Sunday, October 30, 2011

A very exciting request!

Hi all!  I've been a little AWOL of late....have had a lot on, and just had to breath.  But I'm checking in here now to give you a very quick update!

Last Sunday I had my little stall at Mulgrave Makers Market for the third month in a row.  Beautiful sunshine, lots of lovely folks and some cute little customers.

During the week, I got a lovely message from Nat at tiny & little.  Nat asked if I would like to put a photo of one of my dresses in the gift guide in their next issue?  So I acted all cool, and said SURE!!!!  And then I panicked!  None of the photos that I have taken of my products were magazine worthy......and I almost gave myself a hernia over-thinking it all.  Enter Gina Ralli Photography........Gina has taken family photos for us, and I love her work, so I contacted Gina for her advice on which photos to submit.....and one thing led to another (well, I probably just sounded like a freaked out woman!) and she came over on Friday to do a little mini photo shoot!  To say I was grateful would not even touch the surface!

The end result?  Well, have a look and see what you think:

I can't wait to see my little cherub, and Gina's, in the divine on-line magazine this week when it is released!

I'm so glad in all of my freaking out, I decided at 5pm Thursday afternoon that I would cut in to the divine Terrain fabrics and create the first two outfits!  A couple of hours later I had the gorgeous playsuit above and also this yummy little dress:

Quite evident why I fell in love with this fabric and HAD to have it!  Thanks Julie!
In other breaking news - I went to my first ever Halloween Party last night!  I know this may come as a shock to any US readers, but Halloween is not a widely recognised event in Australia.....well, until recently anyway.  This year, I have noticed everyone is talking about it, dressing up and decorating their homes.  It's still a bit strange, but we had lots of fun!  Here's an amusing photo of me and the husband:

Not the most attractive shot of us, but I guess it's not supposed to be?!?!
And last but not least - today I went to work.  So what? I hear you say.  Well, one of the many wonderful benefits of the job I have, is that I get to go to lots of great outings.  And today's was the Craft & Stitches Show, held at Caulfield Racecourse.  The most amazing part of the day was that I only spent $3!  Not including my lunch of course.  If only pay day had of been last week.......

What did everyone else get up to this week?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pin Cushion Swap

Something I never thought I would be a part of!  Considering I only really took up sewing again a year ago, I'm constantly amazed at how much I WANT to sew.....and how much I WANT to make new things!  And this last week, I have made my very first, and second, pin cushion!

Lovely little flower from Penilla's Journey!

I wasn't entirely happy with my first attempt - only because I think I should have used more contrasting fabrics.  And then I remembered I had a gorgeous off-cut of the green elephants! So this is what 
came of that:

I'm so pleased I got another yard of this yummy fabric, it's patiently waiting for me to make Ms Chloe a Summer frock!
I have contributed the lovely elephant cushion to a pin cushion swap going on over at Oopsidaisi!  There are so many A-mazing pin cushions - some people are so damn talented! whilst I was at Spotlight.....I accidentally bought some pretty felt!  Have never used it before, so I'm ready to get creative, and make myself something lurvely!

And just on a side-note......look what arrived at my house today:

This is how the lovely Jewel send her parcels - so pretty!

And this is my new stash ready for more pretty girl goodness!
That's it for tonight - off to bed!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

I have a Confession....

I'm an addict.  Not the kind you're possibly thinking of - you know, drugs, alcohol?  Nope.  I'm officially addicted to buying fabric.  And not just a metre here or a metre there.  My addiction is to bulk orders of fabric.  I can't help myself.  I need help.  I've always used the old adage of "It was a bargain - I got it at half price" etc when buying anything, whether it be clothes or household items.  And now it seems I am using the same justification when buying fabric.

I came to this realisation today, when I saw a link to a fabric store with the deadly caption - "50% off".  And before I had even finished reading the sentence, I had clicked on the link and was drooling.  Yep, I have a problem.

But I have made a vow to myself.  No more bulk orders of fabric until after Christmas!!!  And I need you all to remind me of this vow.  Or else I fear I may need some form of rehabilitation.

On the bright side -  you all get a sneak peek at what will be arriving here (possibly only days after last week's order.)  It is so damn gorgeous, and also leads to what I think my next closet addiction could be.....elephants.

So, here's that peek.....

Anyone else out there have the same problem?

Friday, October 14, 2011

Today's Post is brought to you by the letter B

B......for BORED!

