Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Little Red Riding Hood - From My Magic Scrap Bags

I've written so many times about the love I have for my scrap bags.  The bags of leftovers I kept from little clothing collections I made.  Well, today I cracked open my Little Red Riding Hood stash!  I had a cushion to make (I know - another cushion!) and the recipient is a little girl, so what better?

I kid you not, when I say that the entire cushion front is made from pieces out of this bag.....

Cracking open thus scrap bag today!
I only had to break in to the substantial amount of yardage I have for the backing.  And on that note - do you ever forget that you have some amazing fabrics on your shelves?  I mean, seriously, I have nearly all the fabrics in this range - and at least a yard of each???  What the - - - - - - quilt incoming.......

I digress.  Here is the divine little cushion all finished and photographed this evening! LRRH Cushion
I questioned whether to use the red in the design, however, some of my Instagram friends helped me out and said HELL YES!  I'm so glad they did.  Love. It.

LRRH Cushion
LOVE this little toadstool print!  Finished the back off with an enclosed zipper.  And yes, you can see writing through the back here - I failed to realise that when I photographed it, the cushion I grabbed off the lounge to stuff inside would become visible!  Whoops!

LRRH Cushion
And a little close up of my first attempt at little flowers.  Another free motion quilting experiment, that worked!  I used ye old faithful Aurifil 50wt for quilting, because really, nothing else quite does the job like it!

I threw the design of this together myself, just cutting out the squares 4.5" and then all of the strips and borders are 2", which gave me an 18" finished cushion.  Perfecto!

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  1. super cute cushion. Love the fussy cuts on Red Riding Hood, and you're right, that toadstool print is ah-dorable!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  2. Darling cushion!! I love the red and think it is perfect for Little Red!!

  3. Dang, so cute. Looking forward to that quilt. And yeah, I sometimes forget about fabrics, too. :D

  4. Good call on the red. I agree that it was a great choice. I like this pillow with a story.

  5. More than cute Tuesday cushion Midgey! Love the red, love the FMQed flowers.

  6. OMG, I love this pillow and I love this fabric line. I made a strip quilt of it and didn't like how it chopped up little red riding hood:( Those window panes really let the fabric shine! Great job.

  7. Your cushion is just gorgeous. I love the fabrics you have used.

  8. This is one of my favourite fabric lines, it's a gorgeous cushion! x


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