Wednesday, April 16, 2014

W.I.P. Wednesday - Something New

I started a new little project yesterday, which will be available in an upcoming showcase on Facebook.  It's a collaboration, and my partner in crime - Melisa Jane - will be making something gorgeous to co-ordinate beautifully with this little Wee Wander pram quilt!  The little quilt top was easy enough in itself.  Lots of fussy cutting to ensure all those beautiful features of the fabric shone through.  But this morning I sat and pondered how I would quilt it?  Just stick with straight lines around the blocks, or go to town with some FMQ?  I started some swirls, and then unpicked them.  Grabbed some calico and scrap batting and gave feathers a crack.  My first try was a little boring but on the second try I knew I could figure it out.

And I did.  Hey, they may not be as stunning as the professionals can mange, but I am so utterly proud of myself for A) Not chickening out and B) Persevering.

Wee Wander in progress 

Happy dance.  I tried adding swirls in and around them, but hated them!  So unpicker came out again! 

FMQ Feathers Debut

See - they're not bad!  Hoorah!

This little number will hopefully be bound tomorrow, or will have to wait until after the Easter long weekend, as we are heading down to the {cold} beach.  I'm still yet to figure out what I'm doing to use to bind it with, as I only have scraps of fat quarters left of this range!

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  1. when I saw your features on Instagram, I immediately thought hey I should try them too, yours look so lovely, so I think I finish this cushion cover now and try my hands on them too.
    for the binding cant you just use all the scraps you have left and for the rest a neutral color?

  2. Hello,
    Good for you for completing your quilt. IT looks great! You did a great job.


  3. Im so sorry lol, published before I checked my spelling, i didnt meant your features, I meant feathers of course, lol

  4. Lovely fussy cutting! And well done on being brave to try the feather FMQ pattern, it totally paid off!

  5. Gorgeous quilting!!! I think it turned out awesome!!

  6. Quilting feathers was a great choice for that quilt--curves contrasting with straight lines, adding interest. And the quilting looks good. The only way to learn various FMQ motifs is to do them. I try to have projects that don't matter (ie, need only keep someone warm and hold together) to practice on so that I don't have to pick out quilting stitches. (I love Leah Day's saying that we don't need to practice ripping, but to practice FMQ.

  7. Your quilting is looking great! Well done!

  8. Looks amazing :) I best get cracking on a suitable mate . If you like stripes I matched up with a spotlight print that went perfectly with the horses, it was a green, blue and white. Maybe Sarah Fielke?

  9. It looks great! I was just unpicking some feathers:) Got scared! These look nice and add a great flow.


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