Friday, January 27, 2012

An update on "Gay Panic" loophole!

Back on the 18th of this month I wrote THIS post.  Well, looky what I just had arrive in my inbox from where I found the original petition:

“We’re changing the Criminal Code to remove doubts about the so-called “gay panic” defence” -- QLD Premier Anna Bligh via Twitter on Wednesday.

Huge news! The Queensland Government has committed to closing the “gay panic” defence to murder. Father Paul Kelly saw the defence used first hand after a man was murdered in his Church's courtyard -- so he started a petition to change the law. After more than 25,000 people signed and huge media coverage across Australia, new legislation will close this archaic loophole.

Melissa, huge news!
The Queensland government has committed to closing the “gay panic” loophole used to defend murder. The changes will hopefully all but relegate the “gay panic” defence to the history books by making the defence invalid unless there are "exceptional circumstances".
It’s an extraordinary victory -- for Father Kelly, and all those who have been part of the explosion of support to eliminate the ”gay panic” defence in Queensland. 
Father Kelly was shocked after seeing the defence used to defend a brutal killing in his Church’s courtyard. He couldn’t accept that such an archaic and openly discriminatory loophole still existed in Queensland -- so he started a petition to have it wiped from the law books.
More than 25,000 people signed Father Kelly’s petition -- with support coming from his local Member of Parliament and British comedian Stephen Fry. It sparked a media and social media furore that the government couldn’t ignore. The Attorney-General personally responded in an opinion piece on The Punch last week after front page coverage in the Courier Mail. On Tuesday the campaign was featured on The Project andABC Radio National -- and the government changed its stance the next morning. 
For decades, governments have turned a blind eye to the “gay panic” loophole. Just last year, the Attorney-General changed laws surrounding the “gay panic” loophole, again failing to address it properly. 
The victory is an extraordinary example of people power -- and a testament to the power of anyone, anywhere to start, join and win campaigns about issues they care about.
Thank you -- Father Kelly believes that the “gay panic” defence is dead in this country, and it's sent a message that it’s unacceptable to leave loopholes in legislation that defends violence against the gay and lesbian community in any shape or form. He'll continue this campaign until he's sure the defence can't ever be used again, and hopes you'll join him. If you’re aware of something that’s discriminatory, unfair or just plain wrong, remember that you can always start a campaign on - click here to start a petition.
Nathan, Bobbi, Suzanne, Tony, Nick and the team.

For all of you who read my original post and signed the petition - well done!  And to Anna Bligh - great decision.

A whole lot of randomness

Lots of thoughts running through my head today.  Not unusual.

Why is it that when little boys play video games, they feel the need the continually commentate every move, jump up and down and act like complete fools?  Yet girls will just sit there quietly playing...

Why is it that my husband (is it only my husband?) is so very capable of tidying and cleaning the kitchen after dinner - yet the pots/pans seem to always be left sitting in the sink?

Why do I bother folding clothes and putting them in to neat piles, only to find them shoved in to drawers or thrown on floors?

How is it that my toilet always smells of wee??  No amount of cleaning, bleaching, pulling the damn thing apart and soaking relieves me.  Well, I just spent $50 on a piece of ENJO brilliance in the hope that it will help.  I used it yesterday and nearly vommited.....

This expensive piece of hardware gets in under the rim - like. nothing. else.  Use your imagination, as I cannot
describe what was discovered or I will likely gag.....

I spent $180 on a bed linen set yesterday.  Unheard of.  But it got me - the window display.  And my husband agreed when I oohed and I marched straight in and bought it.  Thoughts?

SIX MORE SLEEPS - until school returns!  They're all still alive - and it's a miracle...

One of my dearest friends is coming to stay for two nights, with her 3 month old bundle of joy.  And then it's back to London for them.  It still astounds me that she and I have only ever lived in the same state as each other for a whole six months.  And yet, we are still so close.

My three year old just came out and asked me to put a necklace on her.  "So I look like a person".......ummmmmm, ok.

