Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday Stash & Dash - The "I have a tax return and I aint afraid to spend it" Edition!

In what will now be known as "the best fabric delivery week ever", I had two of the best fabric deliveries ever!  Let me get straight to the point.....

And my most fabulous fabric order from @intrepidthread finally got the canvas I needed and was very restrained in gathering colours I needed for the stash as well as a few I just really wanted!!

Exhibit A - When Julie at The Intrepid Thread sends me an email to say she has stacked her sale section AND halved her international shipping for a week - who am I to argue????  I hot-footed it over there and filled that shopping cart like there was no tomorrow.  I think I showed considerable restraint - you know, given I'm on a fabric ban and all Oh, who am I kidding - I may be going to Tokyo, but there is still fabric to be purchased before then.....

So, what's in there?  Well, I got the Cotton + Steel canvas I needed (and it's already cut up and half made in to a bag), then there's a few new Far Far Away prints to go with all the old school HR I have.  And the rest of this bundle is from the amaze-balls clearance section.  Some fab stash stackers in there.  I never seem to have enough yellow and orange, so I made a point of throwing them in the cart.  Oh, and the Emmy Grace prints - perfection.

Now just because I believe in sharing the love, I'm happy to tell you that Julie has decided to keep her international shipping reduced!  Check it out:

"Due to the overwhelming reception that you gave our shipping discount sale we have decided to change our shipping prices for the foreseeable future, things could change if the prices go up again but for now.... In the US Shipping is never more than $5 no matter how much you buy and free over $90. International shipping is half price if you spend over $70. Here is the breakdown:


Up to $10 quilting weight fabric, First Class Mail is $3.75 / $12.95 / $14.95
$10 - $70 Priority Flat Rate Envelope $5 / $19.95 / $23.95
$70 - $90 Priority Flat Rate Envelope $5/$9.98/$11.98

$90 and up 2 Priority Flat Rate Envelopes or Priority Medium Flat Rate Box $0 / $20 / $30"

Ps. This is NOT a sponsored post!  Although I'm beginning to think I should hit Julie up! Hahahah.  Seriously, head over there and get you some goodness!

I think we shall name this week the #bestfabricdeliveryweekever this is my (first) #massdrop purchase! @alisonglass yummies!

Exhibit B - I'm going to call this one an experiment.  You see, Quilt Jane lovingly shared a link on FB a couple of weeks ago to a website called Massdrop.  My inquisitive self got the better of me, and I clicked on said link and somehow or another managed to then click on BUY.  Oops.  Turns out I bought myself these two fabulous Alison Glass bundles!  If you haven't seen or heard of Massdrop before, go give it a looksy.  The shipping is ridiculously cheap to Australia.  I have no idea what I'll use these beauties for, but I'm sure I'll work it out!

Ok.  Bed time.  I hope you've all had a lovely week, and have an even better one ahead of you!

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  1. I've played a bit on Massdrop; it is quite tempting. And fun. Enjoy your fabrics.

  2. Oh my, that is one large bunch of deliciousness! I have never tried 'massdrop', but get their emails all the time.

  3. I wish I could have used my tax return on fun stuff! I paid off my car loan instead which is nowhere near as satisfying as envelopes stuffed with fabric!

  4. You picked up some lovely, lovely fabrics! I love those Emmy Grace ones... I don't usually go for particularly pretty things, but those ones really worked for me somehow.

  5. Love all the fabrics. Those Alison Glass prints, aaaah!

  6. Thanks Melissa! We have had a few little glitches with the shipping thing. So I have to clarify on International orders that this is for quilting weight cotton. I had one person buy 10 yds of linen which costs less but weighs more and I ended up having to swallow $50 in shipping because it had to ship in a box. So if other than quilting cotton is purchased I have to contact buyers for the difference in the 1/2 price shipping. In other words instead of $11.98 for the order I have to charge the $30 for half of a box.


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