Sunday, September 2, 2012

Happy Father's Day - the late edition.

As I start to type this post at 10.44pm, my darling husband is finishing up ironing a week's worth of work clothes for himself.  I know it was a week's worth, because I sat on the lounge next to him watching Foxtel, and pulled out the hanger-upper part at the end of the ironing board when I noticed he was wandering around downstairs trying to find somewhere to hang the finished shirts.

Yes, today was is Father's Day in Australia.  And I made sure that the few hours I was home this morning before I left for work were as wonderful and relaxed as the man I am lucky to call my husband.  The 7.30 wake up call from Chloe holding her laminated hand prints and poem were enough to snap me out of my usual automatic response of "get back to bed!"  Instead, I directed her over the other side of the bed to wake her Daddy up.  The other kids followed shortly after, showering Andrew with their hand made cards and school stall bought gifts (Note: their new school's Father's Day stall kicks arse!!!!), and I then presented my gift - a pair of Hawthorn PJ pants.  These were purchased mainly for my own amusement, but the kids found them equally as amusing when he wandered downstairs wearing them.  Win win.

We headed to the shops for a quick morning tea, before I left him with the three kids and a trolley, bidding them farewell as I skipped towards my car.

I've heard Father's Day is supposed to be relaxing?  Well, I get the impression Andrew's wasn't so much.  I got that impression when I called at around 5.30pm from work to ask how his day was going? Oh, and what was for dinner?  I didn't quite fully get the response.  Something about him cutting back and pulling out all the plants in the backyard, finishing off the letterbox he somehow miraculously (impressively) put together yesterday and mowing the lawns.  Then I heard tacos, he was starting to cook tacos.  So I asked if he had taken the washing off the line........ Cue the sound of exasperation.

I wonder if that's what I sound like when he calls me in the early evening?

Anywho - I hope you've all had a FAB Father's Day and that above all else, you have spent the day appreciating the important men in your life.  All of the above drivel clearly spells out my appreciation and adoration, for the Father of my children.  I'm a very happy, and lucky, woman.  I've also taken the time today to phone my Dad in Queensland, who informed me it was a public holiday there on Friday, hence his card didn't get there in time.  Another phone call to my Step-Dad, whom I informed had a card sitting on our kitchen bench, that he would receive in due time.  And did a shout out to my Father in law on Facebook.  All Fathers covered.  Phew.

And to all of you who are missing an important man in your life.  I hope today brought some happy reflection.

How did you spend this Father's Day?  Did your other half bring the washing in and does he wear pj's??

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