Friday, September 14, 2012

Competition Shmompetition

I'm not a competitive human being.  At all.  I've always sort of known it, but have now confirmed it by my laziness.  I see so many fabulous competitions through Facebook and in Blogger world, but am just too bloody lazy to enter.  I also figure why waste my time when I know I'm not going to win, yes?  Hell, I don't even buy Lotto tickets!

I've also never been a competitive Mother.  In the almost fourteen years I have been a Mum, I could not tell you how many times I have had other Mums throw out competitive statements - Ooh, my little Jimmy is walking, talking, saving the gorillas.  It's rather never ending.  I get the proud moments.  I'm happy to say I will tell anyone how wonderful my kids are and how they are doing beautifully at the things they excel at, but I don't think I've thrown the sucker punch at the end - and questioned another Mum straight afterwards to compare.

I suck at being a competitive friend too.  I've "let" friendships fade away at times, because I'm not interested in others making friendships in to a competition.  Sure, when I was a kid, when it's almost acceptable behaviour, I was a part of the "three's a crowd" rule.  Two of my bestest friends ever (and still are) will tell you - we lived in a type of Bermuda Triangle, where one of us would be left out at some stage.  Sort of on a revolving friendship wheel!  But as an adult, no.  You want to spend more time with my friend?  No worries, go ahead, I'll just get on with life.

I've been watching quality television lately - Farmer Wants A Wife.  Go on, admit you have too.  I sit glued to that screen each episode, and cringe every.single.time. one of those girls starts crying about the situation they are in.  Helllllloooooo!  It's a competition - that YOU entered!  Derrrrr!

I was a Tupperware Manager a number of years ago.  Yep, I sold the super plastic stuff.  It was fun.  I met some unreal women.  I also found out that sales is a competition.  And once the competition was on, I was out.  

And now that I find myself running my own little hobby business, I have noticed the unbelievable level of competition between handmade businesses.  It's unnerving - to me anyway.  I have realised I need to put myself out there to sell what I make, but I find myself in a tug of war at times - with myself - because I don't want to have to compete for people's attention!  Stupid huh?

So, instead, I find myself plodding along quite happily just doing my own thing.  I've been buying the fabrics I fall in love with, making the outfits I love, and hoping that there are people out there who really love what I'm doing and will make a purchase.  And instead of stressing about the possibility of not selling everything, I'm embracing the fact that I have a rack full of handmade goodness to give away as gifts to friends or to charity.  It's quite liberating!

And on a winning note - Chloe WON the draw at swimming lessons on Monday and came away with a................colouring book!!  Winners ARE grinners!

Are you competitive?  Would you like to win something just by commenting on my blog?  Hmmm, just thought of that - now I'll have to find something to give away!  Watch this space!


  1. I can be slightly competitive depending on my mood :/

  2. Have to agree I'm not a huge comp enter-er, unless it's awesome, never bought a lotto ticket. Mum competition there's a fun topic - I have one kid who is very bright, and we don't discuss it much at home because it makes the other two school aged ones feel like they are dumb, they are not, they are both at the required level. I have a cousin, who has actually asked to see my sons reports and things, because , you know, no kid could be smarter than hers. I have never mentioned or shown them, of course my Mum as Nana has bragged, but man does it annoy me. I think they must have very low self worth if they have to rely on their kids to be their only source of pride. Of course I'm proud of all my kids but honestly who wants to hear it every time I speak - great post, off to save a gorilla with all 5 of my kids :P

    1. Please let me know how the gorilla expedition goes!


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