Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The new neighbourhood

My love of people-watching has been spoilt this past week or so.  I'm living in a new neighbourhood, with new people.  And given that I know NOBODY, the voyeur in me is out in force.  Eight years in our last suburb meant that we were used to everything.  Every sound, every sight, every person.  No surprises.  If the dogs barked like banshees, we just expected the psycho neighbour would be up in arms.  If we heard what sounded like a chassis being left behind on the speed hump outside our bedroom window, we knew it wouldn't be, because we had checked millions of times over the years.

So far, I have made a few observations:

Apparently, Motorsport attire is acceptable to wear to school pick up.  Paired with polar fleece, jeans and running shoes - it seems to be a uniform for a number of school Mums.

There is a Charles Manson look-alike picking up his child from school on a motorised scooter (not the type you hire from the shops for the elderly, the type you see at the skate park - minus the motor).  It's rather unnerving.  I would be lying to say I'm hoping our kids aren't friends with theirs!

The next door neighbour is a yeller.  Being the reformed yeller (well, I've had a slight relapse this week - more about that another time) that I am, realising the noise at 10pm, that makes you and your husband jump from your chair wondering who is being killed, is actually the neighbour losing her shit at her child, sort of makes you cringe..... and try harder not to relapse.

You can hear the trains.  I had never noticed this in all the years I have been a visitor to this house (if you're behind the 8-ball, read this).  Late at night when lying in bed, waiting for slumber to arrive, the toot of the train can be heard in the distance!

Discovering new shops in the local area, makes you realise how accustomed you become to knowing who is wrapping up your strass or baking your rolls.  It's unchartered territory.  But realising at the same time, that the likelihood of running into someone you would have to pretend not to see are minimal, makes up for the anonymous strass handler!

There's a lot of grass cutting happening.  Every day - I hear the whirr of a lawn mower.  Makes sense when you live in such a green enclave...

Walking to school pick up for the first time, you get to pass this: 

And dream of the months ahead when the weather will be kinder. See what I meant by green?

Looking out your study windows to see your kids playing in a safe court - bliss.

I am quite impressed that I don't really have any expectations of this neighbourhood.  I can walk in to the school assembly, blissfully unaware of any unsavoury undertones (Holden V Ford?) running through the groups of Mums there.  I can go in to the local milk bar, and not be surprised that they have no bread first thing in the morning.  And I can go to sleep at night knowing that we have moved to a lovely little part of the world, that will hopefully provide a great childhood for our kids, and a sanctuary for our whole family.

Do you people watch?  Did you have expectations of your neighbourhood?

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  1. I love to people watch, yes! I know what you mean about figuring out which shop to go to for certain food things. We're moving too, and are slowly figuring out the places we like everytime we visit the town as we wait.

    The people seem very friendly in this new town so far too


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