I have forgotten what Friday nights should look like.  My usual routine on a Friday is to go to work from 1pm - 8pm.  Come home in time to say goodnight to the kidlets and then sit around watching a bit of tv or do a bit of sewing.  Tonight?  Husband is watching soccer on the tele, and I'm here browsing the web.  I tried to hint to him - well, it wasn't so much a hint, I walked in to the lounge room, proclaimed I was bored and waited for him to say "You can watch what you like" - but it didn't happen.  So now I am chomping on Snakata whilst tapping away, sharing my bullshit with you!

 My youngest son played his first game of cricket this evening........I honestly didn't know whether to be happy for him or cry for myself!  You see, I am a cricket widow - our Summer's are written off mostly, because of my husband's penchant for long Saturdays standing on an oval getting burnt to a crisp.  Which is fine.  Except it also means that my Saturdays are spent herding children to said oval, chasing them with sunscreen in an effort to not have them resemble their Father's crisp, red skin!  So, it seems the start of another cricket career, means I have at least another 20 years of watching the grass grow ahead of me.  Joy.....

The ONLY good thing that shall come out of this is the following:

That is, once I work out how to ditch working Friday nights!

A couple of friends, whose sons are playing also, cracked open a bottle of bubbles. But considering I was actually working whilst at the cricket, I passed.  Oh, to be a lady of leisure!

Anyway, I'm now getting bored of my own blog post on will leave it there for now!  What's everyone else up to?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Strange Thing Happening in my House....

This is becoming more of a regular occurrence here in my household

Which then means I can do more of this

Which then leads to this

 My delicious "Summer Breeze" range can be found here.

And means I can now order these

Images courtesy of google search due to my supplier selling out!  These are just SOME of the beautiful prints on their way from Ms Julie at The Intrepid Thread.  Thanks for being so wonderful Jewel!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Sharing is Caring

I am still laughing very loudly at what I have just watched, clicking on a link on Facebook!  I had to share.....

Rethink Breast Cancer presents: Your Man Reminder was one of the best videos I have seen in a long time!  It made me both laugh and drool.  And more importantly, I have now downloaded the app on to my iPhone so I will remember something I have always forgotten about.

And then this.......

Titled - Do NOT watch this video (but you probably should) - this video has made me laugh out loud - literally!  It has a bit of shock factor, so don't say I didn't warn you!

A big thanks to mamamia for sharing this with the world!

Friday, October 7, 2011

The Slap

Controversy, controversy.....and another tale to tell.  Yesterday, I saw this link on my Facebook newsfeed, so I popped on over to see what it was all about.  Well, if you read that piece, you will find a whole different kind of controversy to what I'm going to talk about.....and one (how old is too old to breastfeed?) I'm not going to get involved in right now.  What this also lead me to, was reading up about the television show this piece was brought up by - "The Slap", which was aired on ABC television Thursday night.  I am actually spewing I didn't know it was on, because I think I would like to see it!

For what it's worth, I'm going to share my two bobs worth when it comes to physically disciplining someone else's child....

Many years ago, when my now on-the-cusp-of-being-a-teenager son was a delightful little four and a bit year old, I was at one of those lovely indoor play centres with a friend and her son, as well as our relatively newborn babies.  Kids were having a great time, climbing as high up as possible, we were having a great time, drinking hot chocolates and chatting.  Right about then, our boys came flying towards up, Lochie screaming at the top of his lungs and his mate talking a million miles an hour.  What we got from the gibberish was that some Mother excuse-for-a-woman had taken it upon herself to smack Lochie!

Now, what happened in the following five minutes could be described as a little crazy, but I was incensed that a total stranger, who calls herself a Mother, could lay a hand on another child.  The thing that made it look even crazier was this woman would not come down from the play equipment!  She was wayyyyyy up high in the equipment, so I HAD to go bat-shit crazy at her from down below!  Gained a little attention as well as horror from the other parents in the centre whilst I was at it....

After realising my fury was not going to make this woman come down, I retreated to my table and was consoled by my gf along with random strangers who were also incensed by what had unfolded.  I could see the object of my fury making her way down to the floor, so readied myself for a confrontation that I really did not think I would ever have to have.  I made my way over to her - new born in one arm so as not to belt her one myself - and ever so calmly asked her what on earth had possessed her to smack my child?  Her response you ask?  "Well, he hit me first"  I KID YOU NOT!  It was about this stage I got in her face and retorted that she was the adult, he was the child, and that NO MATTER WHAT - you should NEVER touch another person's child!  If she had a problem with my child, she should have come and seen ME about it, in an adult fashion - not responded like another four year old and smacked him back.

In the end, I achieved nothing, as she defended her actions and could not see what she did as wrong.  I told her what I thought, in probably less than delightful terms, and she went on her way - leaving the centre with her poor children behind her.

