Wednesday, August 18, 2010

To be Grateful - Day THIRTY....

Who would of thought? Thirty days. I've made it. When I started this "experiment", I thought it would actually be quite easy. Surely, finding three things each and every day to be TRULY grateful for would be simple? Surely I could fill pages each day with what I am grateful for? be honest - it was a little harder than I had anticipated. Although I really am grateful for everything I have in life, actually taking note on a daily basis was quite intimidating. Sound strange? Well, for me, I didn't want to be grateful for the same things each and every day (not on here anyway!), I wanted to delve a little deeper, sort of analyse my days with a magnifying glass! I hope that I have done so, and have even slightly enlightened your day at some stage....

For my final entry of gratitude:

1. I am grateful I live in a democratic country. I know I have probably bored you at times with my Oprah-isms, but today's episode on North Korea made me appreciate the freedom and rights I have living in Australia. It is abhorent to me that in this day and age, there are millions of people literally being held hostage in their own country. Unable to access any form of communication to the outside world, and denied the basic human rights to choice and freedom. Yet another eye opener...

2. I am grateful for a day spent on the lounge. Chloe had a huge daytime sleep, and given that I wasn't feeling so flash, I took the opportunity to do a whole lot of nothing and thoroughly enjoyed it.

3. I am grateful for the feedback that some of my "invisible followers" have given me on my little blog. Officially, I only have three followers, but some of my anonymous friends have contacted me to let me know they enjoy reading my posts and have encouraged me to continue sharing my thoughts. I have said it before, but this blog is like an open journal for me. A place I can come and give my opinion, share my feelings and really just vent. So I will continue, and although I will not be entering my daily gratitude, I will definately make a point of being grateful each and every day.

This afternoon I finished the little book of verses I quoted last night. So I would like to share another beautiful little gem: "Record your experiences, feelings, frustrations, and desires in a special book. Your journal will become your memory, your truth, and your friend." This is my hope....

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

To be Grateful - Day twenty-nine!

Hooray! I have nearly made it through a month of being grateful! Well, I am grateful every day, I have just never made an effort to be so conscious of it and put it in to words. I realise I have missed a few days here and there, but I can promise you I have been thinking about my gratitude entries each and every day. For instance, today, I was watching yet another episode of "Dr Phil" and thought to myself - "That makes me feel really grateful". So now I shall share why....

1. The episode was about overseas adoption, and the troubles some parents are going through with the trauma these children have been through, and how it is showing in their lives. Watching what these parents, and children, were going through made me feel incredibly grateful for my very happy and healthy children. Sure, we go through some rough patches, but in comparison, my life is perfect.

2. I am grateful that the librarian at my children's school mistook me for another parent this morning! In doing so, I was able to put my hand up to help with the upcoming book fair. I really love helping out at the school, but find it difficult due to having a two year old busy little girl! So it was a lovely little chance conversation, and now I get to contribute to a great fundraiser for the kids.

3. I am grateful I found a little book my Mum gave to me as a gift many years ago. Its title is "Caregiver Therapy", written by Julie Kuebelbeck and Victoria O'Connor. Mum gave it to me because of my occupation, and I don't think I actually ever read it until it dropped on my bedroom floor this evening! Lots of lovely little verses centred around being a caregiver, and how to make life for yourself and those you care for just that little bit more meaningful. I shall share one I ready tonight and found so very true:

"Sometimes helping others means allowing them to give. A homemade card, a smile, a heartfelt "thank you" are gifts to be treasured. Graciously accept what others have to offer." We should not measure a person's worthiness by what we are receiving from them.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

To be Grateful - Day Twenty-seven...

I have had a most productive day today, given that I had the day off work! Off to basketball for Chelsea this morning, where I discovered she had found her inner biatch......something I'm not sure whether to be proud of or not? You see, since she began playing her first season a matter of months ago, I have been telling one of the other Mums that perhaps Chelsea needed to get in there a bit more, and be a little more aggressive. Well.......I think Chelsea overheard me. She took flight in what I shall now call "kamikaze mode", and made a very amusing sound whilst doing a couple of Jackie Chan moves. To say it amused the crowd at the stadium would be an understatement. It's a very good thing she is a natural performer, because there was no embarassment, and quite frankly, she lapped up the attention! Unfortunately, it did not end with her winning the ball, or the game!

1. I am grateful that we had some wind here in Melbourne today. Added to that, a couple of hours of sunshine, and I was able to get some towels half dried on the clothes line, which then means I only had to use the clothes dryer half the time!

2. I am grateful that Cadyn pointed out to me the buds sprouting on our plum tree in the back yard. This is a wonderful sign that Spring is (hopefully) just around the corner. In Melbourne it is very easy to forget that we have four seasons when Winter seems to go on forever. But days like today put a smile on your face and a little bounce in your step.

