Wednesday, July 16, 2014

W.I.P. Wednesday - Warp & Weft Woes

Despite having a tantrum throwing sewing machine this past week and a bit, I have actually managed to get quite a bit done.  I am also happy to say that I think I may have figured out the cause of before mentioned tantrums from said machine - Inferior fabric.  Yes, I did just say that.  I am not a fabric snob - never have been, never will be.  BUT.  The project I was working on when my machine decided to lose its bananas just happens to be my secret squirrel Kate Spain Charm-along project.  In which I am using my good old trusty white Homespun from Spotlight as the mixer.  This did not occur to me to have anything to do with the problem until I got my machine back from Mr Fixit (who I might add said the timing was slightly out, but other than that, just had a regular service), it sewed like a dream.  I put my entire Sea Breeze mini quilt together without missing a beat (and using a grey homespun).  Then when I started back on my KS project - SNAP!!!!  What the???

 I ended up walking away from my machine, feeling dejected and depressed.  I organised to return to Mr Fixit and sit with him whilst he worked out what the problem was.  But then something strange happened.......

I was at school drop off yesterday morning, and one of my friends - a fellow school Mum - sidled up to me and asked if I had much on at present?  I grinned and asked why?  "Well, any chance you can make a quilt for me by the 27th??"  Of course I said SURE!  I figured it would get my mind off my broken machine and I'd use Mum's.

Anyway, I returned home from school and pulled out my blue stash........

Just had a request at school drop off for a quilt. ten days!! So I've just cracked open my stash of blue to get this done!!

Then chose a bunch of yumminess, and started to sew - on my "broken" machine.....

Breaking news. ...... I'm back!  My machine has,  it seems,  ceased its tantrum. #thankyouforthecheering #onfire #quiltinaday

Approximately four hours later, I had a completed quilt top - and NO SNAPPING THREADS!?!!?!?!!  I was excited, relieved and soooo happy!  But wait?  How come no snappity snap??  I pulled out the KS project, and gave it another whirl.  You guessed it - SNAP!

So my friends, this is how I have come to the conclusion I have a dodgy batch of fabric.  To say I am disappointed would be a huge understatement!  I have managed to put together a very small quilt top, but just can't bear the thought of working with that damn white fabric any more......

In other news........

Just pulled these babies out! Going to be one fabulous quilt! #londoncalling @luellabella @mariekabespokebites @wherejanecreates @blossomheartquilts @partyofeightourstory

I pulled out all the London blocks I have received from my fellow Wombat Stew girls!  I have only made the Union Jack, but printed out a few other blocks to put together.  Aren't they fabulous?!?!!?!  From top left, clockwise:  Jane, Kristy, Lara, Marieka, Alyce and Gina.  Such talented girls!  This is going to be one super quilt!

And that pretty tub of blue up above?  Well, that is a result of the following work in progress....

Project #cleanthisshitup has begun! Blue and green in their own tubs.... and who knew I had so many b&w and text prints??? Got their own tub too!

I've started to clean up my stash.  And organise it.  I can tell you now - being able to grab that one tub of blue fabric off the shelf yesterday made life a whole lot easier!  I need to get to the shops to grab some more tubs!

And over here we have precuts and special collections. .... #cleanthisshitup I could be in this room for weeks. ...

And this is getting there.  All my precuts and fabric collections.....Slowly, slowly.

So - what are you working on this week?  I'm linking up with Freshly Pieced and Little White Dove   - You can too!

Little White Dove


  1. Its funny isnt it how one simple thing can throw everything out of whack. Upside is you solved the problem so thats a bonus :) Love those England blocks :) Im working through scraps at the moment and Im loving how its looking both the dwindling scrap basket and enlarged log cabin pp log cabin pattern :)

  2. glad you could figure out your machine problem, but not so great, that you cant finish your quilt now with this fabric;
    I have a lot bins, and love to sort my stuff, but I would need more storage space to put them in lol
    Love your london blocks so much

  3. That blue quilt is divine. How annoying about your machine :(

  4. So strange! And nothing else changed- no new bobbin and you didn't change the colour of the top thread? I found a quirk on my machine recently- it has two different FMQ feet and the one is comes with is utterly useless, I thought I'd have to get it in for a service too despite being under a year old. i changed everything on the machine twice, used canned air to clean out the take up areas and everything. I am not sure how I stayed so patient.

  5. You know what, I think you're right. I've been having all sorts of trouble with my houndstooth white fabric (homespun white from Spotties) fraying and causing me all sorts of trouble too. It must be a dodgy batch.

  6. Despite having troubles you ended up being very productive!

  7. Love the blue quilt top. And that's just crazy about the one causing you troubles, eek! I'd be tossing that thing into the deepest darkest part of my dungeon (though I'd probably never be able to completely toss it out, I'm a hoarder)

  8. I usually find it is thread that causes the problem, not the fabrics. Also blunt needles, and a dirty machine. All of those are contributing factors. I use all sorts of fabrics, some are totally dodgy, but don't usually have a problem. You could always try using a bit of the homespun you think caused the issue in something else. Just to eliminate that as a factor.
    That blue top is lovely.

  9. I bought some of those organizer shelves that you can put the fabric baskets in. I'm trying to get all of the pink/red together, neutrals together, yellow together, etc etc. It is a lot easier when I need a certain color, but I'm wishing I had gone with the show box storage now.

  10. When I first starting reading your post, I mistakingly thought you'd thrown your sewing machine in a tantrum! that would have been a post to read about! Ah yes, those appealingly priced spotlight homespun.....thankfully my machine has dealt with them fine so far, but I haven't been super happy with them after a few washes, they seem to fade so quick. You whipped that quilt up in lightening time...I'm impressed.....SuperMidge?

  11. eeeek! :-O I thought the machines had gotten together and conspired to revolt against us cos mine has been snapping sooo much doing my KS top :( BUT ... now that you say bad batch of fabric ... Like Serena, I bought some white from Spotty {keen to get going on it and didn't want to wait for a delivery! haha}
    I've checked everything else and was just about to take to my Mr Fixit but I think I'll have to give another project a go and see if it's the fabric!!

    Love the blue quilt top! :)

  12. I have been there and done that! I'm so glad that you figured it out. Love your blue quilt.

  13. My Pfaff does not like Art Gallery fabrics. They are lovely fabrics with a wonderful feel. If I buy them I have to change my plate (to one with a single hole vs. the wider hole for zigzagging. Otherwise, the fabric gets stuff every time I start to sew - even an ender/leader doesn't solve the problem.

  14. I love all the blue - it looks fab! Thanks for joining the Aussie WIP Wednesday last week :)

  15. Exactly the same issue here with Spotlight homespun. So frustrating...I changed everything only to work that out!

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