Saturday, July 30, 2011

Konichiwa!'s not morning, but everyone knows Konichiwa is it will have to do for today's Title! And the reason for Japanese? Our student arrived in Melbourne on Wednesday morning, for his two week stay with us! To say it has been interesting, is an understatement....

Our new "son" (yes, I have a 16 year old son I never knew about) is called Yoshiki, and he is the most quiet and shy 16 year old boy I have EVER come across in my entire life! The past 72 hours have been a bit of a struggle for all of us here in our household, but we are doing our darndest to make him feel at home. I can't even imagine how incredibly difficult it would be, landing in a foreign country and staying with complete strangers - all six of us - and not speaking the same language! But he is doing ok....and so are we.

It has made me give a little more thought to the idea of my eldest son travelling to Japan in a few years time, when his school trip will be on. I'm hoping that if he does go, that he gets a family who will bend over backwards to make him comfortable, and who may just be a tad crazy like us - just for his amusement!

That's it for tonight. I am completely worn out from the ongoing game of charades we have here at present! Every family should have a Japanese student stay with them - it's great fun! Night!

Monday, July 25, 2011


Hello hello! I just popped in to Blog world to check out what Mrs Woog had been up to today, and thought I'd meander over here to tell you I had taken a Leap......of faith!

After months of "Yes I will, No I won't" talk to myself, I finally made a substantially biggish purchase on Etsy today....of fabric. I have bought a whole collection of fabric, in the hope - NO, I will - that I will create a beautiful little "mini collection" of little girl's clothing. I have been heading towards this since the start of the year, but was always too scared that I wasn't good enough at the craft of sewing. However a week or so ago, I took a deep breath, got some patterns and fabric, and begun sewing some little frocks - and LOVE them! And it seems I'm not the only one! I sold FOUR, yes 4!!!!!, in one day!!! So I thought, why the hell not?

I hope you like the sneak peek?

I have to say though, as I was deciding to take the leap, I was wandering through FB, and came upon a lovely page that I "like"- Georgie Girl. Beautiful, divine little girl's wear, and in super hot demand. But what I read on there gave me a furrow in my brow. It seems one of her likers out there in FB world had bought one of her products, pulled it apart and alledgedly spoke not so nicely about it on a "FB group". This then caused an uproar on her page and all preverbial hell broke lose with all sorts of accusations flying!! So I now need to figure out a way of protecting myself - so to speak! There's quite a bit of "agro" in the FB page world, and it's something I just don't like. I had a woman comment on my beautiful brand new labels when I posted a photo of them. There was probably no harm meant by her comment - but I had to bite my tongue before I replied to her, and try and be professional! And then I had other likers of my page messaging me, to tell me how infuriated they were! Oh, the joy!

Anyway, that's my exciting news for today! Now I just have to sit tight for the possible two weeks wait I have ahead of me before I get my hot little hands on this beautiful fabric!

Friday, July 15, 2011

How I like to be "Right".....aka - the joy of proving others wrong.

Today was yet another day I felt the joy of proving ex-husband wrong. Or more importantly - proving I was right. As I write that sentence I feel bad because it means that my eldest son has to have a medical procedure as well as see a bloody podiatrist and physiotherapist....more therapy in our household.

You see, this week, ex-husband's delusion of grandeur was him thinking he was a Doctor. I made an appointment for before mentioned son a few weeks ago, to check up on some weird looking moles and get his feet checked as he was having some issues. Son decided he didn't want to take time out from his school holidays - "I have plans Mum" - and tried to convince me, over Facebook chat, that "Dad looked at my moles and said they looked fine, and my foot too". Ummmmmm, sorry, last time I checked your Father sprayed furniture and kitchens for a living?? Closely followed by - last time I checked, I was your Mother and that trumps your "plans"!!!!

So this morning's scheduled appointment went ahead with no further whinging, until the Doctor declares he has flat feet and needs to see a Podiatrist and Physio.....followed by, "yep, that mole looks a bit dodgy, need to have it removed". Fabulous! So although I was a little concerned with son's abhorrence at having to have a needle and a small piece of skin gouged out, I was just a tad bit satisfied that I could now pass on this information to his Father - therefore confirming that he is not in fact, a Doctor.

But before I did that, I had to pull Son aside and give him a stern talking to, because anyone would have thought he had just been told his legs were going to be cut off! Looks of amusement from a couple of passers-by as I told him "Stop being a bloody drama queen....I gave birth to you four, how much do you think that hurt???"

So, just another day in my life as a Mother. Will be sure to have an interesting post for you after the actual appointment to have said mole removed. I have enlisted the troops - aka My Mother. She will be more likely not to be annoyed and frustrated by son's drama queen impersonation.....

Monday, July 11, 2011

So many ideas!

A few weeks ago, I shared with you that I had taken up sewing (again). My little "business" has been cruising along nicely, it doesn't take up too much of my time, and I get the odd order here and there, which realistically is paying for my habit! My habit being: fabric purchasing. My Mother warned me only a matter of weeks ago that I would get addicted to fabrics, and would end up with a stash in my shelves. I truly did not believe her. Until now...

I have a plethera of ideas running through my head, but I really can't decide on one specific direction to take. At present, I am making everything from library bags and art smocks to heat packs and bunting. But what I think I would really like to do, is make little girls clothes. So I have started researching. I don't want to make crappy clothes using crappy fabric. I want to make quality garments with top end fabrics. Only problem? I can't figure out where to buy said fabrics for a wholesale price.

