Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I don't cope....

So, I'm not perfect.....I know, you're shocked, as was I when I came to this very disturbing conclusion!

It has been a while coming, but this epiphany came to me this morning, whilst I was having a minor meltdown. My youngest little dot - Chloe - has been unwell probably half of her very short 14 months of life. And so the next cycle began yesterday, when it seems the antibiotics she finished two days prior had more than likely worn off, and the fever returned, as did the non-stop whinging and sadness. And to put it very bluntly - I'm not coping!

I know we all have things and circumstances we don't cope with - mine is sick children. I thank God every single day that I don't have a child so unwell they are in hospital, or god forbid, on their death bed. And this is how my random conversation number 5976 began today - in Coles of course!

The check out lady started off talking about how she is caring for her unwell and ageing parents, and it went on from there. But it also finished with the same sentiments as above. We should always think about how lucky we are, and that there is always going to be someone worse off than ourselves.

So I took my sicky little baby girl home for a sleep, and curled up on the lounge to watch The View. Enjoyed my one and a half hour's reprieve from crying and sadness, and then made sure I was smiling when my little cherub woke up - crying. Onwards and upwards I say.....specialist appointment made and more drugs purchased from my local pharmacy, who seems to be profiting very well from the sickness dwelling in this household!

Today's quote: ''You're only given what you can handle''.....from a friend many years ago, who professed this little beauty to me when I was struggling through the break up of my first marriage, and dealing with a man who still, to this day, gives me the absolute shits! I remember this little quote on a regular basis, and it always seems to get me through. Have a wonderful day! x

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