Saturday, May 31, 2014

Radiating Sparklers - A Tutorial

Many months ago, I promised you all a tutorial for a little block I like to call "Radiating Sparkler".  Well, today is the day!

I first came across this block whilst doing the Fat Quarter Shop Designer Mystery Block of The Month.  And instantly fell in love with it!

May as we'll keep going! @fatquartershop #mysterybom block by @katespain

When it came to thinking about which block I would like my QCA Bee #5 to make for me back in March, I kept coming back to this block.  After an extensive search on the interwebs, with no results, I ended up emailing Kate Spain, who is the fabulous designer of this block, and asked her permission to share her tutorial with my Bee.  Kate very graciously replied and gave me the thumbs up!

I finished my experiment @katespain

I got cracking and made up my "radiating colour" version of the block to see if it would actually work!  And it did!  So here is my twist on Kate Spain's "Sparklers" block design.  I hope you like it!

Let's go!


The first task is finding five fabrics in the same colour, but different shades.  You want a good progression from light to dark/bright.  You don't need much fabric for each block, a fat eighth is plenty big.  You also need a background fabric, for my blocks, I am using white.


Then it's time to cut:

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 4.33.41 PM

Now let's get sewing!  Use a scant 1/4" seam.


Draw a diagonal line on the wrong side of the fabric L squares and Fabric F squares.  


With right sides facing, layer a fabric L square on the left end of a fabric I rectangle.


Stitch on the drawn line and trim 1/3" away from the seam.  (This is how you will trim the other blocks that ask for same instructions).


Press to one side.  Then take your fabric F square and place on the other end of the rectangle, sewing along the marked line.


Trim and press.  This gives you your first two blocks.  They should measure 2 1/2" x 4 1/2".  Put to one side.


Draw a diagonal line on your H fabric squares and right sides facing, lay on to a Fabric K square and Fabric D square.


Stitch 1/4" on either side of the marked line to make four HST's.


Cut down the middle on the marked line and press.  These blocks should measure 2 1/2" x 2 1/2".


Assemble your F/I/L block and your D/H block as shown on the left.  Then take your K/H blocks and attach to your M square as shown on the right.


Assemble those three blocks together as shown above.  Put to one side.


Draw a diagonal line on the wrong sides of the fabric C squares.


Place them on top of the right sides of your fabric E rectangles, with the line facing as shown above.  Stitch on the drawn line.


Draw a diagonal line on your fabric G squares, then place on top of your fabric A rectangles as shown above.  Stitch on the drawn line.


Trim and press as show above.  These should measure 2 1/2" x 3 1/2".


Trim and press as above.  These should measure 3 1/2" x 4 1/2".


Draw a diagonal line on your fabric J squares.  Place on top of your G/A blocks as shown above and stitch on the line.


Trim and press as shown above.


Assemble the last two blocks together as shown above.  These should measure 3 1/2" x 6 1/2".


Take all of your finished blocks and assemble them as shown above, adding in your fabric B squares.  I sew my the top three, middle three and bottom three together, and then sew the three rows together.


And you're finished!  The finished block should measure 12 1/2" square!

Radiating Sparkler Quilt Top

And when you receive all your bee blocks, and throw in a few mini sparklers - you get this!  I will have a little old tutorial for the mini sparklers in a couple of days for you!

So - what do you think?  Will you be making some radiating sparklers for yourself??  If you do, then be sure to show me!  Use the hashtag #radiatingsparkler on IG and FB!

Have a wonderful weekend! xx

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Friday, May 30, 2014

T.G.I.F.F. Party Over Here!

I'm playing Hostess with the Mostess today!  So welcome!  I have a bright and sparkly reveal that has been months in the making.....

Radiating Sparkler Quilt Top

You see, back in February, I found a block I loved and wanted to use for my month as Queen in my quilting bee.  I had to be resourceful and literally go straight to the source.....

Radiating Sparkler Quilt Top

And then re-write the tutorial to suit my block with a twist....

Radiating Sparkler Quilt Top

I like to call it the "Radiating Sparkler"!  I actually received 14 of these gorgeous blocks and made two myself.  So what happened to the four blocks not used in this quilt top?  Well, they have been joined together and will be made in to a big and bright cushion.  A very big THANK YOU to my lovely QCA Bee #5 friends!

I ummed and ahhed whether to put sashing in between the blocks, but reallllly liked the point on point vision!  To make it up to lap size, I added some borders and little mini sparklers as corner stones.  I absolutely ADORE how it's turned out and can't wait (well, I will wait) to get it backed, basted and quilted!

And tomorrow?  Well, tomorrow I will pop the tutorial up here on the blog for all of you!  So you can go forth and make your own Radiating Sparklers!  Remember to pop back in and check it out.

Now it's your turn to show your finish or finishes for the week.  Be sure to include a TGIFF button or link back to the party so everyone else can find it too!  And of course - pop in to some of the other party animals and share the comment love!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

W.I.P. Wednesday - Gonna Put This Song On Replay

For it seems this is going to be an ongoing story for me this year!  The quilter's ADHD has kicked in full force and I'm getting through my list of projects whilst I have some time off work here and there.  Here's a bunch of goodies I've been working on this past week..... {Photos Care of IG}

Almost hyperventilating with excitement! ! Once again the kids need for food trumps my need to sew these into rows!  #modernmedallion  #modernmedallionquiltalong

I've actually sewn all 80 of these wonky crosses on to my Modern Medallion, but have not had the time nor inclination to get out my good camera!  I can reassure you it looks freakin awesome!

