Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday Thanks

A very BIG thank you to everyone who has popped in over the past week and taken the time to leave me a comment and enter my 500 Giveaway!  I will never cease to be amazed at the beautiful feedback I receive and the smile it brings to my face!  The winners were drawn via Rafflecopter earlier today and they were:

International - Vera
Australian - Christine M.
Facebook - Merryn

I shall endeavour to get a little parcel in the mail for each of you during this coming week. 

I have had such a lovely weekend at home (No work!!!), catching up with the in-laws last night and friends today - and in between, managed to get the latest month's block whipped up from The Fat Quarter Shop's Mystery Block of The Month program.....

Loving this months @fatquartershop #bom block!

Such a happy little block!  I think I have mentioned in previous posts, I didn't really think the BOM was going to do much for me, in terms of style, but I'm really enjoying making up these little blocks.  Using fabric I would never normally choose, and blocks I would not think to make!  Only a couple more blocks to go and I will have another quilt top ready to rumble!

And on that note - I have a few days at home this week, and I am going to desperately try and get two quilts finished.  One that has been basted and rolled up ready to quilt for a few weeks now (economy block quilt) and the other that requires a backing to be finished so I can complete it (Waterfront Park quilt).  Life is just getting in the way these days!!!

That's it for this Sunday night.  Just a little thank you and a happy little block - that's all you need sometimes!  Ni-night! xxx


  1. It IS a pretty block! And those points are awesome girl. ;-)

  2. I'm the lucky winner, yipee! Thank you and congrats to others as well! Fun combo of flower and dots :-)

  3. Hi Midge, That is a cute block. I hope mine arrives soon. I'm really enjoying making this quilt. Congratulations to Vera too.

  4. Congrats to the winners. Love that block so much!

  5. I love that block too. I think it is great to join these challenges, BOMs, etc. that pop up all the time, since it pushes us outside our comfort zone. Very nice.

  6. That is so true, a little thank you and a block. This making can provide such moments of happiness, comfort and kindness. I'm glad for it and for people like you that take the time to share.


Thanks for taking the time to leave me a comment - I read each and every one of them! xx

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