Monday, February 16, 2015

MOVING ON UP - Important if you want to keep reading my blog!


This is a very quick blog post for you all.  I have finally made the big jump over to my old self-hosted website!  It's a much prettier and simpler place to hang out, and although it's still a work in progress - I love it!  I hope you'll love it too!

But for now - I need to direct you all over there - 

If you are typing that address in to your search bar and you still land straight back to this blogspot page, then you will need to clear the cache on your computer.  I had to do that!  

I am working on getting my new site switched over on Bloglovin, so if you follow me via there, please bare with me!

Thanks so much!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Sew Cute Tuesday - Back To My Regular Schedule

As I gently re-enter my regular routine, I've returned to gift sewing.  You see, I worked my proverbial butt off over January, doing what we call "sleepover shifts" during the school holidays, so I could be home with the kids.  Once the kids headed back to school, I had a glorious ten days off work to get this house, and my sewing, back in to order!  So today, I'm sharing a few goodies I managed to get sorted.....


A few weeks ago, I got myself one of these fabulous Moda Modern Building Blocks sets.  I've seen some amazing quilts being made on Instagram (check out the hashtags #modabuildingblocks & #modamodernbuildingblocks) and was looking forward to making my own version.

When it came to making January's Handmade Birthday Club gift for Leonie, I pulled out my handy-dandy-block-set and found myself stopping at block number 7!  It's an 18" block, so the perfect size for a quilted cushion cover....

Tula Moda Building Blocks #7 Cushion

One of Leonie's many favourite fabric designers is Tula Pink.  So I rummaged through my stash and found some Acacia to pair with the most divine Deer print from her Moonshine range.  I was incredibly happy with the way the colours played together, and love the way one block can look many different ways....

Tula Moda Building Blocks #7 Cushion

I used the gorgeous Dove Aurifil in 40wt for the quilting, and did a 1/4" version of matchstick quilting.  The textural finish is awesome.  Leonie received her gift yesterday and thankfully loved it!

Once I'd ticked that pressie off my to-do list, I moved on to something for me!  I have been in need of a new purse for a little while, but was baulking at spending a small fortune on something that wasn't perfect.  So I reached out to some of my crafting friends, and asked for a pattern recommendation.  It was a resounding response - the Necessary Clutch Wallet!  I would be lying if I told you I wasn't scared to death about tackling this pattern, but it was worth the fear.....

Necessary Clutch Purse

Because at the end of a day and a half of cutting, reading pattern, ironing, reading the pattern again and again and again, and sewing - I had these two divine purses!  Now, if you've been around these digs for a while, you will know I DON'T DO FIDDLY.  Until now.  Yes, they were a tad bit fiddly.  And yes, I had to be incredibly patient.  Especially with the installation of the clasp hardware.  But I got there in the end.

Necessary Clutch Purse

As you can see - there is plenty of space for cards, money, receipts etc - and there's a great amount of space in the centre section there, you could pop a phone or some lippy in too!  So my beautiful purse now lives in its co-ordinating handbag.  And the second one was grabbed up a friend who asked if she could purchase it. Win, win!

Enchino Make up bag

This little make up purse is for a family member as requested.  I'm being very brave of late, and am cracking open my Tokyo fabric purchases frequently.  This Enchino print is just so darn cute with its geometrics and the zebra!

Another family member's request - this time from my youngest son..... When in class last week, he announced to his teacher he needed a pencil case, said teacher asked him why didn't he ask his Mum?  (Said teacher received a pencil case from me for Christmas!)

I think this is only the second time cadyn has asked me to make him something.... A quilt and now a pencilcase! #ifeelspecial

I whipped this pencil case up on Sunday, after a couple of days of him asking if I'd made it.  This is literally only the second time in history Cadyn has asked me to make him something!  His quilt was made a couple of years ago, so I thought I best strike whilst the iron was hot!  He very proudly took it to school on Monday and has his pencils stashed safely.

And that, my friends, is my past week of sewing....  What have you been up to this past week?

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Friday, February 6, 2015

Star Crossed - Waterfront Park

If you've been around these parts a while, you may remember I fell madly in love with Violetcraft's Waterfront Park last year?  I ordered my bundle, received it, and swiftly turned it in to a quilt top........ I even got halfway through making the quilt back.  But for some reason (known to me - the quilt top was a tad wonky) it languished in my WIP pile for far too long.

Fast forward to this week.  

Star Crossed Waterfront Park 

And she is complete!  I am still utterly in love with it, and am quite torn about giving it away.  When I showed my Mum today, and told her I was a little sad to see it go, she told me to keep it.  But I've got to come to terms that I just cannot keep every. single. quilt. I. make.

Star Crossed Waterfront Park 

I had this baby basted quite quickly, and then sat in front of it wondering how on earth I was going to quilt it?  I had a migraine last week (the first in about a year) and the headache hangover still had not shifted, so needed to quilt quite minimally.  And because of its slight wonkiness, I needed something that would not make the wonkiness scream!  I ended up going with some pretty organic straight line quilting......  Organic because I did not measure the spaces because the lines.  I just winged it.  I used my very trusty Aurifil #2024 in 40wt for the quilting, and it didn't let me down.  When you get close up, the shimmer is divine.

Star Crossed Waterfront Park 

And love the end result.  I even love the wonky backing!  It is actually quite squared up.....but the writing on a slant doesn't help!

Star Crossed Waterfront Park 

I envisioned a beautiful photo shoot down at the beach for this quilt.  Clearly, that vision did not come to fruition - so I had to settle for the front yard and help from my three youngest children.  My gorgeous Chelsea wrapped herself up at the end and I couldn't help but keep snapping.....

Star Crossed Waterfront Park

If you wish to make your own version of this quilt, I used a free tutorial for the star crossed blocks by Don't Call Me Betsy.  They're a fun block to make, with endless possibilities for fabric selection.   I then just whipped up some simple cross blocks for the cornerstones, to match the width of my sashing.

And just for a laugh, I thought I'd show you this......

Working with Children....

Whilst photographing yesterday, my youngest (who is currently nicknamed "devil-child") was being a fool.  It wasn't until I uploaded the photos today that I spotted something flying through the air in the very first shot!  Pretty good (or bad) timing really!

So - this throw sized pretty will be off to its new owner and I will be crying in the corner.  Nah, i'll be happy to make someone else happy!


Size: 43" x 61.5"
Fabric: Waterfront Park by Violet Craft
Backing: Ikea Numbers
Thread: Aurifil #2024 40wt

Another WIP bites the dust!

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