I can honestly say that this incident was one I would prefer never to have happened, but one that I have mentioned in conversations with fellow Mothers when discipline, as a topic, has been raised.

As I said earlier.....I didn't see the first episode of "The Slap", but I'm going to have a search to see if I can view it online, and then give my opinion on that little scenario.

Has anyone else had a similar experience, or am I the only one with nut-cases in play centres?

WTF - aka What The Friday?

Image from:
This past week I have come across so many things that have had me saying "What the?!", so I thought I would dedicate today to these moments, and share some of them with you....

-  I cannot count the number of grown up  adult members of the public who have either walked past me or been within close proximity of me, whom have either decided not to wash and/or apply deodorant, or just have no sense of smell.  Seriously people, do you not have any pride in yourself?  Do you not realise how disgusting it is to have to smell your odour as you pass others' noses?  Ewwwwww.....

-  Whilst working the other day, I took one of the lovely elderly gentlemen out to the local shopping centre.  As I have mentioned in past posts, I work in the disability field, and this man has Downs Syndrome.  So we're having a lovely time, walking around when I see a couple of families walking towards us, and the kids are laughing.  I look next to me and my friend's jeans had come down around his thighs (note to self: check he's wearing a belt in future).  I was horrified, not for me - but for him.  I quickly pulled his strides up for him.  But what I was most horrified about, was the fact that the parents with these kids laughing were ok with this.  And they were ok with walking past us, and not telling me that there was an issue.  I know that if I was to see this happen to someone, I would definately let them know, and offer assistance if required.  And if my kids were to be the ones laughing, I would be explaining to them that it is perhaps not the nicest thing to do.  Grrrrr......

Ummmm.....Melbourne - why oh why do we have statues of babies with tails in our city???

-  I'm constantly amazed at how people have arguments/fights/all-out brawls in the public arena that is Facebook.  This week I was "lucky" to see a bunch of 18 year olds go hell for leather at each other, totalling over 500 replies on the one status!  I was exhausted after scrolling through the first hundred, but was astounded to see multiple uses of the "c" bomb and the "n" word.....  Gob-smacked.

And lastly - The news this morning that a 14 year old boy had been detained in Bali for being caught buying marijuana.  There are so many judgements and opinions flying around social networking sites, but the only one I am going to part with is: My son is a month shy of 13.  Not in a pink fit would I let him wander around Bali (yes, I have been there, so do have some idea of what it's like) and be put in the predicament this poor child has been placed in.  I feel terribly sorry for him, and his parents, because this mistake or seemingly bad judgement call could potentially cost him and them very, very dearly. 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Nobody is Safe Anymore!

It seems you can pretty much find anyone you're looking for......if you use technology!

Around six months ago, a bunch of my lovely life-long friends, whom I met in our first year of primary school, decided we should plan a 25 year reunion.  Twenty.......five......years.........  When you say it out loud, it seems impossible that it was that long ago we were all chasing each other around the playground, having play dates, and preparing ourselves for the big step to high school.  But alas, we are all turning 37 next year, so it must be true!

Given this task anytime prior to say 2000, and I don't know how you would tackle it?  How DID they put together school reunions before the computer age?  Before the internet?  Before Facebook?  Did they send a telegram? Hehehehe......

So far, one of my lovely friends has turned all P.I. and has found the majority of "lost souls" - aka those who are not on Facebook - by trawling through phone books, googling and generally leaving no stone un-turned in the pursuit of the elusive classmate.  It has paid off!  At last count, there were only five of our fellow Graduating Class of 1987 left to find!  Until today....

Image from
Earlier this year, I did my own little Google search for one particular classmate.  She was a beautiful girl, and we were quite close friends through our formative years.  Sometime around Grade 5, she and her family set off on an adventure, sailing around the coast of Queensland.  We were pen pals over those few years, and it was always very exciting to receive an envelope in the mail from some far-off place I'd never heard of!  And although she returned to the Gold Coast (yep, I was one of the lucky ones who had the pleasure of growing up in sunshine) to resume her schooling, we sort of went our separate ways and formed our own friendship circles.  But I've never forgotten her.

So back to the google search.  I typed in her name, and not much came up.  The only thing I could even remotely connect her to, was a connection between her name and a Boating website.  So I took a punt, given the boating connection of sorts, and sent off an email to the address given on this site.  I explained we were searching for the woman named on their site, and if it was the same person I was hoping it was, if they could pass on the message.  Now I didn't hold much hope at all - the last activity on this website was years old, so any thoughts that I would ever receive a reply were minimal.

