Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday Stash #20.

 A nice quick and easy post for a Sunday!  There have been a few additions to my stash this week......

I went to drop the kids at school the other day and there was a little parcel sitting at my front door.  I was THRILLED when I flipped it over and saw it was sent directly from Kate Spain herself!  I won a surprise gift from her, through the Kate Spain Blog Hop, and ripped the parcel open with my teeth (whilst my children laughed) to discover a gorgeous Honey Honey Jelly Roll and Sunnyside Charm Pack.  Thanks so much Kate! (You never know - she may read this!)

I bought these three little fat quarters from the girls at Snap Fabrics.  One of them is a local, so she hand delivers my purchases - nice!  A little more Cuzco and some wood grain - something I never thought I would buy until I started paper piecing!

And on Thursday I headed in to the city to the Craft & Quilt Fair.  I showed amazing self control and restraint amongst the fabulous vendors, but came away with this little stash of goodies.  Half a metre of Reunion bunting fabric to go with the charm packs I've had sitting on my shelves for a year or so.  An air dissolvable pen for marking my FMQ - I'm still too scared to use it because it's hot pink!  And some fabulous stencils for quilting.  They are used with a chalk block which you rub over the stencils and then quilt over the top of them.  I practiced on some scraps and was getting frustrated because the chalk was disappearing, but then I remembered the lady who sold them to me said I could give them a light spray of hairspray to hold it.  I'm happy to say it worked.

I'm not so happy to say that this will be the first quilt I will have to wash before selling!  You can see in the above photo the lovely blue stencils, which smell delightfully of Taft Super Hold Hairspray!  


Here's an example of what the stencil can look like when practicing!

And that's all folks!
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  1. What a fun surprise in the mail! I just found a Kate Spain pattern the other day that I'd like to make. It takes one jelly roll, but I'm going to make it wait in line behind some other patterns :-) Well, I'm going to try to make it wait. If I keep seeing cute fabric like what you've posted...

  2. Looks to me like your stash has been boosted royally!! What a delight to come home to a package.

  3. I bought one of those stencil sets at last year's show and still haven't used it. I bought it for my double wedding ring quilt. So another year goes past and I haven't done a stitch of quilting!

  4. Lovely Kate Spain additions :-)

  5. So cool. I know exactly how you feel (almost. She left a comment on my Kate Spain Quilt and I was so thrilled :)))

    Lucky you!!!

  6. Oh can i get Sunnyside in the real world yet?


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