Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sunday Stash - Fabric Enabling!

Earlier this year, my Tokyo Bff travelled carrying THIS HAUL for me.  It was like I had won the Lotto!  And as it happens, I've just returned last night from another visit to the Gold Coast to catch up with two of my longest and dearest friends, one of them the "Tokyo Bff".

Suzie - AKA Tokyo bff and her two gorgeous children!

Friends for 32 years
Friends for 34 years!  (IG late night photo explains the graininess!)
Amongst the talking, laughing, wine drinking, swimming and being chased by toddlers - I was also handed a bag from the infamous Tomato store in Nipori Fabric Town!  Suzie is great at letting me know she just happens to have an appointment nearby so will pop in and grab me something!  The following is what she grabbed for me this time round....

My Tokyo BFF went shopping in Nipori again.....
A divine little fat quarter bundle of Kei.  I knew I had seen this fabric before, but couldn't work out where nor who the designer was until I posted the photo on IG.  Jeanette from Polka Dot Tea filled in the blanks for me!  They sell a few of these prints in their store!
So excuse me whilst I share them to Flickr via here!
These two gorgeous Princess border print fabrics.  They will make amazing frocks!
And a little mix of other goodies!  The trains I'd seen around also - from Cosmo Textile Co.  The ribbon print is a Kokka and is kind of like a Cotton Lawn.  Quirky Japanese cartoon prints, a fq of Princesses and Tomatoes!  A bit of everything!  I desperately want to make a visit to Nipori myself one day.  Suzie has lived there for 15 years, so it's about time I pull my finger out......
In other breaking news - I purchased fabric and waited six weeks to receive it!  Yes, true story.

My mother in law went to the USA and all I got was this fabric! Boohoo! #insertsarcasmhere I love only paying US shipping rates for once!
When my mother in law was about to depart to the USA for a five week jaunt, Pink Castle Fabrics were having a fabulous sale, and I thought I best get on board.  So I grabbed myself the Joel Dewberry True Colours bundle along with the Word Up bundle. (And no this is not a sponsored post - I just love the damn bundle!) I'd been coveting the Word Up bundle for quite some time and when I did the math (yes, another amazing feat) and realised I could order all of this, at a discount + have it shipped to the MIL's hotel = Winning!  I just had to be patient......  And I was.  All in all I saved around $60!  The patience was worth it, because it's all just so divine!  As per usual, I have no idea what I'm going to do with it all, but I'm sure it will come to me?

And that's it folks!  I've shown great restraint fabric purchasing wise the past couple of months.  Christmas + four children = broke.

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  1. I so want to get over to Japan one of these days/years too! #christmaswish

  2. I got the same Word Up bundle - probably on the same sale! - a little while ago.. isn't it great? And the Joel Dewberry... I only picked up a few of them, but LOVE.

  3. I love that other folks are such fabric enablers, I love that Word Up bundle too but can't justify the shipping and potential customs charges. My husband has to travel to the USA occasionally but I've never had enough notice to be able to place fabric orders but he has gone and shopped at fabric shops for me. I'm hoping for a US trip for him in 2014!

  4. I adore the Joel Dewberry prints. I picked them up on sale myself and they're just delicious. Good taste.

  5. Wow, does your Tokyo BFF, need a Greek BFF, sweet haul both times, and you have a really, really nice MIL.

  6. That word up bundle is awesome. Nice stashing!

  7. Yay, Joel Dewberry. I love it. Plus the texts.

  8. Oh my...the Kei bundle is dreamy! All of your new stash pieces are wonderful. Lucky you.

  9. it s funny the lengths that we go to get our hands on fabric. i agree that your bffs and mil are totally cool enablers.


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