Why do I want to head this way? Well, in my many hours of Facebook fabric store researching, I have come across quite a few business who specialise in making little girls clothing. And it floors me how much people will pay for some of these items, and how "in demand" these items are! I have been procrastinating jumping on the bandwagon, but after a conversation with one of my lovely work colleagues yesterday, I think it's time I JUMP.

So now that I have "verbalised" the above to the blogosphere, I shall endeavour to continue researching until I find what I'm looking for, and then throw all of my energy in to it! Here goes......

Thursday, July 7, 2011


I concluded my last post by stating my next post would have something to do with Therapy, so here I am!

Ther-a-py : –noun, plural -pies.
1. the treatment of disease or disorders, as by some remedial, rehabilitating, or curative process.

2. a curative power or quality.

3. psychotherapy.

4. any act, hobby, task, program, etc., that relieves tension.

Writing, I have found, is very therapeutic. It is really the reason behind me even starting a blog, and although I have not been very religious in posting - often going months without putting hand to keyboard - I find myself writing in my head at times. Strange, but true. Conversations seem to flow so easily inside my head. Sentences rolling off my tongue without any hesitation, and they always make sense. I have often wondered whether this is some form of OCD? The fact that I run through entire future conversations, many I will never even have with people! Sound like I need therapy?

There are so many therapies in this world, from the many wonderful "natural" therapies to the heavy stuff ie. psychotherapy. I am impressed to say I have tried many! When my first marriage broke down (Who am I kidding? When I abandoned my first marriage), I agreed to go to counselling with the ex-husband. This was possibly the most frustrating and, in my opinion, pointless therapy I have ever taken part in. Frustrating because, being the partner in the equation who had already worked through my feelings, I found it hard having to re-hash them - but this time, actually being heard. And pointless because of what I just said - I had already made up my mind and didn't want to have someone trying to coax me into changing it.

I then re-entered counselling a few years later when the aforementioned ex-husband was making my life rather miserable. This round of counselling was much more useful! Last year's journey to a counsellor was for, what I thought, a pretty silly reason. Friendship issues. I found out pretty quickly, that this was NOT a silly reason. Many people seek help for these sorts of problems, generally because they are relationship issues! I think at times, we diminish the impact that our friendships have on our lives - until something negative happens, and we fall in a heap. One session of counselling managed to put a whole lot of worry in to perspective, and for that, I shall be eternally grateful!

And this year? Well, this year, we are beginning a whole new kind of therapy......something I certainly did not ever entertain the idea of, but have really had no choice but to jump in to. My youngest son has had some issues of his own, and we have now sought the services of a child psychologist. Sounds scary, but it really isn't. She now has the title of "Worry Doctor". My first hour with her, spent filling her in on his personality and what was troubling him, ended up being really helpful and eye-opening. The part where I had to go through family history - what a hoot!! And his two sessions with her since have been great. Things are looking up, and a whole new world is being brought to our attention.

So that's my spill. Therapy. Whatever therapy you seek, it will be helpful. If it doesn't solve your problems, there's plenty of others to try! I'm now off to try another.....a couple of hours staring aimlessly at the television!

Ps. Another "Upside" to all this therapy? The reason I am not currently medicated! LOL

Monday, July 4, 2011

Starting again.....

I know in my last post....quite some time ago now....I said I was going to take this blog in another direction - well, didn't I do well? I'm afraid I'm just going to start all over again! Well laid plans and all....

So today's post is "just because". Just because I'm sitting here in front of the computer aimlessly looking through Facebook pages, wasting time. First day of school holidays and my darling cherubs have actually been really good - so far. There's still a few hours to go in this day, so I shall have to wait to see if it's a fluke or not. And then I only have to get through another 13 days before school starts back! I sound keen don't I?

So what am I going to write about today? Well, I read a post on Muddled Up Mumma's blog this morning, and it compelled me to send off an email to a dear friend of mine. She wrote about friendships, and how sometimes they are just left to fall by the wayside. It made me think about my darling friend and the fact that she had moved a few hours away with her family, and I had no idea how she was going or where, in fact, she had actually relocated to. So I sat myself in front of my inbox and tapped away giving her a quick catch up on all the kids, hubby and myself. And I am now finding myself refreshing my emails waiting for her reply!

I think over the years I have let some friendships drift, but I think I'm pretty good at re-connecting when the time arises. Just last week, I added a "friend" to Facebook that I had purposely cut off many years ago. She had been one of my closest friends during my final years of high school, and one of those friends that drifted in and out of my life in the years after school finished. We picked up again just after my first marriage broke down, and she moved in with my son and I - not only to help me out, but also to help her out. Anyway, to cut a long story short - living together didn't quite work out, and eventually I asked her to move out. It didn't end on good terms, and I begrudged the fact that I was owed money and was never given an explanation or apology.

A month or so ago, I saw this friend had joined Facebook and "added" a handful of my friends to her page. It took me a month of umming and ahhing to decide if I should add her or not, but I came to the conclusion that I'm not a grudge holder, and she looked like she had gotten her "shit" together, so I would add her and see what happened. Much to my relief (nobody wants to be turned down on fb!) she added me and it was like nothing had ever happened! I'm rather proud of myself for just "letting go"......and possibly - growing up!

Anyway, that is it for today. Rather a pointless little write, but therapeutic all the same! I will see if I can keep up the therapy in the days to come.....actually, there's the subject of my next blog post - therapy. I'll be back....
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