Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The quote I've been searching for....

Since I really started to take my MsMidge venture a little more seriously, I've been searching for the words to explain a little somethin' somethin' I had been feeling! And tonight, whilst watching yesterday's episode of Oprah - of course - I found the quote I've been searching for!

"People who love you, want what's best for you - they want you to succeed"

I would like to think, and really do believe, that I am somewhat of a "cheerleader" for those around me. I've always supported friends and family who have gone out and taken on their dreams, have cheered them on, and been there whether they have succeeded or not. And generally speaking, I have been quite overwhelmed by the love, support and encouragement of my nearest and dearest - and even strangers, since Ms Midge took off. But there's always got to be someone, or a few someone's who you wonder about?

There's been a someone, who shall remain un-named, that I have wondered if they even know my little business exists? Well of course they do - I've spoken about it, posted multiple (ok, hundreds of) Facebook status's about it, and still no acknowledgement.......hmmmm......

So, it leads me back to that quote - perhaps they do not want me to succeed? What do you think? Have you come across someone in your "circle" you have felt doesn't want you to succeed? Food for thought.

Monday, August 29, 2011

A new day

A new day for me today! I feel like the ten days leading up to my market debut were so hectic and consumed by sewing, that today brought some time to breath and just "be". So this morning I took the youngest poppet to her swimming lessons, followed by baby cinos! By the time we got home, I was feeling very zen......and proceeded to pull out a pattern I had purchased a couple of weeks ago but had not found the time to attack! And this is the result.......

I am so in love with this little design, but even more in love with my little darling wearing it. "Mummy, can I wear this to the beach?"........Ummm, sure honey - maybe when the temperature reaches 20+ degrees! Treasure.

If you love this little playsuit, feel free to pop into my Facebook page - MsMidgemadebyme - and have a looksy!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Highs and Lows

Tonight's blog post was going to be all about my amazingly fantabulous day at my first "real" handmade market......until about ten minutes ago, when my Mummy called. She dealt me the sad news that one of her longest and dearest friends had finally lost her very long battle with cancer. Mum had only shared this morning that this amazing woman had only been admitted to hospital a couple of days earlier. Only a week or so ago, Mum had spent a week with her friend and her family in Fiji, celebrating the marriage of one of her four sons. I'm so glad that they all got to spend such a lovely week together, before she was taken from them. So this is my little ode to Rob........You were always such a happy-go-lucky woman! Four rambuncous little boys, who drew your smiles but not your patience - this is how I remember you when I was a child. The lady who never stopped laughing. May you rest in peace, and may your sons forever remember you as the amazing woman you were......
I shall fill you in on my market day tomorrow. Night all.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Late nights....not condusive to good blog posts

As usual, I have decided that 10.30pm is the most appropriate time to start browsing my favourite Blogs. And now I'm still sitting here with heavy eyes and tapping away on my keyboard. But I thought I best explain something new on my Blog. I have just installed "Link Within".....which you will now see underneath my Blog posts. It will suggest you "May like" some other blog posts. I always wondered how other blogs had this feature? I have Ms Eden over at Edenland to thank for tonight's late night activity. Although, I have just viewed my blog, and realised it is suggesting you go and look at some rather dodgy looking blogs! But I have been told (by the blogger powers that be) "rest assured the quality of the suggested links will get better once we have trawled through your posts".....Hmmmmm, or maybe they won't! Hahahhaha......
That would be it for tonight, except I have to share a little bit of disappointment. I accidentally stumbled upon another FB page making handmade products - using the same friggin fabric as I am!!!! Somehow I thought that because the fabric I bought was not sold in Australia yet, that I would be the only one using it! Ahhhh, so naive! Anywho, her page is lovely, but she has very different style to me, so all is good in the world again.
And now, good night.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Spring Birds Collection - started!

Well, I did it! After staring at the most divine fabrics, that I finally received in the post, this afternoon I took the plunge and put the scissors to work! It was almost like I was scared to cut it, afraid that I would regret my choice of size or style to make? But, it's done......my little collection has sprung to life! Albeit a couple of frocks at a time..

Never before have I fallen in love with fabric. When the parcel arrived, I opened it like a Christmas present. Out came two lovely little packages, gently wrapped in tissue paper and purple ribbon. A beautiful little hand-written card accompanied my purchase, which I thought was a lovely touch. When the tissue broke (ok, I ripped it) open, the feel of these beautiful cottons was heaven. So delicate and soft - beautiful. I couldn't have been happier!
So here are a few pics I have taken of the two little dresses I managed to finish today - at the same time as swinging my three year old upside down - just cos she asked me to, tackling a few household chores, and the craziness that was my afternoon with an extra little boy added for my entertainment. I really amazed sometimes at what can be achieved when you set your mind to it - or alternatively, put blinkers and ear phones on.

