Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Kate Spain Aussie Charm Swap - Now Open!


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The sign ups are now officially open for the Kate Spain Aussie Charm Swap!  I've had such a great wave of interest through IG, FB and here on the blog - so am looking forward to getting this started and hopefully getting a full house of sign ups!

Here are the details:

1) This swap will be open to 56 participants, me being one of those! All of Kate's fabric lines except for the Christmas/Holiday ones can be included. The included lines are listed below.

2) Each spot is 2 Kate Spain fabrics, 1 yard of each, and I strongly suggest that you purchase at least 1/4 yard more in case of any cutting mistakes you might experience. Michele who organised the last 2 rounds in the US tells me someone bought fabric online and the shop where she ordered it from cut it short so she had a bit of a scramble. Better safe than sorry.

3) Fabric must be new and unwashed and from a smoke free environment.

4) Press your fabric and remove the selvages before cutting. Cut your yardage into 5 inch squares (56 per yard) total = 112 charms. You can follow the great tutorial on how to cut your charms from yardage by Elizabeth Hartman of Oh, Frannson! found here.

5) Post them out to me by 1st June. Put them in a Ziplock bag and include your 112 charms, an index card with your name, mailing address and email address (in case your envelope opens up, your charms will stay safe and dry and your contact info will get them back to you. I don't know if this has ever happened in real life but again, better safe than sorry). You must also include a SELF ADDRESSED STAMPED ENVELOPE/PARCEL POST SATCHEL so that your charms can be mailed back to you. I will not be billing anyone through Paypal. Unfortunately due to the cost and complexity of shipping back internationally, this swap will be for Australian/Kiwi participants only.

***In addition, please triple check that the return envelope or postage satchel you send to me is at least the same amount of postage that is on the envelope posted to me.  That is - for example - if you send your charms to me in a $5 envelope or $8.50 satchel, please send a self addressed $5 envelope or $8.50 satchel for me to return your charms in!

  Once I receive them all I will sort and return a stack of 112 different charms to each participant! You can sign up for more than one spot but to start I will allow only 2 spots per participant to give more the chance to get in on the fun. (2 spots = 224 charms, 56 each of 4 different fabrics). They will be in the mail to you 2-3 weeks later. I will be aiming to have them all in the return post by the end of June - fingers crossed!

6) Very important!!! Please choose fabrics that have not been claimed by another swap member. Please join the KATE SPAIN AUSSIE CHARM SWAP 2014 GROUP and check before purchasing fabrics to see what has already been chosen; we want to avoid duplicates. Once you have chosen your fabrics please post pictures, the Fabric line and specific print/colour information to the Flickr group. I've also added a list post so that it will be easy to see the names and colour ways chosen so far. Once you've chosen your fabrics make sure you add both the photos and the names to the list post.

7) I've also started a Facebook Group HERE if you wish to join!
So who wants to join in on the Kate Spain fabric fun?
Your Name
Mailing Address
Email Address
Phone Number (just in case)
Blog address (if you have one)

When I email you and confirm that you are in the swap, I will include my postal address.

Grab the new blog button and leave a comment so I know who is participating. The code is on my side bar.
Feel free to spread the news if you'd like.

Here are all the Kate Spain lines that are included in this swap. Remember, no Christmas/Holiday fabrics. Some of her older lines are a bit hard to find, but Google is your friend!

VernaTag FandangoTag CentralParktag
terraintag good fortune tag serenade tag
CuzcoTag HoneyHoneyTag sunnysidetag Daydream

I'd like to throw a HUGE SHOUT OUT and THANK YOU to Michele @ Quilts From My Crayon Box!  I seriously could not have even dreamed of doing this without your help and allowing me to use all of your rules and regulations!  You're a fabulous human being!  Go and show Michele some love!  And if you're in the USA, keep an eye on her blog for any future swaps!

And lastly - Go ahead and grab a button for your blog if you have one!  And share the love people!
Ms Midge


  1. I have just sent you an email Chicky!
    I am very excited! Tell me is that quilt pattern ^^^^ made out of charm squares????? I would love to see some patterns/ideas that we can use our charm squares on.

  2. Yeah for you! I'm sure it will be a big success. You are so welcome for the help and just let me know if you have any more questions. I'm glad to help spread the Kate Spain fabric love.

  3. Such a beautiful idea...but I don't want to share my Kate Spain fabric. Maybe some day I'll make myself a gorgeous quilt with it! LOL. =) Hope the swap is a bunch of fun.

  4. So love kate spain and a quilt made from most of her designs would be lovely.

  5. I adore Kate Spain... soooo tempted...


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