Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Things To Do List - The Christmas Edition

I was at work today with a great chick, and we were both lamenting over the fact that we had no idea what we would be serving Christmas Day.  She hadn't started her Christmas shopping and we were wondering how on earth we would pull it all together?  And just to drain me even further, my Zen keeps getting misplaced stolen.  So, here is my to do list.....

1. Finish sewing the gifts that are half done on my sewing table.
2. Bake the Christmas cake.  The same one I made at work today without the aid of a beater.  I now have guns to rival He-man.
3. Do grocery shopping.
4. Write a list of what to get when grocery shopping.
5. Write the list BEFORE I go grocery shopping.
6. After said grocery shopping, change my mind about what we're eating Christmas Day and start all over again.
7. Investigate the option of ordering and picking up roast chickens on Christmas Day.  (Is this really an option!?!!?!?)
8. Call Family Assistance and see whether they have re-instated my child care rebate, which will in fact then put my debt to creche off the list.
9. Go to the city tomorrow morning to enjoy the spectacle of Christmas festivities with my littlest one.
10.  Figure out how we will fit 15 people at our table for Christmas lunch.
11. Find the KK gift I bought for my work Christmas dinner tomorrow night!
12. Take presents from hiding spot Christmas Eve only to find that one child has 80 presents and the others have five.....
13. Wrap presents.
14. Stop allowing people to steal my Zen!
15. Breath and enjoy myself....

Ten more sleeps til our Tassie break.  Not that I'm counting.

Are you making a list or just winging it???


  1. You may need some luck there Melissa. Good luck with it all!

    1. Thanks! I'm going to give it a red hot crack! I managed the sewing bit just after I hit publish!


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