Monday, January 23, 2012

I had to say "Yes" didn't I?

My gorgeous husband came up with the genius idea to purchase a PS3.  Sort of a pressie for himself, for starting his new job.  I begrudgingly agreed to said purchase because:

a)  He works ridiculously hard and long hours to provide us with a great life
b)  He is a "gamer" at heart and since we got the iMac and iPad - apparently the games you can get on them just aren't the same as what he got on normal PC
c)  He promised me I would still see him and he would not live in the back room

Now, his original genius idea had the PS3 living in our bedroom.  Yehhhh.......nahhhhhhhhh.  Cut that one down quick smart.  Visions of lying in bed watching some stupid game on the tv, or waking in the middle of the night to the ever-so-delightful blips of a video game was not ideal in my eyes!  So I agreed it could live out in our back lounge room.  The same room that the Wii lives.  The same room that the kids watch tv in.  And NOT the same room that I have all of my foxtel shows set up to record on IQ.  That was MY genius moment.

So yesterday he goes out, whilst I'm at work, and purchases said game console.  I come home to find a very happy gaggle of children along with an extremely pleased with himself husband.  Master 7 comes out with this beauty - "Mum, did you tell Dad he could buy it?"   Ahhhh.....he's been taking note of how this household works....

Fast forward to today.  When husband returns to work.  Master 7 is not even awake two minutes when he asks if he can play the PS3?  No. The remainder of the afternoon, after a morning spent at the park goes something like this:

Kids jump straight on to PS3 when walking through door
Arguments about who is playing first, second, third, fourth, fifth (you get the picture) 
start almost immediately
Arguments, tears and yelling continue for approximately four hours
I threaten to pull the whole bloody thing out of the wall and take back to shop
Kids pull their heads in - somewhat
I retreat to computer and ignore them successfully

Don't get me wrong - I have absolutely no problems about kids and video games, televisions or anything even remotely classed as "not good parenting" hehehhe....but, I'm going to be having words with the husband about his ability to introduce this new play thing - and disappear to work!

Anyone else out there have a thing or two to say about video games?  Or children?  Or school holidays? Ten more sleeps....

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  1. Haha - cute post! I got my kids an Xbox Kinect for Christmas - and I'm usually anti game and anti tv! I like the Kinect because it requires them to move to control the game. :) At least it wears them out before bed! :) I'm a new follower and found your blog through the blog hop on Mommas Like Me! Hope to see you! xo, Reannah@ShapedbyGrace


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