Friday, September 30, 2011

Things I'm Loving

So I have decided to join in with Paisley Jade's Things I'm Loving.  Here are my things for today:

My Instagram App on iPhone - these are my two beautiful girls

I know - I'm mad!  Even though my beloved Hawks are not in the grand final this year - I still love the buzz it gives Melbourne, and our annual Grand Final BBQ here at home!

Trying to contain the post-migraine ache in my head the past two days! I don't think a boozy BBQ
 tomorrow is going to help?

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! xxx

Thursday, September 29, 2011

GASP - last gasp?

Has anyone seen this today:

I am in shock.....literally jaw-dropping read.  I am hoping against all hopes that Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez and Katy Perry all read this (if, in fact, they do actually wear GASP) - and dump them immediately!  How infuriating!

That's all.....just wanted to share!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My of many

I've just popped in to see what Muddled up Mumma has been up to, and whilst reading her latest post, got a yucky twist in my tummy.  Moments later, the news break in the background touched on the story of the little boy who was tragically killed yesterday after his poor Mum accidentally ran in to him whilst trying to park her car.  These all too common news stories bring back very bad memories for me - but also make me remember that I have had a miracle occur in my lifetime.

Wayyyy back in October 2000, whilst shacking up with my parents post marriage separation, I too accidentally ran over my eldest son.  It is something I will never, ever forget, and something I still, to this day, can remember every slow motion detail of.  And although I haven't shared the details to many, I thought I would today, to remind parents/family/strangers that this type of thing is way too common, and happens way too easily.

In what was a very normal day, I went outside to move my car - a little Toyota Seca hatchback.  My parents lived in a unit, one of only two on the block, and my car was parked in front of the neighbour's garage.  My Step-dad was outside and chatting to me at the driver's window.  My son's Father had just been over to see him and left in a bit of a huff, and as it turned out, had not closed the front door completely.  So as I was chatting to my Dad, i took my foot very slowly off the clutch and accelerated oh so slightly to reverse.  It was then that I felt, and heard, a thud.  I looked to my Dad, who looked at me and we both - horrified - realised what the thud was.  My first instinct was to go forwards, but my Dad yelled to just get out of the car.  We both went to the back of my car, where my little man was lying underneath crying.  The horror that I felt seeing him there, still comes back to me as I'm typing this now.  A million thoughts ran through my mind as my Dad pulled him out from under the car.  We searched his body for obvious signs of damage, and I screamed and cried whilst my Dad tried to calm the situation down.  Whilst this was all going on, my Mum emerged screaming from the house as she realised what had happened.  It was dejavous for her.  My Father had run over my older sister when she was three, and she suffered some pretty awful injuries.  Hence, my Mother nearly fainted on the front lawn.

To make matters worse, my son's Father hadn't left in his car yet, and when he realised what had happened, was mortified and took off in his car!

It was then a case of going through the motions.  We took my little sobbing boy inside and called an ambulance.  We were all worried that even though he looked ok, what if his insides had been damaged?  The ambulance arrived, and then the police.  Because it was a car "accident", the police need to be notified, so it can be investigated.  The wonderful paramedics then put little man in a neck brace, popped us both on a stretcher and wheeled us up to their vehicle.  The police also followed us to the hospital.

Once at emergency, I was confronted with being breath-tested by the police!  In front of everyone in the waiting room, so I looked like a rotten mother.....but I understand now why they have to do this.  Hours followed, with x-rays and doctors checking him over.  He was then discharged.

This was all good news, except that when I went to put him down to walk out, he could not weight-bare.  So I called over a nurse and said something must be wrong.  It turns out, they only x-rayed his top half, not his legs.  And the only damage this little man sustained, was a broken leg. 

The sheer relief I felt that day, at the fact that I still had my little man alive and well, was overwhelming.  The what-if's, could-have-been's and holy craps still amaze me.  And as I said earlier, each time I hear a news story of a little person being taken from this world from a similar incident, it makes me sick, and I struggle to imagine how their parents "cope".