I hope you love my little creations as much as I do!
Oh - P.S. - I got accepted as a stall-holder at a beautiful Hand-made Market here in Melbourne! Today was as good as days can get!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fear creeping in..

The thing that has always stopped me from moving forward with something, anything that I have wanted in my life, is FEAR. Fear of the unknown, failure, not being liked, upsetting others, rejection and things just not going the way I planned.

This week, when I received my new logo, my new labels, and awaiting my new fabric - I am now trying very hard not to allow fear to creep in. For all of the above reasons. I keep telling myself that I don't want my little "business venture" to get too big, that I'm happy for it to continue being my hobby, that happens to bring in some cash. But realistically, I think I am telling myself that so that I will not be disappointed if it does not become some booming enterprise. Self protection mode kicking in.

I really, really want my hobby to become something that I can share with loads of other people, not just family and friends. I was thrilled last week to receive an order from a lady I did not know, who was happy to pay up front for a little girl's frock, that I hadn't even received the fabric for yet! But equally as frustrated when I realised the fabric she had opted for would not be in my order from the States...... Doubts about whether I was really cut out for customer service started to surface. However, this lovely lady seems to be OK with my explanation and I did offer her a full refund (which she has not yet accepted, so who knows?).

I love, love, love my "real job" - as a disability carer. But I really am past working weekends and shift work, and want to find an alternative so that I can make ALL the kid's football and basketball games, and ALL of their friend's birthday parties......ok, well maybe not all of the parties - some I am quite happy to drop them off to!

What has helped you to get past the FEAR in your life's ambitions?

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Is it OK not to "like" your kids sometimes?

Ahemmmm.......just clearing my throat before I begin. The title of this entry makes me a little uncomfortable, shifting in my seat as I type. And I'm pretty sure that it will make a few others uncomfortable to read also. But it was prompted by a conversation I had with another Mummy yesterday, and a subject that I think a lot of parents have secretly wondered, but were too scared to talk about?

This topic came up as a good friend and I were catching up on how our kids were going, and the crazy weeks we are having at present. Mine have been crazy due to the added extra child from Japan, Hers due to house renovations and taking up residence at her In-law's house with husband and three children. I think I would rather have a gaggle of Japanese kids staying with us opposed to moving in to the In-law's! Disclaimer: I LOVE my in-law's, just don't think I'd last long living with them and our four kids!

Before-mentioned friend - I shall call her Sally - and I have both been through a difficult time with one of our kids, and she brought up the fact that at times, she really found it hard to get along with her daughter (who is nine) and found they clashed all the time. "Is it OK that I just don't like her sometimes?" LIGHTBULB MOMENT! Of course it's ok I said!!! I have been through those feelings on quite a few occasions over the almost 13 years I have been parenting, and not always with the same child. I was quite happy to make her feel better by concurring that many years ago, I found it hard to get along with my eldest son, because he is SO much like his Father - the man that I divorced because, basically, I didn't like him. And at times, when I used to look at my son, all I could see was his Dad, and it frustrated me! It took me a little while, but I did get over that - and I adore my son for all that he is, including the traits that remind me of his Dad.

I also eased her mind by letting her know that I am currently finding it very hard, not too often thank god, to like my youngest son. I have posted before about how we have been seeking help with him this year, and although it is proving to be helpful, it has seen his "behaviours" escalate at times - almost like he has been given permission to act like a complete twit!

This does not in ANY WAY take away from the complete and utter love I feel for my kids. Or the love she has for her children. But it is just a natural reaction, as a human being, to dislike people at times - be it for their behaviour, attitude or the way they make you feel. Our children are no different. They push buttons, test limits and ultimately make you feel like a terrible person sometimes, when you are having to pull out the "bad cop" persona!

So, Yes, I think it's perfectly OK not to like your kids sometimes. Do you?

On a completely different note, I want to share something with you. I was catching up on Mrs Woog's blog this morning, and this is her latest post: http://www.woogsworld.com/2011/08/fuck-you.html I love Lily Allen and her oh-so-subtle way of getting her point of view across :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

New Logo......New Day!

You may......or may not.......have noticed something different about my little blog? I was thrilled to have my new logo released into my hands this evening, and have been feverishly altering, changing and updating all my different little networking tools! What do you think? Are you as in love as I am? No, probably not! But I am seriously delirious with joy!

It's hard for me to believe that Ms Midge - the handmade side - only really started late last year.....out of the "need" for some extra cash leading up to Christmas. It has slowly been gaining momentum since then, and a few weeks ago I started to believe a little more in myself, and my skills. So I summoned up the courage, and some determination, to get myself a professional looking logo! And I couldn't be happier!

Sooooo......I know I've said it before, but it's a new beginning! My hobby is right out there for everyone to see! And if you would like to see more, pop into www.msmidge.com . For now, you will be directed to my Facebook page, but in the near future the website will go live also! Exciting times!
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