Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday Stash & Giveaway Winner!

A funny thing happened early last week..... One of my Melbourne MQG friends posted in our FB group that Spotlight was stocking some gorgeous Cloud 9 canvas.  And said canvas was from the Koi range by Rashida Coleman-Hale!  What is funny?  Well, when I receive my Spotlight catalogues in the mail, I usually don't need anything, so I just throw them in the bin (gasp!). So on this day, I had to go rummaging through my garbage bin to find the catalogue!  And when I did, I knew I would be hot-footing it down to Spotlight on Wednesday, when the sale began.....

I hot footed it to spotlight this morning for the advertised #koi canvas! Found it!! #winning

I was there right on opening time, and whizzed down to the canvas section, and found these delightful pretties!  I promptly purchased the three prints on the right, and then exited the store.  That same afternoon, I pulled out my 241 Tote pattern pieces, and got started on my new handbag.

Yay for a new handbag! #twins #241tote #koifabric @iheartlinen

And by Friday afternoon, I'd made not only one, but two!  I changed a couple of things.  You see, these are my 6th and 7th 241 totes, so I am learning each time what works and what doesn't.  This time around, I added a zipper pocket to the outside that has plenty of room in it.  Although I love the look of the two little zip pockets on the original pattern, they aren't really that useful!  I have also enlarged the pattern, to around 110% when printing it out.  You'll see further down in the post a comparison photo with my original bag.  And lastly, I'm using the 640 fusible interfacing from Spotlight, which is a little more sturdier than others I've used.  Gives the bag much more body and strength.

I suck at modelling......but hopefully this pic demonstrates the size of the #241tote when enlarged! #koifabric @iheartlinen

And just for your amusement, I took this shot and shared it on IG so everyone could see just how big this yummy bag is!

And size comparison... #241tote @noodlehead531

Size comparison!  The top bag is the first I made, and as you can tell, is a little floppy due to a thin interfacing.  Can you also tell I have a thing for Rashida's fabric designs??  :)


And just in the interest's of honesty.....I actually went back to Spotlight on Friday - mainly to get more interfacing - but also to see if they had the Koi print for my Mum.  I found a couple of other prints too.  So - I grabbed myself the dragonfly and grey crosses too.....

If you're looking for some lovely quality canvas, then you should pop in to Spotlight (if you're in AUS) and check them out!

NOW - on to the giveaway from last week!  Thank you to everyone who entered for the chance to win a mystery pack of fabric from my stash!  With over 200 entries, it was really interesting to see who everyone's favourite designers and colour were.  But as always, there has to be one winner - and thankfully, Rafflecopter chooses for me!

A big congratulations to Suesewstoo!  I shall email you shortly and get your postal address.  Then send a mysterious little something out to you!

Thanks again everyone! 

Molli Sparkles


  1. I swear they never have the good stuff at my Spotty. I see people posting all this awesome fabric and then go look for it to no avail! 😭 Your bag looks lovely. I am super keen to make a 241

  2. Wow! Thank you sooo much! So excited, bonus birthday present!

  3. I adore your 241 totes!! They sure are addicting!

  4. Love the 241's, it's a great bag, I've only made one but might have to plan another! Well done for buying fabric and using it!
    It's probably a good job I'm not in AUS!

  5. I'm all about a good bag. I love the canvas you chose. Beautiful.

  6. Bag looks great! There were only two of those prints at my spotlight. I will check again as they always seem to get the catalogue stock late! Thing is I'm NOT!!! suppose to be buying MORE FABRIC! :-)

  7. Fantastic bag!!! I love that gold fabric on side of the bag.

  8. That is a fabulous bag, and it looks great on you. :) So happy to see my lovely friend, SueSewsToo won the prize!

  9. Thanks for the feedback on the size. I really liked my first one and am planning to replace or but i was thinking about just adding 2 cm to the width of the main pattern piece.

  10. Great looking bags. Good idea to make it a bit bigger. Canvas Koi at Spotlight......unbelievable!
    Ps love your little shorts, great legs!

  11. I found 3 prints of Koi at my local Spotlight- Palmerston North, New Zealand- the purple Koi, Grey Koi and Multi crosses.

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