I am so very, very careful whenever I am getting in to a vehicle.  But I know I could be more vigilant.  And I think that's what everyone needs to be.  Cars are such huge vehicles of destruction, and the damage they can cause is terrible.  So I guess, no matter how careful you think you are - double it.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Post Market Post

It is Monday....again.  Why oh why is this year going so fast?  I can't keep up with the rolling weeks and how quickly the Mondays seem to roll around!  Is it just me?  Or does everyone feel 2011 has been the fastest yet?  Is it something to do with getting older, or is it just because?

Yesterday was my second appearance at Mulgrave Makers Market.  The two weeks prior were filled with sewing, sewing and more sewing.  My Journey Collection of little girls clothing was finished in time and I was very excited to get out amongst the public and see how I went!  This is what it all looked like:

Another stunning Melbourne September day appeared, and my little stall was ready to rumble.  And I am pleased to say I had another pretty satisfying day!  There were probably three times as many stall holders with little girls clothing, so customers had plenty to choose from.....and luckily some of them chose mine!

I still have plenty of this collection remaining, so have opened up the Album to my faithful Facebook followers, and a few of them have already been snapped up!  So with any luck all the above beautiful dresses, skirts and tops will find lovely new homes.  If you are reading this and have not seen my Facebook page.....look me up!  MsMidgemadebyme  

Ok, off to rangle these children of mine - school holidays is another way to say CHAOS!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Why sewing is SEW good for you!

I meant to post about this a few weeks ago.....but got side-tracked - sewing.  Just remembered today!

Just after I decided to throw myself in the deep end and sign up for my first Market appearance, with ten days notice, I found myself sewing long in to the evenings, and before I knew it, it would be close to midnight and I would turn everything off and crawl in to bed.  About a week in to this tiring pattern, I was wondering why my just-bought jeans, which were a little tight when purchased, were starting to feel a little loose?  I laughed with my husband, that I had just paid a fortune for these denim beauties (yes, full price - something I NEVER do), only to find them not fitting so perfectly!  Then it occurred to me - my late night escapades with my sewing machines, had kept me from my usual late night escapades with tv remote and food!


This theory was confirmed a week or so ago, when I found myself more organised in the lead up to this next market.  I have been doing the majority of my sewing in daylight, and once again find myself snacks in hand, surfing the channels at night!  And my delicious jeans are now feeling much firmer and fitted.....

My full priced Curve ID jeans I've ever bought!

So there you go people - you heard it here (first?) - hit the sewing machines and lose inches!

Has anyone else noticed this new-found phenomenon?

Monday, September 12, 2011

Repeat Business

Whilst undertaking the mammoth task of cutting out 30 yards of fabric yesterday, it gave me time to reflect on the past few months of being Ms Midge....

Since I did the Market two weeks ago, I have been overwhelmed by the amount of wonderful feedback, incoming orders and general excitement from friends and family who have been following my little business.  But most of all, I have been pleased to receive repeat business!  This has boosted my confidence and made me believe that what I am doing is worth it.  I know I'm no rocket scientist and I'm not changing the world, but I can now say that I am providing little ones with quality, unique little pieces of clothing!

The main comments I have received are about the fabric choices I have made.  Both collections of fabrics I have used - Spring Birds and Journey - are prints that you just don't see anywhere else, and that was my aim from the outset.  As much as I love the whimsical little prints you can buy in bulk from our stores here in Australia, you just don't find the originality that I love about the prints I can find overseas.  And you see, that's where this little "journey" of mine is opening up all sorts of "cans of worms"!

Why, oh why, was it so hard for me to track down the first lot of fabrics I found?  Why did I have to go to the States to buy it?  Well, because it just isn't here! Sooooo, as my mind does, it starts to boggle.......and now, my husband and I have been wondering whether it would be the logical thing to do, to bring in larger quantities of these divine fabrics, so that the wider Aussie community of fabric worshippers could have easier access to them?  Still pondering this, but I'm sure I will keep you posted!

What do you think?  If I were to do a bit more investigating, would it be worth my while?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


 Yesterday morning brought an oh-so-familiar tap on my door - the delivery man!  I thought I had marked my much anticipated parcel to be posted to my work address, so was a little curious as to what he had for me - until I saw the box.  My latest purchase of fabrics had arrived.  30 yards of pure happiness!  Julie over at  has me mesmerised by her delicious array of fabrics, and it took me quite some time to decide on this latest collection.  I think I did pretty well with my choice - certainly like no other fabrics I have ever seen.

