Friday, February 1, 2013

TGIFF #4 A FMQ Debut!

Just over a week ago, I had this quilt top finished, but wasn't really a "fan" of it!  I kept looking at it and thinking it had no personality.  Then my random visit to Spotlight lead me to finding and purchasing the gorgeous bright, lime green leaf fabric for the binding, and I was egged on to get it finished.  It also helped that a lovely lady was holding a Very Hungry Caterpillar inspired market night on her FB page Lil' Miss!

Once I had this little baby basted, I wondered how on earth I was going to quilt it?  I ended up biting the bullet and googled "free motion quilting".  I found the Oh Frannson! blog, and her posts on "basics" were really helpful.  So I built up some dutch courage and got my Free Motion on!

I was REALLY worried that I would end up with a really bad end result, but was completely thrilled as I made my way around the quilt, firstly in big squiggle shapes (I have no proper terminology here!) to "frame" the beautiful big pictures.

And then moved on to doing some smaller squiggles around the food prints on the top and bottom borders.

But I have to admit - I then got a little carried away!  Free motion quilting, it turns out, is just a tad bit addictive.......I was going to stop there, but couldn't.....

So I've basically squiggled myself silly over the entire quilt, except for the food prints and the big prints on the panel!

To say I'm happy with the end result would be yet another understatement!  I love the way the prints that haven't been attacked by me quilted sort of pop out!  And the binding just brought the whole thing together.

To shake my life up a little, I've actually listed this cot quilt in my MadeIt Store in the hope that someone will fall in love with it and snap it up!  Otherwise, some lucky friend of mine will score it for one of their babies!

And that is ALL I've finished this week - but it's a pretty good one even if I do say so myself!  I'm looking forward to next Friday when I WILL have another quilt finished to show you all! 

Addicted much?

I'm linking up with Quokka Quilts today!


  1. Way to go! Your fmq rocks and this quilt looks fabulous!

  2. fabulous quilt! We love the very hungry catterpillar at our house :)

  3. A wonderful quilt! Congrats on all that fmq :)

  4. Great start! and that can only build your confidence to FMQ more!

  5. That's really cool and fun! Well done.

  6. Thanks for popping over to mine earlier today. I can't believe your FMq - it's incredible, and I love the quilt. My 4 year old would love it too :-)

  7. Great job with your first FMQ! And that is a darling quilt, too. I love the Very Hungry Caterpillar. Must have read it a thousand times when my kids were growing up! lol

  8. Way to go, Midge! What a wonderful first crack at FMQ -- you're a natural! The quilt is lovely! Thanks for linking up to TGIFF!

  9. Welcome to the FMQ club! No stopping you now! Lovely work


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