3. I am grateful I got to spend a couple of hours on the couch watching a movie with Andrew tonight. This is a rarity these days, so it didn't matter what we were watching. But I must say, "Notorious BIG" was not a bad flick. Albeit all the rappin' and cursin'! It's always strange watching films based on real life events. I found myself saying things like "oh, that must be Lil' Kim?", and "Is that Puff Daddy/Diddy/Sean Coombes?" Ahhhh, memories.....

And with that, it is off to bed for this tired little mumma......

Friday, August 13, 2010

To be Grateful - day Twenty-six...

Good evening.....well, good for some. One word - migraine. Definition - a throbbing headache usually affecting only one side of the head and commonly accompanied by nausea and visual disturbances. Throbbing - check. Visual disturbances - check. It still amazes me that after suffering migraine headaches for about seven years, I still don't make the connection? I was in a shop this afternoon when I started to get strange lights and swirling on one of my eyes. Didn't think much of it until - BANG - an hour later at work, the throbbing began! So I stuck it out a few more hours before finally surrendering and heading home early. So I am certainly not grateful for migraines....

1. What I am grateful for are the over the counter drugs that seem to take the edge off the pain I feel in my head. Once again, modern medicine has come to the rescue. Thank you dear scientists....

2. I am grateful I was able to take my mother-in-law out for lunch today. It was her birthday, and given that she does so very much for us and our children, being able to pay for a nice lunch and have a chat was quite lovely indeed. I also reiterated to her how much we all apreciate her help!

3. I am grateful my eldest son has been accepted in to the secondary school of our choice. Here in Melbourne, you are given a form to fill out with your top two preferences for schools. You have automatic entry in to your closest school. If your preferences are out of your zoned area, you have to then submit a special letter to the school outlining why you wish your child to attend. Our forms were lodged in May, and we found out last week that he was successful! This is going to make life so much easier as this school is smack, bang in the middle of both ours and his father's home. And most importantly, it was the school Lachlan most liked (and so did I) and was excited about. So hopefully this is the beginning of a great secondary school experience!

That's it for tonight, my head is literally pounding and I need to get away from the computer screen......good night!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

To be Grateful - Day twenty-four

Hmmmm.....where to begin this evening? Life, as we know it, has gone straight back to normal in precisely 24 hours. Whilst I was away, I can honestly say I felt a wonderful sense of calm and relaxation. Now that I am back home, the calmness is making an exit and relaxation has once again made itself scarce! But I shant complain, I shall merely vent my feelings to any or all of you reading on....

1. I am grateful that Chloe is such a good little girl, and sits in a trolley or a pram for any extended length of time so I can walk around the shopping centre leisurely. I went in search of something I thought was quite simple - large cushions for our lounge. But alas, not one store in the centre stocked them! So instead, Chloe and I headed for Gloria Jean's and enjoyed a hot chockie and babycino...

2. I am grateful, every single day, that I have my husband. My beautiful neighbour lost hers to cancer earlier this year, and she is struggling. The past couple of days I have noticed her car in the driveway, which means she is not at work, and leads me to believe she's not doing so well. I have thought about going over there and asking if she wants to share a cuppa, but I fear I will be intruding. I honestly don't know what to do.

3. I'm grateful I have Foxtel IQ. Another strange thing to be grateful for, but it really is the one luxury I don't mind paying for each month. This afternoon whilst Chloe slept, I went through all my recorded shows and watched an episode of Oprah from last week. It was about four boys who were adopted and cruelly abused and neglected. It made me oh so grateful for the childhood I was afforded. There are so many sad, sad stories out there about people who have led such unfortunate lives, but luckily for these boys, their lives have been turned around by the amazing open hearts of a couple who have adopted them and given them the love and family they so deserved. Makes me proud to be a human being when I see such kindness.

And just quickly, I'm going to share with you a 'status update' going through Facebook at present. I loved it and shared, so will share with you - "They say true friends can go for long periods of time without speaking & never question your friendship. This type of friend picks up like they spoke to you yesterday, regardless of how long its been, how far away they live & they dont hold grudges. They understand that lifes busy, but that youll always love them".

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

To be Grateful - Day twenty-three

Oops, I did it again! Have had to skip a few days entries due to soaking up the sun and gathering with beautiful people in what we Aussies call "The Sunshine State" - Queensland. Lachlan and I had to most amazing five days, during which we managed to conquer three theme parks, catch up with lots of friends and just generally caught some down time. So tonight's entry is going to be a mix of the last few days all thrown together.

1. Tonight, I am grateful that I discovered Osteopathy. It took me a while to make an appointment a year ago, but am so glad I did. For those of you unfamiliar, Osteopaths are a mix between a chiropractor, physio and massage therapist. I cannot begin to describe the difference my lovely Osteo has made to my life, just by bringing my body back in to some degree of normalcy after my last pregnancy. And today, I was grateful for healing hands after somehow hurting my neck on an amusement park ride on the weekend. The price we pay for having fun hey?

2. I am grateful beyond words that I decided to take Lachlan with me for a five day holiday. It gave me time for lots of little chats and hugs and kisses, and it was beautiful to see him bond with my god-daughter. It will be a trip I will forever remember and treasure.