That's it.  All that is flowing through my mind.  Have a wonderful day! xx

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Australia Day

The 26th of January - Australia Day.  You know what?  I still don't really understand why we "celebrate" Australia on this actual date?  And after doing a little Google investigating, I can see why I didn't!  Australia Day celebrations - and to most people, more importantly the Public Holiday - only began officially in 1994.  So I would have been all of 20.  And I do not remember once ever celebrating.  Hmmmm.....

Don't get me wrong - I am as patriotic as the next person.  I cheer for our Aussie sports-people.  I support all of the men and women who serve our country.  I love everything about Australia.  But I do not "get" the whole flag-waving that has become such a sensation the last few years?  I guess it's another 
"each to their own" thing.

From "The Age" newspaper.  A very true representation of our multiculturalism!

So today, on this auspicious occasion - my husband and I are going to take the kids out to lunch.  To Salsa's.  An Australian owned, Mexican themed restaurant chain!  So very Australian me thinks...

To everyone who is not working today - enjoy your public holiday.  And to everyone who IS working today (like I will be tonight!) - enjoy your public holiday penalty rates!!

Aussie Aussie Aussie - Oi Oi Oi!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Follow Me Wednesday!

Today I'm browsing through my list of blogs I follow, and "The Studious Stitch" is sharing "Follow Me Wednesday"! So I thought I would join in. It's a great way to find new and interesting souls here in Bloggy land. Feel free to pop your blog link on the list below and make sure you go and check out the other fab blogs within the list! I know I have!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Half Price Custom Made Dress??

A big thank you to the 29 people who took part in my very random, throwing-it-out-there action on Ms Midge tonight!  It's lovely to see I'm still coming up in your news feeds - even if I have been a slacko, holidaying hobo! just had a visit and gave me this:

Which leads me to this:

Congratulations Mel!  Lovely to see your little one's cheery face pop up!  Please email me at and we can discuss a custom dress order for you at 50% off!  Hooray!

Thanks again everyone xxxx

Monday, January 23, 2012

I had to say "Yes" didn't I?

My gorgeous husband came up with the genius idea to purchase a PS3.  Sort of a pressie for himself, for starting his new job.  I begrudgingly agreed to said purchase because:

a)  He works ridiculously hard and long hours to provide us with a great life
b)  He is a "gamer" at heart and since we got the iMac and iPad - apparently the games you can get on them just aren't the same as what he got on normal PC
c)  He promised me I would still see him and he would not live in the back room

Now, his original genius idea had the PS3 living in our bedroom.  Yehhhh.......nahhhhhhhhh.  Cut that one down quick smart.  Visions of lying in bed watching some stupid game on the tv, or waking in the middle of the night to the ever-so-delightful blips of a video game was not ideal in my eyes!  So I agreed it could live out in our back lounge room.  The same room that the Wii lives.  The same room that the kids watch tv in.  And NOT the same room that I have all of my foxtel shows set up to record on IQ.  That was MY genius moment.

So yesterday he goes out, whilst I'm at work, and purchases said game console.  I come home to find a very happy gaggle of children along with an extremely pleased with himself husband.  Master 7 comes out with this beauty - "Mum, did you tell Dad he could buy it?"   Ahhhh.....he's been taking note of how this household works....

Fast forward to today.  When husband returns to work.  Master 7 is not even awake two minutes when he asks if he can play the PS3?  No. The remainder of the afternoon, after a morning spent at the park goes something like this:

Kids jump straight on to PS3 when walking through door
Arguments about who is playing first, second, third, fourth, fifth (you get the picture) 
start almost immediately
Arguments, tears and yelling continue for approximately four hours
I threaten to pull the whole bloody thing out of the wall and take back to shop
Kids pull their heads in - somewhat
I retreat to computer and ignore them successfully

Don't get me wrong - I have absolutely no problems about kids and video games, televisions or anything even remotely classed as "not good parenting" hehehhe....but, I'm going to be having words with the husband about his ability to introduce this new play thing - and disappear to work!

Anyone else out there have a thing or two to say about video games?  Or children?  Or school holidays? Ten more sleeps....

Saturday, January 21, 2012


I have been meaning to write this post for many months now, but something else always comes up when I think about it.  And yes, I think about this issue - every.....single.....morning!

