  In a shoebox?


  1. That dress is so pretty, especially the blue pleats.

  2. I used to run my business from the dining room table. It was so much fun - three women vying for space at one table, cleaning it up every day so we could eat off it, always being surrounded by thread and scraps. I'm so glad that I have a dedicated room now that I can just leave at the end of the day in whatever state it's in.


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