Friday, September 14, 2012

Breaking News

I was wasting time this evening wandering through Myer and was suddenly smacked in the face with this COMPLETELY OUT OF PLACE scenery!

Seriously - It's September 14th - WTF?!?!

And then found this explanation......

Oh, of course, we're early!  Apparently we have to wait until the 20th of September to buy our Christmas decorations.  How remiss of me!  Lucky I'm not easily inconvenienced Myer!
 Honestly......what hope do we have in this world when we are at risk of being inconvenienced by NOT having Christmas decorations in store by the 14th of September?!?!

Is the world getting crazier?  Or am I getting crankier???


  1. Oh that is very slack of Myer. Most shops have their decorations available from the Thursday before Fathers' Day.

    1. I'm drafting a letter of complaint as I type! lol

  2. In response to your final questions: possibly a little of both...but maybe it's slightly more of the crazy world than the effect of age-ed cranky pants you find yourself wearing at times. =)


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