Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sunday Stash & Dash - Whoops

Ummmmmm........ I sort of forgot that I sort of made a comment that I sort of wouldn't be buying any fabric before I went to Tokyo......

I did just go to Ikea for the sole purpose of buying this bolt of fabric!

Whoops #1 - Last Sunday's trip to Ikea was for one purpose only.  My husband came along with me knowing that purpose, and when I questioned whether to get the whole bolt, he very cleverly commented "It's your money".  Well played husband.....

#indelible @cottonandsteel #moonlit #mustang #moonlitdenim #essexlinen #iminheaven

Whoops #2 - I folded on my "I'm not buying Cotton + Steel, cos I don't need it" virtue.  And whilst I put it in my cart, I thought I best fill that baby up.  So I did.  Essex Linen and Indellible are now located on my shelves....  I have to admit - I bought the half yard of Moonlit under the premise that it was, in fact, a canvas weight print.  I was very disappointed when it arrived and was quilting cotton.  I had BIG plans for that canvas!  The store I bought it from have been made aware of their ambiguous wording and have thankfully changed it so nobody else will think they are getting canvas.  In the meantime, I'll just wait, ahemmmm, for the replacement canvas I purchased today from another store.  Whoops.

Just received my new business cards from @moo and love them!!! #nowimreallyaquiltingbusiness

Whoops #3 - Really shouldn't be counted as a whoops.  I have wanted new business cards for quite some time - cos I've outgrown my cutesy pink and green "handmade children's clothing" cards.  I was very patient and waited for to have a sale.  They did.  So I got me some new cards.  They truly are much nicer in real life, but you know - this post is about dashing, it's 10.40pm, so this IG photo will just have to do!  I think they represent me just perfectly!

Over and out.

Molli Sparkles


  1. That IKEA print is great... who could say no? (Especially since it's going away...)

  2. The Whoops! effect ....
    happens here too ...
    thankfully, it's not fatal.

  3. Indelible is amazing!!! Well played you too!

  4. If I could find the IKEA fabric, I would do the exact same thing ;)


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