Fast forward to this morning...........whilst cruising one of my Facebook groups, a sewing library of all things, one of the ladies in there noted that a message I had not received from her could be in my "others" folder........Others folder??  What the?  One little click on message, and wa-la!  An Others folder!  And in this mysterious folder were 42 messages from all sorts of Facebook groups dating back months!  Whoops!  As I scrolled down, deleting as I went, I saw a message from a fellow I had never heard of - dated 23 June.  And as I clicked on it, this is what I read:

Hi Melissa

You didn't leave your email on the Boating contact so I Googled you which led me here. 

Yes, it's the same "Jane Doe"  you went to school with. You can contact her at


OMG!!!!!!  I was flabbergasted!  That this person had then gone to the trouble of googling me to reply!  It has seriously made my day.  But it has also led me to believe that really, nobody IS safe anymore!

The other good thing that has come out of today's discovery?  My gf - the P.I. - won't have to delve into any illegal people searching, as she was contemplating!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I Heart My Wednesday Quickies....

Quicky Chinese massage that is....

Gone are the days I could just book myself in for an hour long "relaxation" massage.  Gone are the days where a massage was purely for relaxation.  Gone are the days of booking in for any sort of appointment, period.

I now treat myself, almost every Wednesday, to a Quicky!  I work Wednesdays, twice a month I finish at 3.30pm, the other two Wednesdays, it's a 5.30 finish.  And I am trying very, very hard to just take 20 minutes after work to fly up to the local shopping centre and throw myself into a cheap, plastic lime green chair.  I then wait for the compulsory napkin-like cloth to be placed over my shoulders, before being pummelled like bread dough.  It's not the most ideal of massages - but gees I love it!

Most times whilst undertaking this sometimes torturous pleasure, the lovely chinese masseuse manages to find the most ridiculously sore spots in my neck and shoulders.  And after I cringe and groan in pain, they always kindly ask if I'm ok?  Ahhhh, yep.....don't talk, keep hurting me!  It's that fine line between pleasure and pain that is the best part.

The parts I do not enjoy?  The constant banter between massage therapists - don't know whether it's Mandarin or Cantonese - either way, I do not understand.  And I'm always curious to know what on earth they are talking about?  I also don't necessarily find their choices of music enjoyable.  It's usually some shady jazz CD, or Chinese mandolin.  Not my preferences.

But you know what?  I DON'T CARE!  It's my 20 minutes.  By myself.  For myself.

Does it matter that as soon as I've paid and farewelled my torturer, I spend the next fifteen minutes scrambling to the car, speeding to creche to pick up the youngest and then speeding to after school care to pick up Chelsea and Cadyn?  Nope.  I just start counting down the hours to my next quicky.....

How do you spend time by yourself, for yourself?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mums Like Me

Last night, whilst wasting using my time wisely, I stumbled across a wonderful Facebook page - Yumminess Textiles.  I looked them up because I saw they were holding an auction, raising money for Mums Like Me.  I had never heard of Mums Like Me, but now that I have, I would like to shout it to the world!

Mums Like Me was started by an amazing woman, Erin, you can read her story here.  In their own words:

"Mums Like Me Organisation Incorporated is a not for profit organisation, that donates hand made Memory Boxes to hospitals, for newly bereaved parents. Mums Like Me  Memory Boxes are unique as they are made by other Mums who have also suffered the loss of a pregnancy and baby through Stillbirth, Neonatal Loss, and Late Miscarriage . These boxes are made by bereaved Mums, at our Support Group Meeting."

This is a cause close to my heart, not only because I have friends who have suffered the loss of their babies, but also because of my own loss.  I "only" had a miscarriage, but it effected me deeply.  I shall share that little part of my life another time.  Please visit Yumminess and check out their Auction Album.  There are some amazing products up for bidding, including this lovely set I have made.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Yay for me!

I'm no technological genuis....but I'm finally starting to "get" this computer stuff!  Not only have I worked out (well, it's made easier now with the blogger format changes) how to link in other blogs etc, I've just tried installing Linkwithin for the second time, and it's worked! Hoorah!!!  Small steps, small steps....

Have a really wonderful Sunday everyone!  I'm off to my "real job" for the day! xx

Saturday, October 1, 2011

I'm in LOVE

Pretty Pretty Pretty!

My dilemma?  I've only just received my latest order from The Intrepid Thread, and really cannot stretch my budget to purchasing another huge order!!  I'm just crossing everything that by the time I'm ready to order some, it won't all be gone!  

What do you think?  You like?

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