Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I've been watching too much daytime television!

Hello friends....

As the title of this post suggests, I have indeed been watching too much day time television! Well, in all honesty - I've been recording too much and watching it when I can!

Yesterday's viewing included an episode of Oprah I IQ'd (for any US readers, this means Tivo'd) featuring Rosie O'Donnell. Now, I haven't seen Rosie for a couple of years, since she decided to hot-foot it from "The View", a much loved daily show of mine. And I must say, the hour she spent with Oprah was very interesting and delved in to so much of Rosie's life and what had been happening with her since her departure.

Yes, it was interesting to get a peek in to her household (she now has her own reality tv show in the states about family) and the way she and her ex-wife co-parent whilst both getting on with their own lives and new partners. But it was much more interesting to hear how Rosie has been dealing with depression, anger and just to throw a spanner in to it - menopause!

Rosie had many things to say about all of the above, but I actually wrote down a couple of quotes, because I was surprised at how much they resonated with me and where I am at in life right now. So I thought I would share....

In talking about her "falling out" with the almighty queen of television, Barbara Walters, she stated "If I had of been braver, I would have just cried, and said you really hurt my feelings". But apparently, instead, she screamed and insulted Barbara and said she thinks she even scared her. I sooooo get this. But I feel like I'm on the flip side. I tend to cry and state exactly how I feel, but think that sometimes it would be much more effective to scream and be angry? So I guess, in essence, Rosie made me feel like I am the braver person, for being able to share my feelings and emotions.

The other wonderful lesson she shared was that of her growing up without a Mother, after she died when Rosie was just ten years old. Rosie said she had always thought of herself as a "mother-less child", when in fact she was now a "child's Mother". I thought this was beautiful. "At what stage do You tell a different story? You have so many different stories in your life". Wow.....who would have thought Rosie O'Donnell could have such powerful insight? I was only talking to my brother the other day, who had called me out of the blue, since he disappeared from my radar a year earlier. I was so very proud of myself, because I managed to stay calm and really tell him exactly what I thought about the way his life was going, and what I thought he needed to do to get back on track. I wish in a way I had watched Rosie a couple of days earlier so I could share this little gem with him.

The last little piece of scribble I took down from Rosie had to do with living her authentic self. Now, once again, I had heard Oprah (god love her) say this many times over the years, but had never taken it in. Rosie, in talking about the split from her ex-wife, said she felt like she was now living her life as her "authentic self". Hmmmmm.......isn't this something we would all like to be doing? I know I sure would! I have spent the majority of my life being what you would call a "people pleaser". I thought I had left that label behind after my split from the ex-husband, but on reflection, I have noticed I have slipped back in to old habits and am worrying way too much about what other people think of me, and wanting to feel accepted and liked. So, thank you Rosie, I have now put in to place my authentic self! And the only people I am aiming to please, apart from myself, are my husband and children. Because at the end of the day, their opinions are the only ones that matter!

Phew......I'm so grateful for day time television! What on earth would I do without Oprah? Who needs medication when you have her to turn to?

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