Thursday, June 3, 2010

You know how much I like to share? Well tonight I was clicking the "next blog" tab and it lead me to a blog titled "Starswirlz"..... There were quite a few beautifully written and quoted passages, but this one in particular tugged on my heart strings:

"Why do people always like to run away and not face the issue? Don't they know that once you start running, you will always be running away from the problem and never getting over it? What if one side decides to stay and face it but the other runs? That must be the suckiest feeling in the world, to be left stranded trying to solve a problem that requires both to be involved. It's like trying to clap with one hand."

Hmmmm, yes, I feel like I have been clapping with one hand! Got it in one! And so goes my never-ending lesson of self-discovery and self-counselling....who would have thought another Blogger would help me through posting his own thoughts? I love this blogging world!

My quote of the day: "I got it!" by my baby girl Chloe. This is her first real put together sentence - and it is just beautiful! Have a great day/night wherever you are!


  1. I just tried that ten times and eight of the blogs were food ones (one was closed and another was a family diary). Fun idea, but now I'm just really hungry ;)

  2. Lol Nat....A lot of times that I flick through to next blog, they are all on the same subject. Last week it was bmx blogs!


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