3. I am grateful that I woke this morning (after getting home from the airport at 1am) to find a tidy house and children that were happy. In turn, I am grateful that my husband is so bloody wonderful! I have many friends whose husbands simply would not cope with three children whilst they were off galavanting around the country side. But Andrew did a fabulous job, and did not complain once. Another reason why I love him so much!

4. I am adding an extra gratitude entry this evening to make up for all the ones I have missed! I would like to say that above all else, my trip interstate made me grateful to be the person I am. The past few months have led me to doubt who I am as a person, as a friend, and taking the time to get away from my every day life has made me realise and appreciate the woman I am. I have friends and family who would move mountains for me - because they know I would do the same. Being surrounded by women who have known me for pretty much all of my life was wonderful and helped me to forget my doubts and the reasons I had been doubting myself. So it's onwards and upwards - again!

Memories are the most beautiful things we have, and so many new memories were forged this past five days - amongst amazing memories remembered from my childhood. I am truly blessed to live the life I lead.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

To be Grateful - day Eighteen....

I know, I know....I have missed a couple of days! But I promise I have been grateful! I have had so much on that it completely slipped my mind, but I am making up by logging on and showing my gratefulness from a different state. That's right - I landed on the Gold Coast this morning! So I shall begin tonight's entry...

1. Well of course, I am very grateful that I am back in the mother land.....aka, Queensland! I spent my first 15 years on the Gold Coast, born and bred "skeg". Driving through my old home town this afternoon has brought back so many wonderful childhood memories, and also made me extremely grateful for the great upbringing I had. I drove down the street I lived in for a few of the best years of my life, and got a little bit teary - not from sadness, but from the joy I have had from the lasting memories and friendships that were made whilst living there.

2. I am grateful that Lochie, my eldest son, is a grateful child. His excitement last night and this morning about the impending trip up here was lovely. And his un-expected hug and "I love you Mum" on the plane journey was just beautiful.

3. I am grateful that my husband is the kind of man who does not stress about me checking out of home for five days! Instead, he encourages me to go and have a break and makes me feel completely comfortable in the knowledge that the other three children will be more than adequately looked after and fed and watered for the time I am absent!

I will try my best over the following four days to log in and share my gratefulness, but I am warning you that I have a lot on and so many friends and family to catch up with, so the odds are not in my favour!

Monday, August 2, 2010

To be Grateful - Day Fifteen...

I'm keeping tonight's entry short and sweet, straight to the point. So here goes:

1. I'm grateful for the new friends that have come in to my life over the last few months. Their kindness and sincerity has been refreshing and is helping me through a really rough time.

2. I'm grateful that my kids love me no matter what. Unconditional love is probably the best thing God ever created. Children don't hold grudges, they don't judge and they forgive. My kids don't hold it against me if I yell and scream at them about the fact they keep leaving their drink bottle lid opened, therefore coming home with a wet school bag every day! And they still kiss me good night even if an hour beforehand I was getting grumpy because they were taking too long to get washed and out of the bath! I am just so very grateful for their patience and love for their Mummy...

3. I am grateful that no matter what my older sister has going on in her life, and believe me, she has her hands full, she still takes the time to listen to what is happening with me. And to make her even more wonderful, she gives me the most amusing and straight forward encouragement a person could ask for. Tells it how it is, and for that, I love her dearly.

I'm glad that I have chosen to take a few minutes each evening to reflect on the day that has passed. It makes me realise that no matter how stressed out and down I may feel, there are always at least three things that have occurred to make me feel grateful. And another thing - I'm grateful to whoever is out there for reading.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

To be Grateful - Day Fourteen...

Another HUGE day here in our household! I spent a beautiful day celebrating my baby girl turning TWO! She is such a delightful little soul, and was slightly confused at all the attention being poured on her from the moment she woke up. The celebrations gained momentum before lunch time when about 20 children arrived ready to party! But as soon as it started, it was over and my little girl was pooped and in her bed. Such a lovely day! Having said that, here is my little snipper of gratitude for today:

1. I am grateful that all four of my children had a really great day, and got to spend it surrounded by our family and friends.

2. I am grateful that my ex-husband and I can get along, just enough, to the point where we can actually sometimes have a laugh. There have been so many times over the last ten years where I really didn't believe that could ever happen. But I said to my son only yesterday, that as much as his father and I disagree on a lot of things, the one common goal we have is to bring him up to be a responsible and good adult. And I figure for us to reach that goal, we have to show him some sort of example.

3. I am grateful that a friend who lives in Queensland just told me it is warmer than usual up there at present. Only four more sleeps until we arrive, and I would dearly, dearly love to thaw out just a little whilst up there!

And just quickly.....I have a quote from my sister this evening - "The universe was doing you the favour you wouldn't do for yourself". This is so very true in so many ways. I have had many times in my life where I have been dealt a situation I haven't understood, then in months to follow I work out it really did happen for a reason. And I think her quote explains a lot.
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