Friday, January 27, 2012

A whole lot of randomness

Lots of thoughts running through my head today.  Not unusual.

Why is it that when little boys play video games, they feel the need the continually commentate every move, jump up and down and act like complete fools?  Yet girls will just sit there quietly playing...

Why is it that my husband (is it only my husband?) is so very capable of tidying and cleaning the kitchen after dinner - yet the pots/pans seem to always be left sitting in the sink?

Why do I bother folding clothes and putting them in to neat piles, only to find them shoved in to drawers or thrown on floors?

How is it that my toilet always smells of wee??  No amount of cleaning, bleaching, pulling the damn thing apart and soaking relieves me.  Well, I just spent $50 on a piece of ENJO brilliance in the hope that it will help.  I used it yesterday and nearly vommited.....

This expensive piece of hardware gets in under the rim - like. nothing. else.  Use your imagination, as I cannot
describe what was discovered or I will likely gag.....

I spent $180 on a bed linen set yesterday.  Unheard of.  But it got me - the window display.  And my husband agreed when I oohed and I marched straight in and bought it.  Thoughts?

SIX MORE SLEEPS - until school returns!  They're all still alive - and it's a miracle...

One of my dearest friends is coming to stay for two nights, with her 3 month old bundle of joy.  And then it's back to London for them.  It still astounds me that she and I have only ever lived in the same state as each other for a whole six months.  And yet, we are still so close.

My three year old just came out and asked me to put a necklace on her.  "So I look like a person".......ummmmmm, ok.

That's it.  All that is flowing through my mind.  Have a wonderful day! xx

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