Even my cereal container looks sad and unfulfilled....
Dear Kellogg's,

Please let the records show that you have a very upset customer.  You see, I have been purchasing your delicious Sustain cereal for possibly ten years now.  And up until last year, it was most satisfying, and suited me perfectly, as the size of the box lasted me exactly one week.  That's right - seven perfectly sized bowls of Sustain to keep me going until the following week's grocery shop.

Fast forward to 2011 when I was most outraged to find you had shrunk the size of your box, and accordingly, had messed up my grocery shop and breakfast routine.  I will note that you also brought the price down of the product in line with the reduction of size - however - it does not make up for putting me out.

Every week now, without fail, I run out of cereal.  This in turn means that I have to have toast for one or two mornings.  And this my friend, does not "sustain" my hunger.  Which leads to a very grumpy Mummy.  I do not like having to snack mid-morning.  This does not suit my OCD* routine.

Yours Truly
Hungry Mumma

I know, there's bigger issues in the world today, but this seriously irks me!

* I do not in fact have OCD, although the girl I work with would beg to differ!  I just happen to eat the same breakfast and lunch every day.  Strange?
* Kellogg's have not paid me for this post either....although I've given them enough of a plug!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Did you know?

"That alleged homosexual advance - or “gay panic” - can be and has been used as a partial defence 
to murder in Queensland".

Yes, you read correctly.  I was pointed to a petition last week on Facebook by a friend of mine.  Mostly when people send me in these directions I don't really take much notice.  Not because I don't care about the issues of the world, sometimes it just seems like EVERYONE has an issue!  But this time, it took my interest.  You can read the full petition here.

So, back to the cause. A loophole in Queensland law literally allows people to use the above defence!  I find it absolutely absurd, and was more than happy to sign said petition.  I signed it, and then forgot about it.  Until today.  I received a follow-up email this afternoon.  And was astounded.  Please read:

       "Amazing. Father Kelly’s campaign to close the “gay panic” loophole in Queensland has surged to over 20,000 signatures in a matter of days, and ignited a furore all over mainstream and social media. The petition trended on twitter, was featured in the Daily Telegraph in Sydney, and even made front page of the Courier Mail in Brisbane.
The Government says they’re waiting for a recommendation from a law review committee before deciding whether to close the loophole -- but insiders say the committee is unlikely to recommend a single change. 
Thanks to Father Kelly’s campaign there's huge momentum for change, and continued pressure may just force action regardless of the committee. He needs every signature to persuade both Labor and the LNP to legislate to close this "gay panic" loophole. 
Help Father Kelly reach 30,000 signatures -- share the petition now on FacebookTwitter or via email and by spreading this link to the petition -- -- far and wide.
The government is trying to deflect attention, claiming that it’s closed the loophole that allows non-violent homosexual advance to be used as partial defence for murder. But the truth is that along with NSW, Queensland is the only state where the “gay panic” defence is still allowed in court.
As the intense media coverage continues, opposition leader Campbell Newman has the perfect opportunity to take a bold stand. He’s hesitating, but a surge of public support could convince him that he can win crucial public favour in the lead up to the election in March. What’s more, his public commitment might just convince the government it needs to stop “tinkering on the edges of reform” and commit to meaningful changes as well."

What on earth are our politicians scared of?  And why, oh why, is Queensland - and NSW it seems -  still living under this ridiculous law?  Please feel free to sign and share if you would like to!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Clearing out the Cobwebs

The holiday is over.  The sun has disappeared (well, it had until today).  My tan is fading before I've had the chance to show it off to anybody who cares.  The exhaustion is lifting.  And my sewing machines have been dusted off.

Last week I used my time wisely.  I began tidying up my sewing space - taking the photo albums, uni textbooks and other crap out of the wall unit and re-organising it to accommodate my rapidly growing collection of fabrics and all things sewing related.

I happened to post a photo of my activities in a sewing group I am in.  And the most wonderful thing happened.  A lovely new friend of mine commented that the wall unit I have (from IKEA) has a desk attachment which works beautifully for sewing.  So I took my time worked up a sweat on the iMac searching IKEA's website looking for said desk attachment.  And found it.  Wow.  The twenty minutes that followed this discovery went something like this:

Screen shot of IKEA website MMS'd to husband to show how wonderful it was.

