Wednesday, February 27, 2013

W.I.P. Wednesday #10 - Did I Hear You Say Dresden??

Say what??  Up until maybe six months ago I had no idea what the heck a dresden was.  And up until yesterday morning I had no intention of ever making one.  They just looked too. damn. hard.  But looky here......

Next question.... Is this grown up enough for an engagement present? Or should I do another one in different prints?
I decided I "needed" to make a cushion cover for a gift.  So I got out the Sarah Fielke fat quarter bundles I bought the other week, and cut in to them.  I had seen this design over at Pretty Bobbins, so used the same TUTORIAL.  I am hoping Gemma sees my attempts at using some of the same tutorials as she has as a major form of flattery!

Only problem?  Once I'd made it up, I decided that although I loved it, it wasn't quite the look I was going for!

So last night I pulled out a whole lot of "scraps" and came up with this.......
Work in progress!
And had SOOOO much fun!  I played around with the FMQ and was very impressed with myself after doing some love hearts.

Love hearts!
See!!!!!!!  This won't be seen because it will be a cushion cover - but I love how you can actually see the love hearts!

I need to get it finished by a deadline, so will have to keep plugging away - I've never made a cushion cover - should be interesting!

And the first dresden??  Well - I've decided that needs to be a part of a quilt!  I'm sure you will hear more about that W.I.P. over the next little bit!

I'm linking up with Freshly Pieced!

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  1. Your scrappy dresden is just lovely - those happy colours are just right!

  2. I love Dresdens and I think both of them are beautiful! And your quilting looks so nice! Great job!

  3. Your FMQ looks so good! I love those hearts!

  4. Beautiful Dresden and I love your hearts quilting!

  5. I think Dresdens are just lovely...and yours is great too! Visiting from WIP Wednesday. Have a great day.

  6. I like your Dresdens. You did a good job making them for the first time. And your FMQ is great. Good Job!

  7. Those free motion hearts are fabulous!
    I love dresdens- making those wedges can be addictive! :)

  8. Oh wow, they are amazing! Love your FMQ too - I am scared to try!!

  9. I love them - the colors are amazing. The cushion will be beautiful.

  10. Your first dresden looks great! Love your color choices!

  11. Both the dresden's look great, although the first one has a bit of a little-girl's-bedroom feel to it (just because of the sweetness of the colours). Anyway, great job with both of them!

  12. I love them both Midge and I'm totally flattered :) you are doing so well with your quilting! Yay! xx


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