Saturday, January 21, 2012


I have been meaning to write this post for many months now, but something else always comes up when I think about it.  And yes, I think about this issue - every.....single.....morning!

Even my cereal container looks sad and unfulfilled....
Dear Kellogg's,

Please let the records show that you have a very upset customer.  You see, I have been purchasing your delicious Sustain cereal for possibly ten years now.  And up until last year, it was most satisfying, and suited me perfectly, as the size of the box lasted me exactly one week.  That's right - seven perfectly sized bowls of Sustain to keep me going until the following week's grocery shop.

Fast forward to 2011 when I was most outraged to find you had shrunk the size of your box, and accordingly, had messed up my grocery shop and breakfast routine.  I will note that you also brought the price down of the product in line with the reduction of size - however - it does not make up for putting me out.

Every week now, without fail, I run out of cereal.  This in turn means that I have to have toast for one or two mornings.  And this my friend, does not "sustain" my hunger.  Which leads to a very grumpy Mummy.  I do not like having to snack mid-morning.  This does not suit my OCD* routine.

Yours Truly
Hungry Mumma

I know, there's bigger issues in the world today, but this seriously irks me!

* I do not in fact have OCD, although the girl I work with would beg to differ!  I just happen to eat the same breakfast and lunch every day.  Strange?
* Kellogg's have not paid me for this post either....although I've given them enough of a plug!

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