Friday, January 6, 2012

A quick Holiday post!

Hello to you all from the sunny Gold Coast!  I have been MIA......and to be perfectly honest, this is the first time this year I have popped in to my blog!  I thought I would give you a quick update on our holiday adventure.....

It didn't start off so well - our 12.20pm flight was cancelled at approximately 12.10pm!  Thanks Jetstar!  We got on to a 3.40pm flight....but that was also then delayed for over an hour.  So our 1.20pm arrival on the Gold Coast actually ended up being a 6pm arrival!  Needless to say, I am thrilled we are returning to Melbourne on a Virgin flight.....

The kids after a long day spent at Melbourne Airport, and finally arriving in Queensland!
Arrived to our beautiful little abode that we now call home, a gorgeous house within walking distance from the divine Broadwater.  I am extremely lucky, and grateful, to still have wonderful friends from childhood here on the coast, so we are staying at one of my friend's Mum's house!  She has it set up beautifully for all six of us, and the kids loved all the personal touches she has added for them.  Read: x-box, dolls house etc etc.

Day one of our holiday saw us trek to hours later, we trekked home.  Kids had a blast, and the husband and I were wrecked.

Day two was rather relaxing.....wandered down to the broadwater for a swim, had some lunch at home and then off to another friend's house for a swim in their pool.  My Dad also came over that evening for a visit!  Needless to say, I don't see him often living two states away, so it was nice to sit down over a meal.

Day three was Movieworld day, aka exhaustion central.  Long queues, and very warm sun made for a long day.  We bribed the kids to leave early with a promise of a swim at the beach - which we did follow through with!

Day four (dragged ourselves out of coma state) Wet N Wild.  Probably the best day amusement wise.  Our youngest son, who we have found has an aversion to anything mildly steep, speedy or fun, finally found h is theme park niche.  Water slides, it seems, are not asthreatening as other amusement park rides.  Phew.  We left resembling drowned rats approximately five hours after arriving.

Today.  I very sneakily (ie. didn't tell boys my plans) took the two girls with me to meet up with one of my cousins (well, not a blood cousin, but cousin all the same) who lives in Paris, and happens to be on the Coast at the moment.  I haven't seen her for around 20 years, so we organised a rendevouz over FB.  Drove the half hour to Currumbin beach, wandered between the flags where she said she would be, and gave up looking for her after 20 minutes.  Girls had a wonderful swim and play in the sand, whilst I got sunburnt because I failed in my search attempts to remember to apply sunscreen to myself.  Currently feeling the results of this now as I sit at computer typing!

Not much else planned for the last few days of our journey.  Oh, except for a beach bbq with lots of friends tonight, perhaps a day at Seaworld's water park tomorrow, a christening on Sunday (I'm going to be a God-Mother!) and flying home Monday.  Yeh, not much planned.....

I hope you are all thoroughly enjoying 2012 so far.  I will need a holiday when I return to Melbourne.  But the odds of this happening are zero!

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