Just put some of my #qcabee5 blocks together! This #radiatingsparkler block will be up on the blog this week so everyone can make their own! @katespain ♡♥

My QCA Bee #5 gals have delivered the goods, and I've sewn together these divine Radiating Sparkler blocks!  I have to expand the quilt top further to make it a decent size, but that will be done soon-ish-ly.  The tutorial for this block will be up here on the blog by the weekend!  Promise!

#quilted #justneedsbinding #iwannadosomethingelse

I quilted my little Vintage Modern quilt yesterday.  And whilst at it realised I had lost my FMQ-jo.  That's right - I just can't get my s*it together enough at the moment to free motion anything larger than a bloody cushion!  Sigh.  Anyway, just need to bind this baby!

Omg @quiltjane these #nestedchurndash blocks are freakin huge!!!! #thinkingillstophere #schnitzelandboominiquiltswap

I started my mini quilt for the Schnitzel & Boo mini quilt swap!

#justneedsbinding #schnitzelandboominiquiltswap

And also managed to quilt it.  Another project that just needs binding.  I adore the nested churn dash pattern by Quilt Jane.  Seriously, go get yourself one!

And just because I have a list a mile long.....another project started...... #pinkgoldpearlshowcase

And lastly - I started this project this afternoon.  Big 9" triangles in Pink, gold and Pearl for a special upcoming showcase.  I've had to refer back to my Triangle Tips post!  I have never made an entire quilt top using all Art Gallery fabrics.......  But may just have a new addiction.  Seriously yummy piece of work!

Phew.  Another week, another million projects!

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Sew Cute Tuesday - HERE Today!

Sew Cute Tuesday

Welcome to Sew Cute Tuesday - Ms Midge style!  The lovely Alyce from Blossom Heart Quilts has handed over the reigns this week, whilst she enjoys some fun family time!

If you've never been here before - welcome!  I'm Melissa - aka Midge, and I hang out here on my blog quite regularly.  I like to share anything and everything - and at times too much.  I hope you'll stick around.

There were some beautiful projects linked up in last week's Sew Cute Tuesday linky, here are a few that caught my eye....


Chelsea from Patch The Giraffe shared a fabulous idea for using orphan blocks and remembering the quilts you make.

IMG_2135 (2)

Rebecca from One Wee Bird shared this darling clam shell mini quilt she received from a quilt swap.  She also shares her feelings, which is beautiful to read.


And Wendy from Wendy's Quilts shared this amazing tumbling blocks quilt!

Now on to my sharing for this week!

Idea Pouch

A few months ago, I bought these two amazing Kaffe Fassett fabrics in my Craftsy purchase.  I bought them with purpose - to make something for my Mum for Mother's Day.  It got to a week before and I still hadn't made anything!  I was going to make a bag, then she promptly put up a photo on FB of a new bag she'd just made herself.  Hmmmm.....  Gemma suggested the Idea Pouch pattern to me, so I took her suggestion and ran with it!  And just because I can, I made two at the same time.  The blue one on the right was gifted to Mum (which she loved) and the red one I'm going to pop up for sale on my FB page.

Idea Pouch

So - what is the Idea Pouch for?  Well, I was in such a hurry to get the pattern and download it that I didn't really even look at the size or specifications.  Turns out it is quite the handy size and fits an ipad in the rear pocket, and notebook and stationary in the front pocket!

Idea Pouch

There's even handy little slots for your pens!  I'm thinking these will make great teacher's presents at the end of the school year!  You can buy the pattern from Michelle Patterns.

OK, your turn!  Link up your sewing projects from the past week:

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sunday Stash & Dash - AMH

My addiction to all things AMH has picked up pace this year.  I have been ordering 1/4 yards here and there when I find some Innocent Crush in a store.  I've been gifted some charm squares including Folk Tale from a lovely IG friend and well, just a couple of weeks ago, I decided I would use some of the money I made from my last quilt sale to just jump right in....

Oohoohooh look what just arrived @acraftyfox_amanda Who wants to see? !?#westwoodacres

This bundle of happiness arrived with perfect timing on Wednesday morning.  Three fat 1/8th bundles from Westwood Acres.

And just like that. .i have 3 complete @annamariahorner lines! #prettypotent #dowry #handdrawngarden sooooo excited! !

Dowry, Hand Drawn Garden and the new Pretty Potent.  I have to tell you - arranging these beauties like so was a pleasure.  Simply divine.  Their perfect arrival meant I could cut straight in to them!  I had 80 drunk geese to make, and they were all made that day!

Trying to choose two fabrics for the next two borders? ! #whydoesitallhavetobesopretty #modernmedallion #amh @annamariahorner

And on Thursday, I had to choose fabrics for my curved borders.  I turned the decision over to my IG folk after I pulled out all yardage of AMH I had on my shelves.  (There were a few more prints, but they weren't in the running).

AMH Borders

And these were the most popular (and my) choices.  This Modern Medallion quilt is beyond yummy.  It it shaping up to be in the running for my all time favourite quilt - and has already won my husband's heart.  Although Andrew always says my quilts are great - I got actual sentences out of him the other day upon showing him progress.  "That's more modern, I like that style better".  Ok then!

My low volume stash is taking a massive hit through this quilt's construction, but I am every so grateful right now for my ahemmmm addiction to fabric purchasing.

I'm linking up - You can too!

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FYI - The Modern Medallion Quilt pattern is now available for instant download purchase HERE.  Go get yours so you can join in the quilt along fun in June!
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