I already had a pre-order from a couple of prints, so I got to work yesterday, and by 10pm had this to show:

Beautiful pink elephants for a lucky little girl

And amazing purple parrots for another lucky girl!

I have called this the "Journey Collection".  Matching these prints is already proving to be quite tricky.  The designs, colour pallettes and the way the patterns run are going to make life very interesting for the next couple of weeks leading up to my next Market!  But I am happy with the first two frocks - what do you think?

Saturday, September 3, 2011

What I LOVE about Melbourne

Amongst millions of other things, what I LOVE about Melbourne is the visual changing of seasons.  I can still vividly remember the long drive from the Gold Coast to Melbourne just a little over 21 years ago, when my Mum and Step-Dad decided a move was in store.  I was 15, and we piled all we owned in to a moving van, and Mum's hilarious Blue Datsun and started on a journey that ended in rural-ish Woori-Yallock.  Yes, that is the name of a place!

The thing I remember most from that drive, apart from the many toilet stops - for our pet chihuaha - was the crossing of borders, from New South Wales to Victoria.  It was mid-year, and I don't think I had ever really seen a true Autumn tree!  The colours were brilliant - oranges, reds and all kinds of gold and browns!  I was mesmerised.

So the fact that my children came in a couple of weeks ago and pointed out to me that Spring must be close, was really lovely.  My youngest son dragged me to the back door so I too, could witness this:

Our divine Plum Tree!

This is an amazing and huge Plum tree.  It is the most spectacular sight this time of year, and as its leaves turn to a brilliant green, it fills our yard with amazing shade during the warmer months.  And just to add to its brilliance, a beautiful old Wysteria winds its way through to bring lovely hues of blue and purple.  But it also becomes the bain of my life during Summer, when it fruits.  I am officially the only one in our family of six who actually eats plums!  So our Summer is spent raking up half eaten - by the birds and our dogs - plums, which then rot in our bins.

But back to the good bit!  I love that my beautiful city of Melbourne brings us such obvious signs of the changing seasons.  Because quite frankly - the temperatures do not reflect the seasons at times.

Welcome Spring - you are a sight for sore, and cold, eyes!  What do you love about your City or Town?

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Market Debut

Rather belated post, but a post none-the-less!
So on Sunday, the one just passed, I woke up with the sparrows (or the unbelievably annoying skwarking bird that sits outside my bedroom window every freakin morning), got my crap together and headed off to my first ever "real" handmade Market. I thought I best head off early because I really had no idea how long it would take me to set up my little stall first time round. I had actually never even visited the market before, so also had no idea what I had gotten myself in for!
Turns out, I didn't need to accompany the sparrows, as my little stall took much less time to set up than I had anticipated - good to know for next time. And this is what it looked like:

I had a vision in my head of what I wanted it to look like, and given the limited amount of space I think it turned out ok. I got quite a few compliments on the set up, so I mustn't have done too bad!
I was really nervous. Like, couldn't sleep the night before nervous. And the first 45 minutes from when the market opened, the doubts crept in - what on earth was I doing? Nobody was going to stop and buy my goods......they're just not good enough - yada, yada, yada. But then a strange thing happened! A lovely lady came and took her time looking, and bought a dress! I was so damn excited! And from that moment on, customers kept coming, and kept purchasing until all the doubts faded away, and I was re-assured that putting myself out there was worth it.
All in all, it was a truly successful first day at the market. I handed out a tonne of flyers with details of my FB page on it, and much to my delight, got a whole lot of new "likers" through in the following days. Even more delightful - an email from one of the before-mentioned customers, ordering three more dresses! To say I am thrilled would be the understatement of the year! All of the day's compliments and feedback on how different and beautiful the dresses are, has spurred me on. So much that I just had to then push the purchase button and order these:
*Sigh* They're so damn pretty and amazing....and I can't wait for them to land on my doorstep so I can start creating the next little collection of garments!
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