Monday, August 13, 2012


Lots of holding on whilst google searching
pictures of water!
Amazing title yes?  Maybe no??

This may be a very dis-jointed post, basically because I need to pee what seems like every ten bloody minutes.  Since my crazy Bikram jaunt two days ago, I have been drinking like a frigging fish, and weeing like a pregnant woman.  Have no fear, don't even ask - I'm not preggers.  No, no, I have been HYDRATING oneself.  Because that is what one does when one sweats like the proverbial pig during 90 minutes of hell.  I have NEVER felt the need to drink so much water in my entire life.  And considering that I generally only drink a few glasses of pepsi max every day, it's a shock to my system.   BRB - going to pee.....

Following my class from hell, I sat at the top of the stairs as we were meant to be leaving for basketball and told Andrew I thought I would be sick.  He told me I needed an energy drink.  Fab.  So on the way he stopped at 7-eleven and got me a watermelon flavoured Gatorade.  Enter gagging noise.  Honest to God - who in their right mind drinks those drinks willingly???  Well, me.  I got through a whole game of basketball, scoring nonetheless, sipping on watermelon salty/sugary flavoured water.  And managed to hold on til half time to run to the loo.  I questioned the validity of drinking so much fluids when it only stayed in my body for such a short period of time?  Why drink all that water when it just ends up coming out the other end??

I continued my water marathon all. bloody. day.  And much to my amazement, drank a whole bottle of the stuff whilst watching Chloe's swimming lesson this morning, and just had another glass before sitting down to bang this baby out.  I'm in awe of myself.  Oh, hang on......gotta go wee again!

We went out for dinner with one of my besties and her new beau Saturday night, and she reiterated to me once again, that she cannot believe how many times I need to wee!  She has known me over 20 years, and giggles at the lack of accommodation in my bladder.  I dream of nights going to bed and not waking up until I've had a restful eight hours of sleep - and not having to make a trip to the loo.

Given - I've had four kids.  My bladder is not what it used to be.  Not even close.  And I can't say that I'm doing regular Kegel exercises.  In fact, I would do them now, but I need to go wee again.......sigh.

So it would seem that not only has Mr Bikram given my muscles a rude awakening (I shit you not - I had forgotten I had lower abdominal muscles until yesterday, when I woke with soreness in places I did not believe could be sore) it has also awakened my bladder, and the fact that I should probably start doing something about it, if I do not want to start sporting elastic waisted pants with a low crotch - allowing more room for my Tena lady.....

Do you drink water and does it make you feel like you are bordering on incontinence???  Help!


  1. I used to drink water all day and spend every half hour in the toilet but still be thirsty. I even went to be tested for diabetes but it turned out that I was drinking so much water I was causing a diuresis and I needed to include salts in my diet/fluids to help hold the water in. It's so much better now.

    1. Hmmm, that's a shocker! Andrew did tell me that's why the sports drinks etc are a little better for you when you're so exhausted!


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