Reply from husband saying how wonderful it was.

Reply to husband saying I just got paid my penalty rates from working Boxing Day.

Thumbs up from husband for trip to IKEA.

Me climbing in car - childless - for trip to IKEA.

Angels singing as I wandered - childless - through IKEA.

Desk attachment purchased and taken home lovingly.

It's hard to believe that one little comment can lead to a complete overhaul of one room in a house.  But it did.  I can honestly say I would never dreamt of having the amount of room I now have in my sewing space, and I am thrilled!  Husband was very happy when he returned from work to find, not surprisingly, that I had pulled apart our desk to remove the return that we I no longer needed, and had roped in my 13 year old son to take all unwanted furniture out to the garage so I could put together my new love-child desk!  It's Uh-mazing!!!

The before and afters, which still really do not show just how much space I have now!
So, thank you to Bernii from Shnuckylove for the "heads-up"......I am a very content woman!  It was tried and tested yesterday with Ms Brother and Lady Huskylock...and worked wonderfully!

Ps.  Bernii makes the most gorg-wah ruffle bums - go have a looksy and tell her I sent you!

Friday, January 6, 2012

A quick Holiday post!

Hello to you all from the sunny Gold Coast!  I have been MIA......and to be perfectly honest, this is the first time this year I have popped in to my blog!  I thought I would give you a quick update on our holiday adventure.....

It didn't start off so well - our 12.20pm flight was cancelled at approximately 12.10pm!  Thanks Jetstar!  We got on to a 3.40pm flight....but that was also then delayed for over an hour.  So our 1.20pm arrival on the Gold Coast actually ended up being a 6pm arrival!  Needless to say, I am thrilled we are returning to Melbourne on a Virgin flight.....

The kids after a long day spent at Melbourne Airport, and finally arriving in Queensland!
Arrived to our beautiful little abode that we now call home, a gorgeous house within walking distance from the divine Broadwater.  I am extremely lucky, and grateful, to still have wonderful friends from childhood here on the coast, so we are staying at one of my friend's Mum's house!  She has it set up beautifully for all six of us, and the kids loved all the personal touches she has added for them.  Read: x-box, dolls house etc etc.

Day one of our holiday saw us trek to hours later, we trekked home.  Kids had a blast, and the husband and I were wrecked.

Day two was rather relaxing.....wandered down to the broadwater for a swim, had some lunch at home and then off to another friend's house for a swim in their pool.  My Dad also came over that evening for a visit!  Needless to say, I don't see him often living two states away, so it was nice to sit down over a meal.

Day three was Movieworld day, aka exhaustion central.  Long queues, and very warm sun made for a long day.  We bribed the kids to leave early with a promise of a swim at the beach - which we did follow through with!

Day four (dragged ourselves out of coma state) Wet N Wild.  Probably the best day amusement wise.  Our youngest son, who we have found has an aversion to anything mildly steep, speedy or fun, finally found h is theme park niche.  Water slides, it seems, are not asthreatening as other amusement park rides.  Phew.  We left resembling drowned rats approximately five hours after arriving.

Today.  I very sneakily (ie. didn't tell boys my plans) took the two girls with me to meet up with one of my cousins (well, not a blood cousin, but cousin all the same) who lives in Paris, and happens to be on the Coast at the moment.  I haven't seen her for around 20 years, so we organised a rendevouz over FB.  Drove the half hour to Currumbin beach, wandered between the flags where she said she would be, and gave up looking for her after 20 minutes.  Girls had a wonderful swim and play in the sand, whilst I got sunburnt because I failed in my search attempts to remember to apply sunscreen to myself.  Currently feeling the results of this now as I sit at computer typing!

Not much else planned for the last few days of our journey.  Oh, except for a beach bbq with lots of friends tonight, perhaps a day at Seaworld's water park tomorrow, a christening on Sunday (I'm going to be a God-Mother!) and flying home Monday.  Yeh, not much planned.....

I hope you are all thoroughly enjoying 2012 so far.  I will need a holiday when I return to Melbourne.  But the odds of this happening are zero!
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